A Week of Celebrations!

-1Lots of celebrating going on at our house this week. College Guy and Mum-in-law came in last weekend, just in time for Knitting Daughter’s graduation from high school. I know this picture is a little blurry, but this is her on the way back up the aisle at the end of the ceremony, beaming because it’s official – she’s done with high school! She is a happy gal. We went out to dinner afterwards to celebrate with her, and then the Senior Class had an all-night lock-in that was a lot of fun for everyone. KD came home at 5:30 the next morning, ready for some sleep! Today, it was back to being a Barista at 6 am and making her mom a Venti Skinny Hazelnut with one Sweet and Low. 🙂

DSC01804.JPGThe other celebration we had this week was for College Guy’s 21st birthday. The actual date was last week (and thank you all for your wonderful birthday greetings for him, as well as graduation greetings for KD on Monday!). Since he was in the midst of finals on his birthday, we waited until he came home to do a family party for him. DSC01803.JPG(My poor family – two celebrations, two nights in a row. Everyone held up remarkably well through the whole thing.) We went and found these awesome cupcakes at a cupcake bakery in town yesterday. They’re delicious and huge and I wish this place was just a wee bit closer to my house. Or maybe not. I’m still trying to figure out how one can own a cupcake bakery without eating them all every day.

We did some re-stocking yesterday and put a few things up, but we’re not doing an official Sneak Up this week. (You know when we skip a week, that always means an overload for the next week. But we’ll be ready for it.) We only get College Guy home for one measly week this summer (oh, and 3 days at the end of the summer) because he has a great internship in Florida for the summer. He leaves on Saturday already. 🙁 I’m driving down there with him (knitting time plus time with CG = one happy mom) and will be back on Monday night. It’s a good thing that this is Memorial Day Weekend. That also means an extra day of knitting for everyone, right?

Sheri headinghomefromLoopyCentralearlytodaytohangoutwiththekids 🙂


  1. Congrats to Knitting Daughter and Computer Guy…enjoy your road trip with him. Unfortunately Memoriald Day weekend means one more day of work for me….but it is good money in time for a big sneakup, right?
    Be safe this weekend everyone.

  2. Congrats agaon to knitting daughter and to college guy on the internship, that will be a great experience.

    Have a great trip, that is a lot of knitting time. Travel safe.

  3. Congratulations again to both KD and CG! Hope you all enjoy your week together and then have safe travels to and from Florida. Happy knitting.

  4. Congradulations to all, where in Florida are you going???? Had to ask since I live here! By the way its already really hot so be prepared.

  5. Some of us don’t get a full day for Memorial Day. I work at a farm/garden supply place–needless to say we’re open Monday. I’ll be earning money to buy yarn next week. Good thing we had no sneak up this week ‘cuz I just had to buy a car battery 🙁

    I will be going to Fiber Festival about 2 hours away in VA Saturday with some of my KFs. Misty Mountain will be there. I also will finish my DIC KAL tonight or tomorrow and be posting some pics and blogging Monday afternoon.

    Have a safe trip and quality time with CG.

  6. I’m so glad you and your family had a great time celebrating the special events in children’s lives… Enjoy your roadtrip with CG and enjoy all your time with KD this summer! : )

  7. Wow – two huge milestones for you and yours this week – Congrats to KD and CG, and to you too, Mom and Dad! Have a safe trip, and enjoy all that knitting time!

  8. Well, big congratulations on the family accomplishments! Wow, I wish I could live near that bakery – those cupcakes suuuuurrrrrrrrrrreee look good!

  9. Lots of happy times for the “Loopy” Family this week!! You are all so nice you deserve to celebrate every day this week!! Wonder if those yummy cupcakes came from the same bakery that Leslie was so nice enough to buy our “Fling” cupcakes from??? Have a safe trip to Florida with CG. The summer “season” officially starts this weekend at the Jersey Shore. Whooo Hooo I’m even off to enjoy it!

  10. I will say that when they put up the strawberry cupcakes, you HAVE to have one of those.
    Simply the Best. Thing. Ever.

  11. Congratulations to KD on a major accomplishment and best wishes as she heads to college this Fall and a new phase of her life (and yours!). CG’s internship — fabulous — I did a lot of them and am such a supporter of them. Hope he enjoys and loves it. A good way to make sure you are on the right career path. Enjoy your knitting time while traveling. A safe Memorial Day to everyone.

  12. I’ve seen those cupcakes before and I know they are delicious! Congrats to KD and CG both having huge milestones this week. Enjoy your trip.

  13. Those cupcakes look amazing-I’m with you, Sheri, wondering how you could not just eat up ALL the profits.

    Have a great time with the kidz and DH this week. Be safe over the holiday.

  14. Congratulations, mom, on such gorgeous children making it to such wonderful milestones! My older daughter is heading to middle school in the fall, and I already feel like it’s all going so fast…

  15. Congrats to KD on the graduation! I’ve had high school, college, and an MA, and I will tell you that each one is more satisfying than the last!

