Late Night Owl or Early Bird & a CONTEST!

DSC01780.JPGIt always amazes me that so many of you are up late at night when I do a Sneak Up. I’m definitely a Late Night Owl and when I do a Sneak Up late, like I did last night, it’s fun to see how many of you are still up. (Of course for those of you overseas, it’s a whole different ballgame.) Sometimes being a Night Owl has its perks, and it was definitely time for a late night one. We hadn’t done one at that time in awhile. Last night we put up lots of fun stuff:

  • Yarn Pirate Merino Tencel
  • Lime & Violet Sasquatch Sock
  • sKNITches Syncopation Striping
  • Gypsy Knits BFL
  • All Things Heather
  • Great Adirondack Silky Sock
  • J.Knits Superwash Me Sock
  • Malabrigo Lace (about 20 colors – and about 25 more on the way!)
  • ShibuiKnits
  • Mrs. Kwitty’s Sock Sacks and Pocket Pals
  • Lawre’s Laine BigBags
  • Offhand Designs Bags
  • Sock Blockers
  • New Wendy Knits patterns

And everyone was very quick to find it. We’ll be working on all of your orders today! (Note – the sKNITches is sold out already. This was Sam’s last self-striping order for us, but she has promised that she’ll keep doing Loopy’s Red Striping Socks in the future! And of course we’ll continue to have her wonderful semi-solids and variegated yarns here.)

DSC01832.JPGI had a fun trip down to Fort Lauderdale with Web Guy over the weekend. Amazingly (sadly) I didn’t finish my DC KAL sweater on the long car ride. I really can’t explain this. I am not a super fast knitter, but I think I knit along at a pretty good clip. I didn’t knit for the first few hours because we were talking and I was watching the scenery, but after that I was knitting pretty much the whole time. I’m still focused on being done by June 1st, though. Hopefully next Wednesday I’ll have a photo. Have you checked out all of the sweater photos that are rolling in from the KAL? It’s SO fun to see what everyone has done! Keep the photos coming. If you get yours into our photo gallery by June 1st, you will get the bonus. (Check back on the blog on June 1st – we’ll let you know what your reward is for completing it by June 1st.) We will continue to stock the DC Classy for you, and we also have a whole bunch of Malabrigo Worsted on order, because I think I need to knit a sweater out of that, too. We’ll start up another KAL this summer (not a sweater this time – it’s too hot to have a sweater sitting on your lap while you knit) – watch here for details in a couple of weeks. (Like the squirrel photo? Apparently you Floridians have very friendly squirrels. This guy looked like he was going to jump up on the railing to see us.)

-15Look where Loopy landed this week – Alaska! My Mum-in-Law took Knitting Daughter up there to visit Wonder Husband’s sister and her husband. (That would be KD’s aunt and uncle.) What a nice graduation gift, don’t you think? Loopy is having a marvelous time. I’m not sure he’s going to want to come back from there. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. I hope you have some fun plans for Loopy this summer. A few of you have already started turning in your photos with Loopy. (He has already met Lucy Neatby and now he wants to dye his fleece purple, FPS.) The postcards will continue to go out in orders until they run out. We’re only putting them in your first order after May 1st, but leave us an order note if you need another one in a later order. We had a lot of fun seeing where he went last summer, and we know you’ll rise to the challenge this summer as well.

This month’s contest is easy and follows along the question of Night Owl vs. Early Bird. Leave your answer in the comments and we’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner one week from today. Here’s the two part question: Are you a Night Owl or an Early Bird? And what would be your ideal time of day or night for a Sneak Up to go up? (Note – those of you who are regulars here, have kind of figured out that Sneak Ups normally happen in the earlier part of the week – M – W, but we do try to vary the times in order to catch everyone at their best time at one point or another.)

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  1. Definitely a night owl – I work the evening shift though that might change in the near future. My favorite sneak-up times have been around 11:30 west coast time.

