Three Things on Wednesday

DSC00676.JPGTime for a Three Things post. Why? Because it means that I have too many random things to say today.

Three questions you have asked recently:

1. “What pattern were you using in your lace knitting?” It’s Heartstrings Scotch Thistle Shawl which I have sitting here, waiting to put up on the website for sale, as soon as I get a second, along with Miriam Felton’s amazing lace designs.

2. “What pattern were you using on that sock in Monday’s post?” It’s Little Arrowhead Lace – pg. 93 of Charlotte Schurch’s new More Sensational Socks book (which, by the way, I like a lot.) The yarn? Gotta wait on that one. It’s on order. πŸ™‚

3. “I received so many pretty yarns in my last order from you, which one should I start first?” Umm… I have no idea. I have the same problem, because I added too many to my own stash from last week’s Sneak Up.

Three things that went up in last night’s Sneak Up at midnight:

1. Cider Moon – new colors, and repeat colors that flew out of here the last time.

2. Interlacements Tiny Toes – re-stocked in all of the colors.

3. Claudia Hand Painted – all 30 of her brand new colors.

Three more things that went up last night:

1. The Loopy Ewe felting kit (and just as we were about to sell out today, the mailman arrived with a big box of our next order from them – so they are still in stock!)

2. Schaefer Lola – did any of you see your colorway names used from last week’s blog contest?

3. Perchance to Knit’s laceweight yarn in her exclusive Midnight Rainbow/Harlot’s Peacock colorway.

Three people who helped in the Loopy Room today:

1. Susan-the-awesome-assistant (who helps almost every day)

2. My mom (who was working on something for the sock club)

3. My dad (who put together 150 boxes for sock club shipping)

Three things I have to do today:

1. Laundry. Big time.

2. Yarn order unpacking. Big time.

3. Sneak Up order packing. Big time.

Three things I’m happy about in May:

1. College Boy comes home on the 17th!!

2. Knitting Daughter finishes up her Junior year of high school!!

3. New yarn lines are coming in!

So what three things do you have to tell me? Three things you bought from The Loopy Ewe today? Three things that are on your wish list? Three things you’re happy about in May? Three things you need to do? Three things you’re knitting on this week? ………….

Sheri it’spouringrainandIlovethesekindsofdays!Doesthatmakemeweird?


  1. Three things that made me happy today:

    1. no work, just time to knit and stalk the Loopy Ewe
    2. ordered me a Loopy WoolPet (order #6!!!!!!)
    3. got packages from the Loopy Ewe and Woolpets

    Am I sensing a theme here?

    Oh, and my Panda Cotton will be a simple pair of lace-cuffed anklets for my wool-phobic mother. I have evil plans to convert her to the joys of merino and BFL, but will soften her up with wool-free socks first.

  2. Maybe you are weird for liking rainy days, but if so I am as well, because I love rainy days, too, especially in the spring. I especially love to walk in the rain on days like that—the new leaves are such a deep green and the tree trunks so dark, almost black. The grass and leaves seem to become greener and lusher even as you watch. They’re so beautiful that it’s almost painful(sorry, is that too emotional for a blog comment?).
    Maybe I’m just happy because finally I got the two things I wanted in the Sneak Up, Cider Moon June Carter and Loopy the Woolpet. I suddenly woke up at 5:00 am, dreaming that Woolpets were taking over my computer. Now who’s weird! I got up and ordered what I wanted right away. Hurrah!

  3. Three things I’m happy about today:

    1) The mailman brought you more Loopy woolpets so I was able to snag one when I got home (yeah mailman!) and you still had yarn left after a sneak so I was able to order sock yarn for my daughter!

    2) My custom dyed yarn from Yarn Nerd is on the way (I’ll let you know when it arrives so you may see the picture)

    3) The baby hat I made for my daughter’s classmate’s new baby sister went over well. Now to knit more hats for the Q2 challenge.

  4. Three slightly embarrassing things:
    1) even though I am on yarn restriction and it is not a pay week, I checked the sneakup / blog about 100 times today, waiting to see what was new. Sigh.

