Postage. Birds. Coldstone Creamery.

DSC00679.JPGI was dropping off international orders at the post office yesterday and talked to the nice postal gals about the increasing postage rates. ugh. I’m tired of postage going up! We’ll have to be making some website adjustments in postage prices when this goes into affect in a week. I wish I didn’t have to do that. I was particularly appalled to hear what the international rates are going to. So we’re exploring other shipping options for internationals this week. I’d rather see them cut Saturday deliveries instead of raising rates again – but she assured me that that would not help. (?) She said that for every penny the gas prices increase, it costs the postal system $8 million. Yowza. I guess I had better use up my Loopy kisses stamps.

We have a weird bird that lives in our yard. I have tried to get a picture of him just to see if anyone can tell me what he is. I assume he’s a mockingbird because he does ALL different bird sounds. We’ll be sitting on the back porch and he starts into his whole program. Cracks me up because he doesn’t stop until he has done them all, one right after the other. He does blue jays, cardinals, sirens (yes, sirens), etc. And when he gets through the whole routine, he stops for a moment and then starts again. The funniest thing about him is that he also enjoys going through his routine at 1 am. (How strange is it to hear a bird joyfully singing at the top of his lungs in the middle of the night? Darkness and bird sounds don’t go together in my mind.) So – does anyone else have birds like this? Weird. But actually, he makes me smile. He’s just so happy all the time.

DSC00677.JPGAnd finally, if you’re ever having a bad day, maybe you can hint about it to your WH and he’ll do what mine did yesterday. Maybe he’ll bring you Coldstone Creamery Cake Batter ice cream. (Nothing added to it – just plain. There’s nothing better than that.) He’s a good guy. Actually, he’s a good guy who will be spending a good part of the weekend photographing things for all of us. (The Midnight Sneak Up seemed to work out great last week, don’t you think?) Here’s our list of what we’re hoping to put up sometime next week: Stone Barn Fibers (new to us, beautiful colors), bunches of Fleece Artist regular sock and also their Sea Wool Bordello socks, Hand Maiden cashmere and Hand Maiden 150g Sea Silk in new colors, more Peppermint Mocha from Claudia, and something new from Claudia as well – skeins of “Sport Shorts”. I had talked to Claudia awhile back about the yardage in her sportweight skeins, and how some people seem to run out before their pair of socks are done. She is experimenting on us by letting us offer “Sport Shorts”. These are half skeins of her sportweight. So those of you who found that the old skein worked just fine for your size feet can order 2 Sport Shorts, and those of us who have bigger longer feet, can use 3 skeins. I think it’s going to work out just great. Do keep in mind that when you click on “What’s New” on the website, there are often more than 5 pages of items, so not all of the new things show there. That’s one reason I try to give you a list the week before – so that you’ll know what yarn companies to click on to see the full offering. It’s so fun to have new stuff going up all the time.

Sheri sockclubboxesarescheduledtoshipoutMonday-woohoo!
thiswasannoying-awholeparagraphruntogether,huh? 🙂



  1. I read something recently that said birds sing at night in urban areas do so because of the noise during the day. They used to think it had more to do with the bright lights fooling with the creatures’ sense of day and night.

    Sport Shorts, eh? Must check that out. Meanwhile, the weekend knitting will consist of Sockapalooza 4 socks (Cookie A.’s Mona) and lace knitting. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. If the bird is dark gray in color and about the size of robin, give or take, it’s probably a catbird. When I lived back East they were everywhere. Not only did they imitate other birds and animals, but did an amazing job of sounding like a crying baby.

  3. Mostly knitting WIPs this weekend (socks, shawl and Q2 items) but have just decided to swatch the new Seasilk using a Barbara Walker pattern. Dying to try it and feeling a little ‘eh’ today so maybe a new cast on will help. (Or ice cream! NICE hubby.) Anyway I wound the 600 m. of Seasilk and that is a lot of meters I’m here to tell ya.