    Congrats to CG on the milestone birthday! I make a point to celebrate the milestones, even at my age. Definitely worth it!

    And congrats to Sheri, MIL, WH, and anyone else involved on surviving two celebrations on back-to-back nights. All worth while, wasn’t it?


  16. Congratulations on your graduation KD! Awesome!!

    Happy (belated) birthday CG, and congrats on your internship! Also awesome!!

  17. Mom’s love having their kids locked in a car with them, where they can’t get away!!
    Did you cry when KD graduated.
    I cried for a week when #1 son graduated H.S.

  18. Congratulations all around! Time for a sock-abration! A 21 color salute and a pair in the new school colors :). Or perhaps a 21 color scarf, hat, sweater, DIC knitalong.

  19. You’re going to drive to FL and back on Memorial day weekend? You are one brave lady. Good luck finding good gas prices. Happy knitting!

    Congrats to KD.

  20. What wonderful milestones to celebrate—and all at once! Congratulations again to KD and CG! 🙂 And have a safe trip, Sheri!

    I’m drooling over the cupcakes. They’re not quite clear on the concept of cupcakes over here, but that may be just as well, considering how many other temptations are on hand!

  21. Congrats to everybody!

    It is definitely a great thing that this is Mem Day weekend, because it keeps filling up! I’m just hoping to get the time to knit around work and running (lots of running!).

    Enjoy your drive to Florida. Hopefully you’ll get lots of knitting time in while on the road.

  22. That doesn’t sound like a road trip, it sounds like a marathon. Have a safe trip.
    Best wishes to all for the milestones this past week. Time sure flies, doesn’t it Sheri? I bet you can remember them little like it was yesterday. Mine are 40 and 38 and I know I can. Little is really wonderful, but wonderful adults are even better. Oh yea, the cupcakes look great. The same as the Fling or a different bakery to explore when I get back to St. Louis?

  23. Wow, what an exciting week you have had. Congratulations to KD. Best of luck to CG on his internship in Florida. Have a safe and happy trip this weekend. Oh Sheri, keep that AC blasting. Hugs

  24. Congrats on all the celebrating!!! I’m sure it’s both a joyous, and sad occassion. Enjoy your trip to Florida with CG! I know as they get older, those stolen moments with them are few and far between.

    Give yourself a pat on the back too, for a job well done, raising 2 beautiful children!

  25. Congratulations to one and all at your house! I need to find a cupcake bakery in my town. They look yummy! Enjoy your trip to Florida-time with a college son is precious!

  26. Congrats to Knitting Daughter! And I hope College Guy’s internship is a great experience for him. Bummer about it being so far away though.

  27. Congrats to both KD and CG!!! My son just graduated from Florida State University and yes I cried! Florida is a great place to intern–I was born, raised and still live iin the best state of all. Beautiful beaches, state and national parks and in my town, great cupcake bakeries!!

  28. Wow!! Big mile stones in your children’s lives for sure. Congrats! to both. Those cupcakes loked delish for sure. I COULD NOT live close to that!!!! I had not heard of a cupcake bakery though and I think that is a neat idea!! My son and his family are coming tomorrow for the weekend. I get to play with my 5 year old grandson and we are going to have fun!!! My son lives in TX and me in KY so I love every visit!!! Have a great one!! and drive safe to Florida!!!

  29. Fun times at the Loopy household! Those cupcakes look like they would put a smile on every face.

    I have a 4-day long weekend filled with plans for a weiner roat, gardening, birdwatching, and spending time with my hubby. I have second footie to start…thankfully those are a pretty quick knit.

    Have a nice, restful and safe travel!

  30. Sheri,

    Congrats to you and your family for the new milestones!

    Those cupcakes look familiar, I remember seeing the one with the peanut butter cup on top and wondering if I had made the wrong decision to order Lemon during the fling! (the lemon was amazing!)

    Next Fling, we better all do the cupcake thing again, yum!

  31. Hey, so this is only the 2nd time I’ve visited the site (the first was before you came to visit and speak at the SIFE presentation), but I just wanted to let you know that it really looks great and it’s fun to read your blog and hear about life from the perspective of friends’ mom. Praying for you guys as you drive down to FL, God bless, Sarah E.

  32. Congratulations on the big milestones this week, you family has some good ones! I hope KD has a great summer between highschool and college and I hope CG has a terrific internship! And I hope Mom and Dad are more than proud as punch! Good job everybody!

  33. Congratulations to both KD and WG! And, it sounds like your road trip will give you a little bit of time with WG, before he’s gone for the summer! I remember my son’s first summer internship job. At least he was a whole lot closer to home & in a Michigan resort area, to boot, so we got up to see him several times. 🙂 I hope y’all have a great trip, and he has a great summer down there!

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