    2) just when I thought I was done knitting socks for a while (gasp), Wendy posted about the Summer of Socks Knitalong and I signed right up.

    3) on Sheri’s recommendation I tried the Cinnamon Dolce at Starbucks last Friday night. On Saturday I went back for another, because I was seriously in love with it, her, and the tall guy at Starbucks, and they told me it was SEASONAL and DISCONTINUED. This is nearly as bad as having things disappear from my Loopy cart.

  5. Three yarn related things…..

    1. Yarn dyeing…..I’ve got major yarn dyeing to get done today and I’ve only got one skein done so far today! Yikes!!!

    2. I’m waiting for a trade package that will have some yummy mystery yarns just for me:)

    3. I’m trying to keep myself from spending all my money on yummy yarns from the Loopy Ewe!!!

    You are such an enabler, Sheri! LOL!

  6. My 3 very random things:

    1) My back muscle is finally healing enough (long story) that I can knit, sleep and garden without pain. A pair of socks that I started the first of April will finally be done this week.

    2) I need a swift and ball winder

    3) My wish – to attend one of the fabulous fiber events!

  7. Three things on my wish list:

    1) Chewy Spaghetti in Serendipity colorway
    2) Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Marine colorway
    3) Seacoast Panda in Ashes & Roses colorway

    While I am not a fan of rainy days, we do need to have them so the trees and plants and grass will grow and not dry out. They are ok, as long as there are not severe storms , etc, with them.

    My college boy gets home late tomorrow night–that’s the good news. The less than great news is that he’s only going to be home a week, before he goes back for summer school, because of his course load with two very different majors. I’m looking forward to our time together, albeit limited. πŸ™‚

  8. Top 3 Procrastination Methods Employed To Avoid Cleaning House:

    1. Vulturing the Loopy Ewe until the week’s sneak-up occurs. Yes, as a matter of fact, I WAS here at midnight, and it was only by SHEER WILL that I kept from ordering. It was not easy, and next time, I may have to be restrained physically.

    2. Casting on new projects. Because CLEARLY seventeen things on the needles is just NOT ENOUGH when compared with the horror of vacuuming up whole colonies of baby dust bunnies that live here. Besides, that’d be genocide, and we can’t have that. So casting on it is.

    3. Yarn-fondling. Which is nice, since I can do it on the premise that it’s not actually JUST yarn fondling — it’s ORGANIZING. I’m ORGANIZING my stash, not procrastinating doing anything else. And the plus side is that all my yarn colors are separated now and I can see where there are holes that must be filled. Which, of course, means that I can engage in reason #1, in order to FILL THOSE HOLES. I mean, what if I desperately NEED some red socks, and I don’t have any red sock yarn on-hand? It’s a worthwhile activity!


  9. Three things on my sock knitting wish list:
    Lantern Moon’s new Sox Stix (Any hope you’ll be getting some?)
    More Yarn Pirate Yarn (Can you ever have enough?)
    Zen Yarn Garden (Have you tried this one out yet?)

  10. Three Things That Make Me Happy Today:

    1. My son in the Navy will be home for two weeks starting the 11th. What an awesome Mothers Day!

    2. I received my package from Loopy containing two colors of Seacoast Panda.

    3. I cast on for a new sock in Yarn Pirate Isobel, which happens to be my little granddaughter’s name, so it makes me think of her.

  11. My many things to say (narrowed down to 3)….. πŸ™‚

    1. Even though I knew I couldn’t buy anything I still went out to the site to check out the new yarns….talk about torturing ones self. It was really hard to pass up on the Cider Moon….I love the stuff and the Loopy WoolPet Kit….so cute!

    2. I can’t wait to find out what base the Air Force is sending us to. We know we have to leave before the end of the year but aren’t sure where we are being sent to yet. I want to get the move over with. πŸ™‚

    3. On my wish list is some of the Claudia Handpaint Peppermint Mocha, Yarn Pirate, and PTK. Maybe a little lace too after I’ve moved. πŸ™‚

  12. Three things I am happy about today:

    1. Everything is turning green.

    2. The smell of the earth after the rain.

    3. I ordered a Loopy Woolpet. Yeah!!

  13. 3. I love the Seacoast sock yarn with the bamboo. It’s soft and scooshy.
    2. I am casting on the Swallowtail Shawl (Interweave Knits) in Schaefer Anne yarn. Yum!
    1. I am off to a knitting retreat this weekend and will knitknitknit! Yay!