    There is a dark bird who sometimes visits here and has a long littany of songs. We too think maybe it is a mockingbird but I have yet to get a good look.

    That is too bad about the postage and all. Gas prices affect so much. (Stupid combustion engines.) Those are great stamps btw.

    Have a good one Sheri and rest up. I bet it has been really long couple of weeks for you.

  4. We have a mockingbird too. It likes to sound like my husband’s cell phone at 5 am. My dh has fallen down many a time trying to run for his phone in the dark of early morning just to realize it’s the bird outside our window.

  5. I’ve only hit the Coldstone Creamery once, and I got the cake batter flavor. It is just delicious!

    My DH works for a printing company, and they do a lot of mailing for customers. It’s just crazy the changes that are going into effect! Most of us just see the first class stamp rate, but there are changes based on size instead of weight, and vice versa. His company is still trying to puzzle it out.

  6. Yummm to the ice cream! We have a bird that likes to sing at night. I think it’s a whipporwhill. Of course I’ve never seen it, but it makes that sound. This weekend, I will be finishing up the bougainvillea perchance to knit socks. They’re turning out very pretty. I have no clue which sock yarn I will start next. Or maybe it will be a shawl… Have a great weekend!

  7. There’s ice cream in my future, tonight in fact. Ah the joys of being pregnant, no one thinks it strange that I’m going to drive 30 miles for the best ice cream in the world on a Friday night.

  8. A couple years ago there we had a bird in a tree outside out kitchen window that would sing in the early evening. We enjoyed sitting at the dinner table after supper listening it sing. The bird has not been back since and we miss it.

    I’ll be working on Inside Out and starting DB Baby Shrugs this weekend.

  9. They are also known as cat birds for a reason. They are annoying and it is illegal to shoot them because they are a migratory bird. (Or they are classified as such but I have never seen them leave.)

    And if the post office had an efficient business model, they wouldn’t need to raise their rates all the time. But do not get me started on that one. My local post office had outgrown its space over 20 years ago but the PTB say that is it is big enough.. But they have never been there. Oh well.

    And I am excited about the sock club boxes. Sheep and Wool and sock club one right after the other. Fun!!!!

  10. Cool new sock club button. I will be adding that to my blog this weekend – now that I’m going to have time to do some fun things. I realized the other day that I probably have not done any knitting in at least 2 weeks. But, this weekend and next should be full of knitting time… I’m still working on my Gentleman’s Fancy Socks, but have been figuring out what socks I want to cast on for next. I’m really in the mood to do something in a chocolate brown, so with the purchase I just made from you today, I think I’ve finally found exactly what I’m looking for and I think I’ve just the pattern in mind… And, I am so excited to be receiving the first shipment of the Sock Club. So Exciting!!! Have a wonderful weekend. : )

  11. Fleece Artist? I wish you hadn’t told me! LOL:)

    Postage sucks, huh? I went to buy stamps today, luckily the lovely post-mistress reminded me that the rate was going up so I didn’t buy a whole roll of stamps I couldn’t use!

  12. Mmm, Cold Stone…..

    Public Service Announcement: BUY THE HANDMAIDEN CASHMERE, PEOPLE!!!! It is the most delicious, soft, yummy, luxurious, fantabulistic stuff I have ever held in my little hands. I just want to carry it around with me all the time and love on it.

    Woohooooo Sock Club!!!!!!

  13. This postage thing is amazing. We found out yesterday that the increase could cost us $900 more for one mailing! It must be hard to work at the Post Office and have to respond nicely to everyone about the increase — I’m sure they get some really screamers in there.

  14. Earlier this week I woke up at 1:30 a.m. to the singing of a bird outside my window. And it didn’t stop! And I couldn’t go back to sleep so I finally went and slept on the couch!

    I’m working on my Zen String Mateo socks this weekend and maybe I’ll get a little of the Crystal Palace Panda Cotton ones done too. There are just so many things I want to do all at once!