  2. I’m a Night Owl living on an Early Bird schedule – what makes it even worse is I live in one time zone, and work in an earlier one. Bleh! But, it is nice to leave work at 4:30 pm and get home at 4:15. Who says you can’t travel back in time? 😉

    I would like a sneak-up at 10:36 pm on a Wednesday. Why? ‘Cause I was born at 10:36 pm on a Wednesday. Blame my Night Owliness on that.

  3. During the summer I am a night owl. Somehow I don’t sleep as soundly until
    the first cool night in the fall. Then I could stay in bed all morning but because
    of the school schedule I am up early!! Also, since I have two young dogs, they
    wake me up by 7 am year round!!

  4. I am a morning person, as much as I hate to admit it. The dog wakes us up around 5, and then I’m usually in bed until 6:30 or so. My ideal sneak up time would be 8:13 MDT, because that’s right when I get to work and it would totally make my day and distract me from work 🙂

  5. I am definitely an early bird- I am usually up by 6 AM. I check knitting blogs, etc. around 6:20 AM, making that the perfect time for a Sneak-up!

  6. Early bird. As for perfect Sneak-up time, that’s a tough question. I don’t usually spend a specific span of time online, but rather check in frequently. So I guess if I knew a sneak-up were coming, between 7-11pm (East coast) would be best because I would be able to watch for it.

  7. I’m a night owl. The perfect time for sneak up would be 10 AM. By that time, I’ve had a couple coffees and am feeling human enough to get to my computer!

  8. Sometimes I’m an Early Bird, and sometimes I’m a Night Owl! Must be menopause. hehe. I guess if I had my druthers, the best time for me is early afternoon, so I guess I’m a kind of Afternoon Birdie as well. It’s fun watching for Sneek-ups, and you do a good job of keeping us on our toes, or should I say bird’s feet?

  9. More of a night owl than an early bird these days. Usually not in bed until 11 or 11:30pm and don’t get up until 7am. Best time for sneakups for me would be 8-10pm Eastern Time.

  10. I’m sort of an Early Night Owl! I guess the best time for a sneak up for me would be later in the week and some time around 10 pm EST ( but I always miss them so, I doubt it matters, really ). ; )

  11. Me? Night Owl by nature, but Early Bird by job. My normal clock runs to getting up around 8:00 am or so, and staying up until around 1:00 am, maybe 2:00. Unfortunately, my job calls for me to work 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, so… I tend to have lights out by 11:00, though a little earlier is better. I’m up around 5:30 or 6:00 most days.

    As for best time for a sneak up, well, I don’t suppose there’s really one BEST time. If I’m lucky, I’m on line and looking. Otherwise, well, I guess it’d have to be right after I’ve gotten paid on my extra paycheck week. 🙂

  12. Definitely an Early Bird!!! I’m a nurse, so I’m up to be at work around 6:30am. I always get up a few minutes early to check out the world on the web – I would love a 5:30 to 5:45 am sneak up! By the sounds of the comments, I might have a good chance to scoop up some wonderful things 🙂

  13. Night Owl!!! It is when the house is quiet here! Which is not often with a 4 year old and a 5 year old in the house! It is also when I get the most work done! And, I would pick 10:30 pm as my perfect sneak up time!

  14. Definitely an early bird. I’m up by 5:15 (eastern time) and do my best on the job before lunch. Though I have to admit, I’m usually still up around 11:30 pm. I know that’s not enough sleep! I’m usually on the computer from 9:00-10:00 pm. I don’t usually have time in the morning to get on the net, and I’m not really supposed to play around on the net at work!! (bummer to that)

  15. I’m an early bird. Mostly because the cats want to play and eat when it gets light. They are noisy and busy and if I ignore them, they annoy my husband and keep him from sleeping. Since he doesn’t sleep as well as I do all night, I hate to ruin his last hour or two of decent sleep by letting the cats annoy him (them being my cats and all). So, I, the well trained human, get up, feed them, make my coffee, and knit quietly for an hour or two. It’s my best time of day for knitting that requires concentration. This morning, however, I was determined to snag Wendy’s Costa Socsk pattern, so I checked in BEFORE my coffee and was delighted to see the new patterns. I’m not sure about best time of day for me – probably a Sneak Up around 8:30 to 9:00 am would be best. The only thing I’ve been disappointed about is not being able to get any Wollmeise so far.