  14. Three things on my wishlist!!

    1. A spinning wheel
    2. Complete set of Options
    3. $2000 gift certificate to the Loopy Ewe. I think that would cover my wish list.

  15. Three projects I want to start, once I’ve gotten enough other projects out of the way:

    1. A Turkish-patterned sweater from an old issue of McCall’s Needlework and Crafts.

    2. A pair of Fiber Trends clogs for myself.

    3. Socks from some of the pretty yarns I’ve been getting ;-).

  16. 1. I have started wearing (and knitting) pink after a hiatus of 30 years. I hope it isn’t caused by a brain tumor.

    2. I had better pack for my trip or I may find myself with nothing to knit on the plane tomorrow.

    3. My dog has a really big nose.

  17. 1. It snowed today, and rained and was sunny. Such is life.
    2. Played with and pet my new Schaefer lace silk from the Loopy Ewe (loopy me too). I think I plan to collect each and every woman in the series! yes indeedie….
    3. Had wine and cookies for dinner (my bad) after a long work day. C: Salad for dessert.

  18. Three things I’m happy about in May:

    1. Daughter in Chicago is visiting on the 18th-20th so we can give her friend a wedding shower.

    2. I finished ATH golden plum socks for my mom BEFORE Mother’s Day and started on CTH socks for my daughter.

    3. Sock club starts this month!

  19. 1.I got two wisdom teeth pulled today, I didn’t know it was going to happen till I got there, but it should fix what was bothering me.
    2. I ordered yarn from you. Interlacements in a color I have been lusting after and something else, (I was in a Rx fog)
    3. I opened my own store too! And I am getting orders! WOOT!

    4. (ya I know you said 3) I love shopping from you! You are great!
    5. My baby sis grads next weekend.

  20. There is, unfortunately, nothing happy to say about today. Kitten season at the animal shelter is to blame, I’m afraid, and there’s nothing to help that.

    Last night, however, I noticed the sneak up around 10pm Arizona time. And I clicked on the Perchance to Knit, and I stared at the yarn. And it stared back at me. And I stared at the yarn, and it still stared at me. And it said, “Julia…. buy me. You know you want me….” And I said, “No yarn. I have enough lace weight for three projects. See, I cannot buy you.” And I clicked another window.

    And the CiderMoon looked at me and it crooned to me softly. And I said, “No yarn. I have to eat this week,” and then I clicked away, and, like a fool, into another window.

    And there was the Lola. Staring at me, longing to be added to my stash, practically begging me to buy it. And I crooned, and it whined, and I grit my teeth, and said, again. “No yarn. I’m sorry. One day I will take you home, but until then, you must stay here.”

    And then I found my brain and closed the darn window. πŸ˜‰

  21. Three things of interest today:
    1. I’m in the “every inch of my skin hurts” phase of whatever bug has got me down…and even the yarn over my fingers is uncomfortable..but I persevere…it’s knitting…
    2. I finished the overdue Cashcotton baby blanket finallyfinallyfinally today and can get back to work on the Baby Ull baby blanket that’s not due ’till August (meaning: I’ve got time to sneak in a few pairs of socks!)
    3. I would love to shop, shop, shop all those delicious new yarns, but (see above) need to use up the delicious yarns I already have!

  22. Three things bought from The Loopy Ewe today:
    Seacoast Baby Rainbow
    Schaefer Lola Tazzleberry
    Heartstrings “Heart Socks” pattern

    Three things I am knitting this week:
    6 mos. Easy Peasy Cardigan (Little Turtle Knits pattern)
    Toddler Picky Shorts (Little Turtle Knits pattern)
    Baby’s Buddy Inchworm Pillow (for a baby shower on Saturday!)

