The hats and wristlets are arriving…

DSC00668.JPGIt has been so fun getting the mail lately, because I keep getting hats and wristlets for the Q2 challenge. Knitting Daughter and I set them all out on the bushes today so that we could get a picture of what has come in so far. Each one of them has been ooh-ed and aah-ed over at our house. Remember, you have until June 30th to get these in. This is a perfect way to use up some of your stash, but if you find yourself in need of yarn to use, just make a note with your next Loopy order and I’m happy to put some in there for you. I just appreciate your knitting time on all of this.

DSC00671.JPGSpeaking of knitting time, I have decided that knitting on Sundays just isn’t enough time. (Especially after the personal stash enhancing I did last week with all of the new yarns that came in. I don’t do that very often, but I seem to have really made up for things last week.) DSC00670.JPGYesterday, there were so many yarns that I wanted to knit with, and just not enough time. I’m going to have to work on that. I started a sock with one of the new lines that we will be adding in the next few weeks. Isn’t it pretty? I think this company has classy colors. The other picture is from one of our new indie dyers and this yarn is really just begging to be cast on. I thought maybe if I just wound it up it would help pacify me, but I was wrong. I still need to knit it soon. But I’m finishing the other one, first.

I have had people say “I wish I could see the colors that sold out so fast – just to SEE what you had in.” Did you know that you can go to our search feature and find them? Simply got to the homepage and find the blue box on the right hand side. Click on “Search The Loopy Ewe” and type in the colorway name you want to see. It will bring up the photo. Now granted, it’s not the easiest way to find a past-sold colorway, and we’re working on figuring out a way to do that. But in the meantime, this works. I thought some of you might want to take a look at last week’s Yarn Pirate and Perchance to Knit colors. Here are the names for a look-see: Apple, Black Water, Daisy, Dogwood, Isobel, Kona, Karma, Neopolitan, Primrose, Viola, and Wildflowers from Yarn Pirate. Perchance to Knit had: Primarily, Bougainvillea, Irises, Breezy and Pond. Both of these lines will be back in again soon. Watch for new colorways from Yarn Pirate in our May order.

Thank you for all of your fun color combinations and names! I have some of our indie dyers working on some of those wonderful suggestions. We also picked some of the names for our new Schaefer Lola yarns that will be up later in the week. They aren’t necessarily the colors you suggested with that name, but a few of your names were a perfect fit for this new batch. You’ll have to see if yours is one! I used the random number generator to pick a winner from our 224 entries, for April’s Loopy Loot blog contest prize. The winner is: Stariel! Stariel, email me your address and I’ll get this fun prize out to you. (SheriATtheloopyeweDOTcom) (Ok – links not working in the blog today, so if you want to see Stariel’s blog, you can visit her at:

I’m not sure about the Sneak Up this week. We have so many boxes of yarn here and WH has so many photos to take. I may end up putting things up on different days to see if that helps. But not today and probably not tomorrow during the day, so you site-stalkers can have a bit of a break! (I did get more colors of Hand Maiden Sea Silk and Hand Maiden Cashmere today, as well as another new company’s yarns. Those will probably have to wait until next week.) Sock Club packages will go out sometime next week, if all goes according to plan. I warned the postman.

Sheri 90degreestodaywhichremindedmeexactlywhatIdon’tlikeaboutSt.Louis


  1. Thanks for telling us how to see the sold out colorways. The yarn pirate was all gone when I got to the site so I will enjoy looking those up. The new yarns look great and I like your sock pattern too- it looks like it has lots of texture. And I don’t like this hot humid weather either!

  2. *bites lip* Despite the new indie dyer you’ve got up, and the PtK Lace I’d been considering stalking, I think I may just have to sit quietly in the corner this round of SneakUps. I pretty much blew my yarn budget this week buying some lovely handpainted superwash in worsted weight to make fingerless gloves. I started one pair in sport, and while they knit up quickly, Fetching and several other patterns call for something thicker. And, importantly, the thicker yarn will make the knitting go faster, but won’t be so bulky as to make the gloves unmanageable or uncomfortable. Working in shelter medicine has made be very conscious of resources , and while the worsted won’t make as delicate gloves as the sport of fingering weight yarn will, it will keep more hands warm.

    I’m also going to be making the baby hats out the glove left-overs. The reasoning there being that babies only care if the hat is soft and warm – not if the hats have strange, mismatched stripes. Luba’s girls, however, are young adults and will likely also treasure having something beautiful. So they get they get preferential treatment in the pretty department. πŸ˜‰

    I’m so excited about this project now that I’ve started. I’ve got one set of gloves finished, I’m starting another tonight. I can finish about two sets a week, which meaning that I’ve got two months to do this in, I’m looking at (hopefully) 16 pairs of gloves, plus hats made from the left over yarn.

    Expect a pretty good-sized box come the end of June. πŸ™‚

    I talk a lot in these comments. I have a sneaking suspicion I also babble this much in real life.