  16. I’m definitely an early bird. 7:30 am would be perfect for me, but I’m on PST, so I don’t want it too early…

  17. Early bird here, married to a night owl. 7 am EST when I’m checking emails and ravelry before the baby gets up would be absolutely perfect timing for a sneak up!

  18. I am absolutely a night owl by instinct; if I don’t have to be up by a certain time I will happily work on a knitting or stained glass project until I am bleary eyed in the wee hours of the morning. That said I very very much love and need my sleep so if I have to be somewhere (ie/ my full-time job) I must make sure I get my 8-9 hours in. Since sneak-ups happen during the first part of the week, it would be best for me to have them in the early evening when I am most likely to be at my home computer. It is very hard for me to be at work and watch as the skeins disappear before my eyes when I’m not in a position to sign in to the site and shop for them. I’ve never ever been disappointed with any of the orders I have placed regardless of the time the sneak-up has happened though! How can one be disappointed when there is sock yarn coming?!

  19. I’m both a night owl and an early bird. Forced to be a night owl since I work the night shift here at the hospital…but when I’m off, I like to start my day by 8am.
    You can put those sneak ups any time..night/day. My credit card is always close at hand so that I can “try” and get what I want. Glad I saved my Loopy credit..that Malagbrio worsted sounds perfect for a “Lucy” bag!

  20. I like your round midnight ones. Of course, when you’ve done crack of dawn ones I’ve done the most damage as I was too tired to think about what I was doing.

    never on the weekends?

  21. My day ends usually aound 11pm and watch the news in bed and set the timer for 30 mins and don’t usually don’t see the end and then the the snecks up should be around 2 am when i visit aunt minnie and usually up by 7 am to read the paper with my coffee.

  22. I’m an early bird. I’m up every morning before 6am to feed his highness the dog. Around my house, if it doesn’t get done in the morning, it doesn’t get done. The timing of this latest sneak up was perfect for me! Unfortunately I couldn’t take advantage of it, but please don’t let that discourage you from scheduling future sneak ups for that time slot!

    As for being both an early bird and a night owl? I’ve got one word for you: Siesta. A little afternoon nap, if you can get away with it, does wonders.

  23. I’m a night owl, through and through. To the point that I was thriving on a night shift (2-12) . . . the marriage to my early bird was suffering, so that had to go. Now my toddler is forcing the early bird issue, and I struggle through some days (especially those where I knit into the wee hours. . . oops!)

    As far as sneakup times? i’m rarely around at the same time every day (see previous comment about the toddler lol), but evenings are usually family time, rather than computer time. . . So, noon-6 🙂 (West Coast time) Unless the aforementioned early bird is out of town, then late nights are perfect! (I was there last night . . .)

  24. I’m neither. I like to sleep in until about 7:30 am – that’s the joy of being retired. But I’m ready for bed by 11 pm. A sneak up in the evening (Pacific Time) is best for me.

  25. I am without a doubt a Night Owl. I love sneak ups that are after 10 pm. Most any day of the week is fine as I am usually up. Even if I HAVE to get up in the morning I am disfuntional until about 8:30 am. Sometimes actually 9am. I can stay up and work until 3 am though. I just love the quiet to sit and knit!! or read some times. 🙂

  26. Early bird! I can log on at 7.30am AEST which is 14 hours ahead of you, so I guess that makes me a night owl in your neck of the woods.
    I haven’t managed to snaffle up super specials yet at a sneak up but I shall keep trying. Have to find a way of making my eyes focus, can’t see anything without significant amount of coffee to fuel the brain.