    Three things I need to get done this week:
    That baby shower gift!
    That cardigan (and its size 5T mate)
    Laundry… (that probably should have been all three…)

    Three things I love to pieces:
    Buddy (oldest DS)
    Little Miss (DD)
    My baby (younger DS)

  23. Three yarn-related things that make me happy:

    1) I managed to order a Loopy needlefelting kit this morning.
    2) I got my yarn order from the last sneak up in the mail Monday.
    3) I’ll be able to, eventually, get the pattern for that Shawl Sheri was making.

  24. In my knitting dreams:

    1. A magic “something” that prevents cat hair from sticking to my yarn, knitting projects in progress, and my black pants as I walk out the door for work (and no, I am NOT getting rid of the cats! πŸ™‚ I’ve been embarrassed for the last month to let my knitting classmates see my cable sweater in progress. It is a fantasy arrangement of cranberry wool and assorted cat hairs (I spend about an hour cleaning each piece as I finish it then carefully sealing it in a ziplock bag; I’ll have to assemble the sweater in a sterile environment!)

    2. Superhuman knitting speed so that I can actually knit all the things I say I want to because….let’s face it….I’m probably not going to live another 300 years. (maybe I have to live an extra 100 years if I’m going to finish ALL the projects in Victorian Lace Today)

    3. An obscene amount of cashmere. (this probably falls under the old “winning lottery ticket so I can get all the yarn I want” wish, but I thought I’d at least try to be specific). If I can’t have a REALLY obscene amount, then at least enough to do a sweater. And I mean the PERFECT sweater πŸ™‚

  25. Three things let’s see…
    Yarn related
    1. I am saving all the wrappers from yarn used this year to add up at end of year
    2. I have more yarn now than at any point in my life, due mostly to sock knitting.
    3. I seldom purchase yarn live any more, let’s hear it for the internet, woohoo
    Life related
    1. 22 year old DS is getting Master’s this month
    2. 17 year old DS is graduating high school this month
    3. 19.5 years of private school tuition down 4 to go WOOHOO, more yarn….WOOHOO

  26. 3 Things I love about May
    1. I get to attend the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend with my Mom! So excited!
    2. The first weekend in May is my birthday (at least this year). See #1 – it’s also the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.
    3. The trees are flowering and blooming, and the leaves are shooting out – it happens this way every year in PA – I think just for my birthday (healthy self-esteem, ahem).

    Great price on the Cider Moon – the price is going up to $21.50 on their actual website, so the $18.50 is still good – I imagine it will increase too, as many of the base yarns are increasing. This is fabulous yarn!

    I scored some YP at her opening of her own store – amazing stuff! Sorry Sheri, I missed at your update last week, and hopefully can catch some next time!

  27. 3 Things I Should (and should not) be Doing Right Now:

    1. Sleeping and not surfing the internet
    2. Knitting baby booties, not swatching YP
    3. Buying Mother’s Day and swap gifts, not filling my Loopy Ewe shopping cart

    Alright, I think just one skein…or two. One could totally be a gift.

  28. Three things I’m excited for in May:
    1) My 22nd birthday next week Thursday
    2) Started my dream summer job May 1
    3) If the post ever gets you my money order, my first Loopy Ewe order will arrive πŸ™‚

  29. Three random things:

    1. Loopyewe should carry Mini Maiden (Handmaiden) as part of their lace roster as it’s utterly divine
    2. I have more than 3 fair isle sweaters I want to cast on RIGHT NOW
    3. I really should be painting walls instead of knitting…but…I just, well, can’t stop knitting LOL

  30. Well, I wasn’t able to buy anything this round due to a financially motivated yarn diet πŸ™

    3 Claudia colors added to my wishlist:
    1. Hawaii
    2. Country Kitchen
    3. Sharks

    3 Things I’m happy about in May:
    1. My 10 year wedding anniversary on the 17th!
    2. Mother’s Day
    3. The last full month before school is out

    3 Things I’m happy about TODAY:
    1. I finished the heel on the second toe up sock for my mom
    2. Freshly made brownies : P
    3. RAIN ALL DAY!!! I was born and raised in Seattle and I LOVE the rain. I’m enjoying the lush green-ness before summer hits and everything turns brown.