  3. I’m going to be starting my Q2 challenge here soon. I’m making baby hats and fingerless mitts. I’m trying to get some old WIPs completed first. πŸ™‚
    OK, guess I can stop stalking the site for a day or so.
    So many things to knit and there just never seems to be enough time to knit them all. I hope you find time to knit more.
    Can’t wait for the sock club shipment…..Goody, goody, goody. πŸ™‚

  4. I am just DYING for my sock club package! I have been trying really hard not to start another sock so I’ll be ready to go when I get it. It is always so much fun to open one of your boxes! I receivedmy order of Lane Borgosesia cashwool today and I can’t believe how incredibly soft it is! Love all the new stuff comming in.

  5. It got up to 90 degrees here in Minnesota today. It usually doesn’t get this hot this soon. I hope that this isn’t a sign of the summer to come. What about finishing those 20 pairs, Sheri??????????

  6. I’m having way too much fun with doing random word searches. “Winter”, “rainbow” (now I actually want PtK’s Rainbow Black! and here I’d lived perfectly well not knowing about it, but knowing, it is on my wish list!), “apple”, “party” (still hoping for Apple Laine “Party Time” some day), “love”, “beer” (huh, that doesn’t find anything; clearly there’s a colorway name going unused!)….

  7. I’ve got a dog show weekend coming up so will probably miss this round of sneak ups but it’s so much fun to be able to go back and see things. Maybe you could set the number counter in some way to reflect zero so we can whine, kvetch and moan about what we’ve missed. Then we can clamor for the colorway we just *cannot* live without and see if you can do it again *lolol*

    I’m not sure what’s more fun, stalking, watching the frenzy or getting *my* package!

  8. Wow, look at all the great knitting! ( I especially love the little cat hats)
    I got my order today and the yarns (Perchance to Knit and Claudia) are even more beautiful than they looked on the computer!!!

  9. Sheri, thanks so much for the loopy groupie goodies. I don’t know whether to be proud that I’ve bought so much yarn in so little time, or to be embarrassed! I’ll go with proud.
    Love the new colors that I got, but then I love everything I get from you! Will start on something for the Q2 challenge soon, but have to finish the Afghans for Afghans blanket first, since it’s due in less than two weeks.

  10. Uh…are those KITTY HEADS on some of those hats?! Could we have a close-up please and could somebody identify the pattern?? WAY too cute is what I’m thinking!

    I’m working on Fetching fingerless gloves for the Q2 challenge. 1 set done, casting on another tonight. πŸ™‚

    I swear, I’m going to have to stick with things like Cherry Tree Hill that are always in stock. I don’t know whether to ask for a training program of stress management to keep from having a stroke before a sneak-up or a 12-step program to wean myself from the indie yarns LOL!

  11. Personally, I think it would be nice if things went up throughout the week. It’s a little frustrating to know that there’s goodness out there, but also that between the time when I go to work and when I come home, every single ply will have been snatched up. Discouraging, I guess.

    Oh well; i live for a day when you update while I’m not working!

  12. Ohh! I can’t wait to see what names you use!

    Those yarns are gorgeous!! I am especially drooling over the little cakes. Lately I’ve been wanting some bright yellow socks.

  13. I agree with Kristine, I think. I had been thinking that it might be easier on your end, Sheri, if you put up things as they come in and are stocked, because your workload would be much more even.. That also might make it easier on many of us out here, that there will usually be something new to look at, without having to get whatever is left in the next 10 mins., and then most of it is gone for a week or so, until the next posting? I have to admit that might take out an element of excitement, but it might be easier overall? πŸ™‚

  14. hi sheri. i got home from work to my favorite mail. yarn package from you!! (( : oh my, the PTK and the LLs Anne are so eye popping bright and beautiful. and the yarns are so soft and touchable. whitney will love some “Frank” socks for christmas and her birthday in january. thank you so much for some yarn with purple. i like the color combo very much.
    i’m still knitting for luba’s girls and then will get some done for babies too. all the items in your photo are just great.
    i love that colorful yarn you have rolled and your sock has lovely colors also. you know, i have said at work, i just wanted to “see” the yarn colors before they are all gone. thank you so much for letting us know how we can still do that.
    i’m so thankful we aren’t at 90 degrees yet. it would be too humid for sure. spring time in northern michigan and looking for the elusive morels now. yumyum. happy knitting to all.

  15. I meant to say something about your weather in St Louis today, Sheri. I used to travel there on business. It seemed like it was either very cold & wintry (the worst of the northern winter) or very hot & humid (the worst of Houston-type weather; I was really surprised at how hot & humid it could get there), at least when I was there…It sounds like you had the latter today. That’s a bummer; it does seem early for the heat & humidity. I have to admit that Iowa has similar weather. At least it should be good corn growing weather for the farmers! Alas, I have not found a place with good weather year around, yet.