  27. I’m a night owl. I get off of work at midnight.

    Perfect sneak up? Between Midnight and Midnight-thirty.

  28. An early bird married to a night owl here! I lived alone for a year before moving in with the now-hub, and discovered that my perfect sleeping pattern was 10pm-8am exactly, every night. Unfortunately his is more like midnight-11am! We have a lot of ‘discussions’ about this, especially since he has to be up for work by 7am at the latest…

    Sneak-ups work whenever, really. I’m in the UK, so anything not between midnight and 7amGMT would be best, but I don’t have much yarn money right now, so I only ever browse!

  29. Definitely an early bird! I like to get up at about 4am, sip my morning coffee and so a little knitting & blogging before my little monsters get up. There’s nothing like sitting on our deck, listening to the birds first thing in the morning, as the sun comes up over the Blue Ridge Mountains 🙂 This is also when I shop (hint, hint)

  30. Definitely an early bird. I love the quiet of early mornings with just me and that first cup of coffee checking the daily mail. Even when up late at night, it is rare that I am on the computer at that hour.

  31. Night Owl! I’ve hated mornings my whole life and I’m continually running late in the morning. I have trouble going to bed too, not falling asleep, but I always aim for 11 and then I look over and suddenly it’s 1am and I’m still not tired. Thank god my work is flexible about hours, I could never do a job where I had to be up early every day. I’d love to have a sneak-up around 10 or 11pm EST, I’ve never caught one yet!

  32. I’m totally and Early Bird. I run out of gas around 9 pm. I don’t think I’ve ever been awake for a Sneak Up. My ideal time would be around 10 am. That way the only thing I’d waste would be time at work browsing through all the new goodies.

  33. I’m an early bird by force! My little chihuahuas have small bladders and usually are up by six. Although it’s more true that I’m not really awake until I’m filled up with coffee and showered.
    The perfect sneak up time for me is probally 8:00am. I’m awake AND alert. Mostly that’s the best time to really look through all the fun new things ’cause the kids are all gone to school and my time is my own!

  34. I started out life as a total Night Owl. It would drive my parents nuts – because of course I would sleep late into the day – noonish seemed right. Now, whether I like it or not (and generally I do) I’m up early, sneaking in some knitting time before it gets noisy, and to watch the world wake up. It really is the best time of day. Don’t tell my mom I said that…

    I think a good Sneak Up time would be around 5:30 CDT. Enough time to look it all over (or not) and get the ordering done before anything else, and still time to sip my coffee and watch the sun rise over the city…

  35. I am an early bird, and my ideal sneak up time would be 5-6 a.m.

    By the way, the Great Adirondack I ordered last week is about 1/3 knitted into a Tempest sweater (from

    Happy Knitting!
    Lisa Kay

  36. Total early bird. Not by choice — I have two small kids — but I’m learning to live with it. Six – 7 a.m. would be ideal. By then, I’ve had enough coffee to function but not enough to override my retail impulses.

  37. I’m a night owl for sure. No matter how badly I’ve been dragging all day, around 9:00 I perk up. Much knitting happens between 9 and midnight!

    A sneak up at about 10 in the morning would be perfect. I usually take a break around then to see what’s happening at my favorite knitting sites.

  38. Well, biologically, I’m an early bird, but I married an uncompromisingonthesleepschedule night owl, so I often stay up too late with him… Ideal sneak-up time? Whenever I’m sitting at the computer with my email open, of course!

  39. I’m mostly a night owl, though I have lofty aspirations of early bird-ness. I don’t know when the best time for a sneak-up would be, though…during the summer, when I don’t have to get up quite as early, I suppose late night would be good, like 10 or so. During the school year, I get up early to make lunch for my husband (he’s a student, soon to be a teacher), so 6:30 would be ideal then. Either way, I check The Loopy Ewe far more often than is sane anyhow, so I’m a happy camper with whenever y’all decide to do it.

    I will say that I do like the way you guys change it around from time to time, so that more people are likely to hit one or another. 🙂

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