  31. Three things I’m happy about in May:

    1. I have 4 days of leave scheduled this month
    2. The a/c is on! The a/c is on!
    3. i WILL finish my sock yarn miter sweater this month!

  32. Three things:

    1) I managed to get a skein of Seacoast Panda in strawberry patch…it’s gorgeous.
    2) I’m waiting as patiently as possible for my sock club package, and I was planning not to order anything until after I get that, but….
    3) Then I noticed the Cider Moon, and I had to order some – and I couldn’t decided which color, so I ordered two colors.

    Now if only I could knit faster, I’d be in great shape!

  33. Three things…

    1. Got my Hand Maiden Cashmere from the Loopy Ewe (purrrrr)!!
    2. MUST have Perchance to Knit’s Midnight Rainbow/Harlot’s Peacock laceweight or die, but I’ve completely blown my budget with yarn already.
    3. College twins come home this weekend! Yippee!

  34. Three things I’m happy about in May:
    1. Our 24th Wedding Anniversary… and we are happier today than the day we got married πŸ™‚
    2. All 3 children will be living at home at the same time.. at least for a few weeks!!
    3. I have lots of sock-knitting time on my schedule and several skeins of Loopy yarn to fill it!

    Three things I’m coveting from the Loopy Ewe:
    1. Peppermint Mocha Yarn
    2. Zelda Knitting bag
    3. Like Robin, a $2000 gift certificate would be handy!

    Three things to do TODAY:
    1. Mail out graduation open house invitations
    2. Order and consume a Venti -Iced Sugar Free Vanilla Nonfat Caramel Macchiatto with Lite Whip (yum!)
    3. Pick up second son from college πŸ™‚

  35. I got the book Victorian Lace Today and I am so excited to try something from the book so my wish list is:

    1. Loopy Ewe woolypet
    2. Andrea silk lace weight
    3. Kidsilk Haze

    Although that seems reasonable I just made a purchase at my LYS and would feel a bit guilty adding to my stash until I finish some projects:

    1. Sweater
    2. husband’s socks
    3. kiddo’s teddy bear

  36. Three things I need to do today:

    1. Prepare for a BIG meeting this afternoon (these are definitely not listed in order of my choice of things to do today);
    2. Take another look at the interlacements tiny toes colors;
    3. Finish up my Penellyn socks in Regia Silk for a gift for my best friend – I had to guess on the size so I’ve been searching high and low for anyone at work who has a size 7 1/2 foot. I keep getting weird looks when I walk up to someone and say Is your foot size 7 1/2?

    At least two of the three have to do with knitting!

    Three things I’m happy about in May:

    1. My daughter’s LAST ever school band concert (she’s a senior in high school)
    2. Finally being able to sit outside after work without freezing
    3. Taking the top off my jeep and cruising around when the weather permits

    Three things I’m not happy about in May:

    1. Black Flies
    2. Season finale of Lost
    3. The arrival of tourists in Kennebunk/Kennebunkport


  37. Three things on my mind:

    1. Can’t wait to fly out to Maryland tomorrow, see my best friend, and go to the Sheep and Wool festival! (See sheep being herded, sheared, and eaten all in one place…)
    2. Planning a Forest Canopy Shawl, probably using Schaefer Anne
    3. Planning how best to use the Panda Cotton from my last order, time to design another sock.

  38. Three things I’m happy about:

    1. My Regia Silk skirt is almost done.
    2. I have some pretty new laceweight waiting patiently to become shawls. (We won’t mention all the sock yarn patiently waiting to become socks.)
    3. The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is in TWO DAYS! (I want another Golding spindle!)

  39. My Three Things to do today:
    1.) Get daughters graduation present (high school)
    2.) Get older brothers graduation present (college)
    3.) Knit with yarn from The Loopy Ewe πŸ™‚ (so that I can eventually get more!)

  40. Three things I’m happy about:
    1. My office finally opened May 1 which means home is now for the Goldens, kitties, knitting and family stuff. Will not allow work to get in the way as I did when I worked from home.
    2. Knitting with sock yarn from Loopy Ewe. I can’t wait for the Perchance to Knit color I missed to come back in…black with brights…awesome!
    3. It is only TWO days until Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival bus trip with the LYS! Woo-hoo….