  15. You have one bird that likes to talk at 1 am. Here on base we have lots of birds that talk all the time and when I say all the time you can expect to here them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I wonder how they do it? Wouldn’t you figure the poor little things would get tired? Maybe they rotate and take turns, you know like they have 4 groups of birds that take turns flying around and chirping. 🙂 I think it’s the jets flying at all hours of the night that keep them awake.
    I hate postal increases but I can completely understand why they are doing it. The gas prices have got to be hurting them way more then us. We all understand that you are going to have to raise the shipping costs. I’ll be back no matter what you have to charge. 🙂
    Oh no, Claudia’s Peppermint Mocha…..shoot I’m gonna miss it again. It’s either Peppermint Mocha or the splurge on King Crab legs. I’m sure my hubby isn’t going to give up the crab legs…..looks like I’ll be waiting for the next shipment. 🙂
    Oh Goody……Sock club ships next week. I can’t put my excitement into words. You’ll just have to try to picture a 28 year old mom of two, bouncing in her computer chair saying Goody Goody while giggling madly and hubby in the background giving her a crazy look. 🙂

  16. We had a bird like that a couple of years ago. Woke up the entire neighborhood. The first night it was enchanting. Second night it was ok. Third night, we were not pleased. Fouth night, we were ready to shoot it. And then it flew away to torment another street.

    Mockingbirds in NYC will imitate the sound of traffic. Ours imitated any bird it had ever heard.

    Ruth in lovely NJ

  17. The birds in our neighborhood sometimes start singing at dawn, and sometimes in the middle of the night. They should not be confused by lighting. And they are more apt to sing after it has been raining.

    It’s too bad about the postage increase; this round was just weird, with some prices going up & others going down. Gas price increases affect everything, unfortunately, including food (from the farmers’ tractors in the fields, transporting to processors, to market, et al), clothing, just about everything I can think of, and more. The sad thing is that the gas prices went up this week, while the price of a barrel of crude oil went down, without explanation???

    One that I had not thought of is this ethanol deal. Using ethanol in gasoline is is going to increase food prices big time, particularly milk (expect large price milk products increase later in the summer, including cheese, butter, and ice cream, etc) and big increases in prices of meat products, since most animals are fed corn, etc. With more corn going into the production of ethanol, that creates a market shortage of corn, which will increase the price of everything food-related.

    We are lucky enough to have a Cold Stone in our small town. That is a rare treat for us, to go to Cold Stone. They do have great ice cream! You do have a WH, Sheri! 🙂

    I am looking forward to getting my new yarns from this week. I’m hoping that between the sport weight yarn & Wendy’s new pattern for sport weight yarn, I will be able to get started on my sock knitting for real!

    I hope you have a great weekend! We are supposed to have nice weather here, which will be much appreciated, since it is my college boy’s only weekend home until the end of the summer. (He goes back for summer school next Friday.)

  18. You should record that bird and then play it back to him when he finishes his repetoire. Maybe he’ll think he found another of his kind!

    This weekend, Kitten shower at the animal shelter (we have all kinds of kitten needs at this time of year, so we throw a shower)! Should be wicked busy there.

    I’ll be finishing my Penllyn socks, but since I am no longer knitting them for my best friend (just found out my friend I was knitting them for has size 8 feet) I think they’ll end up being mother’s day socks instead for my mom.

    I’m almost done with them, so I’ll be choosing a new project this weekend from all my loopy ewe purchases – SO EXCITING!