    If you were in Michigan, they would laugh & tell you to wait a few minutes, and the weather would change. πŸ™‚

  16. Forget the Sneak Up, I MUST know the pattern of the sock you’re knitting and the colorway and dyer of that stunning yarn you have wound up!! OMG I LOVE that colorway!! You can email me if you want to keep it a secret πŸ™‚

  17. I’m with Debi, that yarn that’s wound into cakes next to the sheep is GORGEOUS!! What is it??

    I got my order yesterday, too! The Perchance to Knit is just beautiful, and I can’t wait to get started with it. Of course, it will probably be a while before I can, because I *just* wound up some STR & some Cider Moon (June Carter!) to work on this week. I’m loving that Cider Moon, I tells ya! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us, Sheri! πŸ™‚

  18. You were right, Sheri, those cookies are wonderful! I made some last night and brought them into work. I’m very popular with my coworkers right now.

    I received my order yesterday, too. Thank you so much for the extra skein of yarn. It’s beautiful and something I wouldn’t have picked for myself. It’ll be fun to see how it knits up. πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Sheri,
    Thanks for the info on seeing the sold out yarn. It will be fun looking at everything I missed….and planning for the future!
    I can’t believe your temp. already. Here in NW Ohio we have hit 79 over the last few weeks…and I thought that was a stretch so early.
    I agree with a few others that just adding stuff to the “new” as it comes and not saving for one big add-on would be great. This may not work for you, as I don’t know how you go about taking pictures and coordinating putting in on the computer and such. We are just glad you are there, however we can get you!!!
    Happy May!!!!

  20. Those hats and yarns are lovely. I really like the yarn next to the sheep. I got my order yesterday and all of the yarns are beautiful. I think that I liked my second choice better than the one I missed out on. Thank you again for straightening that out! I finished up some socks in record speed just to be able to cast-on a new sock today. Now, which one do I start with?

  21. Goin’ to the Loopy Room, goin’ to the Loopy Room, goin’ to the Loopy Room TODAY! Omigosh…I’d better check my checkbood first…can’t wait (!!!) to see the new stuff. I have a serious need of a Loopy felting kit…

    OK, calm down Dr. J…you’re hyperventilating!

  22. Thanks for telling us how to see the yarns that sold out. I’ve been really curious to see what I missed (a little masochistic?).

    Sheri, I have to say that before I started reading your blog I had never heard of Second Sock Syndrome and never even considered it a possibility…My theory was, if you make one sock you HAVE to make the other immediately after finishing the first sock. I am still of that mind, but lately there’s been a little voice in the back of my head: “sss, sss, sss, sss”

    I’m waffling – but must resist…I know I’d NEVER get the second sock done.

    I probably will resist, though, as I cannot even quit a book if it stinks…have to finish…have to finish…

    Patti in Maine

  23. OH and one more thought…


    (at least in Maine it does – for very short periods of time before your fingers freeze up)

  24. Thank you, Sheri, for giving some of the names of the yarn that we never get to see. After reading your blog last night, I searched your site for over an hour just to see what colors would come up.

    Congratulations Stariel for being picked for Loopy Loot…I think your color suggestion is lovely.

    Can I say again how excited I am for the Sock Club to start?!?!?! I’m hoping to get my current sock done by the time the special yarn arrives so I can cast on immediately!

  25. What is the pattern that you are using for your sock in progress? The one with the light blue, tan, soft color yarn? It is so pretty. Thanks so much. Johanna

  26. Great looking stuff for the Q2 Challenge! Those animal face caps are cute as a button.

    Thanks Sheri for the info on finding sold out yarn photos. I didn’t know about that. I wanted to see Apple again as it jumped out of my cart last time. :>)

    I am really excited about the sock club coming up. Like I have NOTHING to knit in the meantime. ha!

  27. Gorgeous socks, both the colour and the pattern. As everyone else requested, please let us know what the pattern is.
    It’s hard to believe your weather. Up here in Canada it’s still cold and believe it or not, some nights, walking the dog, I am still wearing my Cider Moon mitts, the ones I thought I wouldn’t get to wear until next year. I love cider Moon yarn,! I’m hoping you might have some in your update. Maybe Flurry? I would love to try that and Icicle when it comes.
    Thanks for the colour links, too, for possible future reference. One of the many reasons I like buying yarn from the Loopy Ewe is that, unlike some online yarn shops, your pictures are really helpful, showing the whole skein and a close up.

  28. I’m really curious, Sheri, about your personal sock yarn buffet. Just how many pairs’ worth is in there? πŸ˜€ Do tell, do tell!

  29. good morning sheri. i happened to check in here before i went to email. but, then i had to come check out all the additions. i’m busy knitting with some sock yarn for the Q2 challenge. my thinking is this. if i can get some of the sock weight yarn knit up, i can then buy more. so, back to being on the yarn diet. ) : but, i see colors in LL i think i ‘need’. and while the lace bug still hasn’t bitten me, i do think i could consider a lace cashmere scarf in my future. that would be a size i could manage to make, wear and enjoy. we are having cloudy days while i’m off work. i look at that totally different now since they make me think of you!! that brings me joy. hugs and happy knitting to you.

  30. Sheri
    I love the sock you are starting, like the other ladies…what is the pattern and the yarn / color??
    I got my yarn package on Monday. Yummy yarn!

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