  41. The Loopy Ewe Wish List
    1. Sock blockers in all the sizes I don’t have
    2. Loopy and Black Bart stitch markers
    3. The Miriam Felton lace patterns. I am hoping Hidcote Garden Shawl is among the stuff you will post soon.

    May happiness
    1. It is the epitome of spring and seems the world is a happier place
    2. Going to the Arizona Diamondbacks Stitch N Pitch ballgame Sunday (vs the Mets)
    3. First sock club package.

    1. Sock #2 of two differnt pair
    2. Wrap for Mom out of Blue Sky Alpaca, Alpaca and Silk. The stuff knits like butter!
    3. Q2 Challenge knitting. Well I am about ready to cast on anyway. Looking at doing Eunny Jang’s freebie pattern ‘Endpaper Mitts’ for the hand warmers.

  42. Three things making me happy today:
    1. I made it into the Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club and am anxiously awaiting my yarn!
    2. My schedule is finally back to normal (what is normal anyway?).
    3. The sun is out today – We’re finally having a beautiful spring in Southeast Michigan.
    And now, time for lunch time knitting with my knitting buddy here at work.
    Enjoy your rainy day!

  43. My 3 things are the hanks of Cider Moon yarn I got from the Loopy Ewe on yesterday’s sneak up.

    – Johnny Cash – I’m a BIG JC fan
    – Prickly Pear
    – Cherry Bomb

    It is a good day!

  44. Three things you bought from The Loopy Ewe today?
    well, nothing, yet, but i just got a $5 credit from a friend who registered and purchased so i’m enticed to look, tonight…

    Three things that are on your wish list?
    more cider moon – loving that june carter that’s fairly new, maybe some cherry tree hill… a variegate with some black in it… maybe one of those little sock blocker keychains. hehehe

    Three things you’re happy about in May?
    my birthday’s in three days! 5-6-7, how fun, huh?
    coming to Chicago for memorial day weekend – helloooo personal visit to Loopy!
    the weather should continue to get better and better. πŸ™‚

    Three things you need to do?
    get back to work
    finish my sweet potato pie sock
    find a few more sock patterns for all the sock yarn i’ve added to my stash, lately!

    Three things you’re knitting on this week?
    starting the ‘rusted root’ sweater from zephyr
    working on the ‘just rib’ socks in sweet potato pie
    a few pretty bathtime blossom cloths for mom and boyfriend’s mom & grandma

  45. Three things I’m working on:
    1. Baby Surprise Jacket for my best friend’s sister.
    2. Socks with Red Rover Lorna’s Laces… on 2 circs for the first time!
    3. Clapotis

    I’m supervising state achievement test make-ups for 2 hrs. at a time and got to knit at school today! πŸ™‚ With yesterday’s Loopy order, I believe I am now a Loopy Groupie! I had the privilege of hearing Annie Modesitt speak earlier this week.

  46. Three things I’m going to do on my 9 days off from work:
    1. Sleep in and take naps, if necessary
    2. Partake in fun things: knitting, reading, catching up on my Tivo shows/TCM movies, etc.
    3. Enjoy the outdoors, weather permitting: walks or bike rides

    Three things I’m NOT going to do on my 9 days off from work:
    1. Worry/Stress about work
    2. No house cleaning/projects
    3. Did I mention, not stress about work?! Oh, yeah, I did…

    P.S. I think I need one of those Loopy Wool pets…so cute!! And, of course, more yarn!!

  47. Three Things I’m Happy About

    1. I’m thrilled with the way my Jaywalker socks are turning out in Claudia Handpainted Jill’s Pink. These are my girly socks that rock!
    2. Even though I’m a bit bruised from the Great Filing Cabinet Attack of 2007, I’m feeling better every day.
    3. A friend who lives not far from St. Louis invited me for a visit–this may mean I’ll get to visit The Loopy Ewe in person!

    Three Things I’m Looking Foward To:
    1. Becoming a Loopy Groupie with my next order
    2. Going out to dinner with friends this weekend
    3. Quitting time! Today has been the day from hell…

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