  19. Hi Sheri,
    I had a bird like that sang all night when I lived in my condo. I am in a senior
    center now and I kind of miss that bird although I did complain about he-she
    also. As far as the postal service, I do not know anyone (except my wonderful
    mailman who brings me your goodies) that works at the post office. However,
    if you think about it, I don’t think anyone would walk a package to our homes which
    may be a long distance for $5.00 or so. What a convenience. I’m not happy
    about paying the cost of shipping and handling and I am on a tight budget, but it’s probably as cheap as
    driving the package in an minivan or some big car. I certainly wouldn’t walk it
    very far for $5.00 and since I am ill, it is a really big convenience for me. Even
    the pharmacy mails me what I need because I can’t get out much.
    I’m still working on my Devon Rain Drop socks. I am anxious to start on the
    Seacoast Panda. Looking forward to your new stock of Seacoast Panda. I don’t
    think I am up to lace anymore, but I use to be a lace knitter. I love lacy things
    and use to make them for my mom.
    Happy Knitting,

  20. Mmmm, ice cream. I could live on ice cream. You’re a lucky woman to have such a thoughtful WH! I hope the two of you can find some time to relax and listen to the birds this weekend. We’ll be doing yard work, and I’ll be working on some half-finished socks. Enjoy your weekend, Sheri!

  21. How do I join the sock club? I want to join next year….or whenever the next time to sign up is 🙂
    I tried to find some information on it but I don’t know where it is on your site or blog..


    ALSO….I’m making a pair of socks for a gift for my mom on Mom’s day out of LL Sport in the Seaside colors (from your store), and I’m using a pattern for the leg called Scallops…appropriate no? The yarn is beautiful and after finishing one sock and weighing the ball I have enough for the second sock too! That means I have a whole other skein to make socks for me. I love it when that happens 🙂


  22. Sheri… How sweet of your WH. Very thoughtful. A great way to score points. 🙂

    Your resident bird sounds so animated… how much fun it must be to listen. He must know that he has an audience.

    I live out in a semi-rural area and we have a resident owl. He starts singing at dusk and goes all night. It is a rare night when we don’t hear him and when we do both my husband and I miss his song.

    We do have other birds that we hear during the course of the day, blue jays, cardinals, etc., but the owl is the one that we listen for every night.

    I really enjoy hearing him .. it gives me a sense of peace.

  23. I am trying not to mail much these days. Thank goodness for online bill pay.

    Don’t get me started on ice cream because my grocery store quit caring my favorite ice cream (Starbucks). We don’t have a Cold Stone Creamery near here. I might have to check that out next time I go to a bigger city.

    I will be knitting the first of two baby blankets that need to be done before the end of the school year which is four weeks away. I will also be working on my husband’s Vanilla Socks in the CTH Slate and my Naga Socks in LL Flamingo.

    Have a great weekend.

  24. I’m not doing much knitting this weekend. I will be working, as I do every weekend. I’d cry woe and dismay, but, truthfully, I love my job. My roommate has also told me that I am not allowed to knit at the movie theater tomorrow night once the previews start. I am currently swamped in a sea of Fetchings. I may have to switch to another cabled wrist warmer later to shake things up.

    Some questions though. There will be yet more Peppermint Mocha sock yarn coming in if this all sells out, right? And more of the Stone Barn fibers, right?

    We, uh, broke the couch two nights ago. We were sitting there peacefully, enjoying our nightly Tardis/Dalek fix, when we heard this large crack. The cat went streaking across the room and then the darn thing collapsed. So, needless to say, the yarn funding is going towards a new couch and there will, likely, be no more yarn hoarding until the end of next week. No matter how much I want to touch and pet some of the new stuff you have coming in.

    The stash is angry about this, but I have patiently explained that if I starve to death because I spent the grocery money on yarn, there will be no one to augment its numbers. I think we have reached an understanding. It might be mutiny, however, if I have to tell it that it’s desired fibers will forever be unattainable if I miss the Sneak Up.

  25. Mockingbirds — if it has a lighter gray-brown belly, and white marks on the wings, then it’s likely a mocker.

    This weekend I plan to continue knitting a pair of Regia socks (Multi-Effekt color Vesuvius), finish fixing the edging on a shawl for my ex-mother-in-law and block it, and hopefully get a few rows in on a tank top that I’ve stalled out on (it’s almost done; I just need to knit the armhole edgings, and then knit the bottom until I run out of yarn). I’d like to do some swatching for a planned sweater, start some socks out of a skein of Cherry Tree Hill sportweight I got on clearance from my LYS, and make some progress on an Aran sweater, but we’ll see.

