Three Things on Wednesday

DSC00676.JPGTime for a Three Things post. Why? Because it means that I have too many random things to say today.

Three questions you have asked recently:

1. “What pattern were you using in your lace knitting?” It’s Heartstrings Scotch Thistle Shawl which I have sitting here, waiting to put up on the website for sale, as soon as I get a second, along with Miriam Felton’s amazing lace designs.

2. “What pattern were you using on that sock in Monday’s post?” It’s Little Arrowhead Lace – pg. 93 of Charlotte Schurch’s new More Sensational Socks book (which, by the way, I like a lot.) The yarn? Gotta wait on that one. It’s on order. 🙂

3. “I received so many pretty yarns in my last order from you, which one should I start first?” Umm… I have no idea. I have the same problem, because I added too many to my own stash from last week’s Sneak Up.

Three things that went up in last night’s Sneak Up at midnight:

1. Cider Moon – new colors, and repeat colors that flew out of here the last time.

2. Interlacements Tiny Toes – re-stocked in all of the colors.

3. Claudia Hand Painted – all 30 of her brand new colors.

Three more things that went up last night:

1. The Loopy Ewe felting kit (and just as we were about to sell out today, the mailman arrived with a big box of our next order from them – so they are still in stock!)

2. Schaefer Lola – did any of you see your colorway names used from last week’s blog contest?

3. Perchance to Knit’s laceweight yarn in her exclusive Midnight Rainbow/Harlot’s Peacock colorway.

Three people who helped in the Loopy Room today:

1. Susan-the-awesome-assistant (who helps almost every day)

2. My mom (who was working on something for the sock club)

3. My dad (who put together 150 boxes for sock club shipping)

Three things I have to do today:

1. Laundry. Big time.

2. Yarn order unpacking. Big time.

3. Sneak Up order packing. Big time.

Three things I’m happy about in May:

1. College Boy comes home on the 17th!!

2. Knitting Daughter finishes up her Junior year of high school!!

3. New yarn lines are coming in!

So what three things do you have to tell me? Three things you bought from The Loopy Ewe today? Three things that are on your wish list? Three things you’re happy about in May? Three things you need to do? Three things you’re knitting on this week? ………….

Sheri it’spouringrainandIlovethesekindsofdays!Doesthatmakemeweird?


  1. 3 things I wish I could magically knit overnight:
    1. Cookie A. Knee Highs (any of them)
    2. That denim skirt from IK Spring 2007 Ei Knit (if Ei knits)
    3. Beach hat from Amelia Rattie

    3 things I ate today:
    1. Tangerine
    2. Salt and Vinegar Chips
    3. Half a Burrito (it was big and I am trying to eat a bit healthier)

    1 thing I really want to buy but have no where to put it (I can hide yarn all over) is a sewing machine.

  2. Today is exausting since I started the day with an hour and a half presentation.

    Three things I should be doing:
    1. gathering my notes from above mentioned presentation
    2. returning calls received during the presentation
    3. making revisions to handouts based on feedback

    What I’m really doing:
    1. Reading and posting here
    2. Thinking about the fact that I’d rather be knitting
    3. Figuring out when I can bolt to go home and knit.

  3. Your mom working on sock club stuff sounds like it is getting closer to being mailed!!!! Buy your mother some Starbucks though!!!

  4. Things I should have accomplished this week:

    1. At LEAST 5 pages and some research on my final paper for Delinquent Non-State Actors in International Politics
    2. Some reading for one of my many classes
    3. Grocery shopping

    Things I did instead:

    1. Gave some kickass performances
    2. Realized how much my friends here mean to me
    3. Picked out (and ordered) some delicious yarn for my Sockapalooza pal

    Things that will happen in May:

    1. Between all final papers, a sum total of 40-50 pages will be written
    2. My life in Cairo will be sorted out into garbage bags and suitcases
    3. I will go to the beach and lie out one weekend and do nothing remotely productive

    Yeesh. Introspective much?

  5. Three things I’m happy about today:

    1. My (four year old) baby got his tooth fixed
    2. Two days until MD Sheep and Wool
    3. Three days until my spindle class at MSW

    See #3? That means my yarn addiction can spread to a yarn and fiber addiction. My husband would not put that on his list of 3 things he’s happy about.

  6. Three things on the needles:
    Socks for me
    Socks for my husband
    Q2 challenge fingerless mitts

    Three things I’ve got to get to today:
    Parent-teacher conference at school (routine, more of a courtesy call, but ya gotta do it
    Buying/thawing/sourcing something for supper
    Making a dent in that mountain of laundry

    Three things I’d rather be doing:
    Rearranging my stash (i.e., yarn fondling)
    Stalking the Loopy Ewe just so I can drool over all the gorgeous yarn photos!

    And oh yeah, it’s raining here today, too!

  7. Three things I am happy about in May….
    …should be no possibility of more snow!
    …the magnolias and lilacs are about to bloom!!
    …I can soon move outside to knit socks!!!

    Three things I need to do in May….
    …finish spring cleaning (seems like a waste of time)
    …finish the second socks in my stash (almost done here, yeah!!!!)
    …readjust my budget as I have found a place to shop called (insert Loopy here)
    Have a great weekend!!!!

  8. three random things
    1. i made myself “an Art” it’s a bunch of mirror pieces glued together. i can’t show pictures because mirror pictures always catch what i don’t want them to.

    2. I slept until1 today… i was tired. but i feel like i’m missing today.

    3. in the past week i have made 4 dresses/tops. (i sew also)

  9. my three things i’m happy about in may:

    1. after the 25th, the kids will be out of school, and i won’t have to get up at 6:15 for 3 months!
    2. The weather finally broke, and i love it!
    3. i’ve gotten my spinning mojo back!

  10. I just finished my first sock club sock, being a new sock knitter I needed a little help. It is awsome, I take my knitting to the library where I work and lead a knit nite, and have had nothing but raves. It even fits my rather small foot.
    I can’t wait for the next installment.
    Fern Braverman
    Shaker Ht. Ohio

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