  26. Love that ice cream! Yum! Yum!
    As I said in an earlier post, I am going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival – my first fiber festival! YEAH!
    I am also working on socks in Cider Moon “Winter Twilight” in a Fiber Trends pattern – the yarn is lovely – so very soft!
    Yeah about Claudia’s sport weight – I like that yarn, but it’s not enough yardage (except for my younger dauthers’ feet, and I have to make the leg of the sock pretty short). Will Peppermint Mocha be available in only fingering weight, or will it be available in “short sports” too?

  27. About shipping: I agree with Jenna; you treat us so well and we appreciate your concern over the shipping costs, but make sure you charge enough to cover your costs, even though that will mean an increase. One weird thing, though, on the topic of shipping costs. Sometimes I have to pay $10 to pick up my parcel and sometimes I don’t even though the value of the package is about the same. I have no idea why! The vagaries of the postal system, I suppose.
    About the sock club: I think I’ll have to get a blog now, just so I can use your cute button! Wouldn’t want it to go to waste! BTW thanks to your parents for their sock club work.
    What am I knitting this weekend? I just finished Sea Wool socks. Gorgeous! Now, should I cast on Cider Moon Silver Pine Campfire socks, or Seascoast Thistle Jaywalkers? They’re both begging to be first.
    What are you knitting? Whatever your weekend holds, enjoy it!

  28. I must be in the minority because mockingbirds make me INSANE. I’m just wondering if you’ll think it’s “funny/cute” after a few weeks of it waking you up at all hours with the loud and nonstop noise (yeah, I say “noise” instead of “singing”). Argh…sorry to sound like such a grump, but……

    In knitting news…I’m close to finishing a pair of Embossed Leaves socks. I won’t be casting on any more socks until I’ve finished another pair of Fetching for the Q2 challenge. I have the yarn and pattern for a summer top that I want to start soon so it might be a brief hiatus on the socks for the rest of May (then again….I have a bad case of “Start-itis” 😉 )

  29. Still going around and around and around on some basic socks for my husband … they were supposed to be for me, but I think my gauge calculations need some work!! 😉 Never mind, at least the hours aren’t going to waste.

    Sheri, have you and your website guru thought about putting the “what’s new” section out as an RSS feed? I’d love to have a yahoo widget on my desktop that showed me when the sneakups occurred (piccies of the skeins, even?), I could just glance and see if there was some new activity even if it was late at night!! Don’t know whether that would help your site traffic/load at all …

  30. My husband and I call those multi-sound birds ‘car alarm’ birds, and I
    really love to hear all the crazy sounds they make. We once tried to count all
    the different songs and calls and sounds they make and we literally lost
    count. I wish I knew for sure the name of these birds..but I have seen them:
    taupish, with a tail that has a white underside. I read that male birds trying
    to attract a mate, how cute is that! Sometimes when I can’t sleep, these
    birds’ multiple songs actually sound soothing to me. Go figure.
    Lady, I can never access your website when you debut new yarns. I just
    have to keep trying I guess 😀

  31. Hmmm…. Cake batter plain, the only way to eat Coldstone! 🙂

    Sea Silk??! I’ve been searching for a particular two colors…. Mayhaps I will have to start stalking your e-store (more than normal)… 🙂

  32. I have to confess that bird-watching is my other favorite hobby. This time of the year i spend more time outside doing my birding and gardening. That’s one reason why I’m limiting myself to one sock per month through September. Like another poster said, if you happen to catch it fly away and see big white patches on the top side of the wing, you have a mocker. My mother had a resident mockingbird. During the summer we would sit outside, drinking our wine and gabbing, and he would be singing the entire time. Listening to birds sing always makes my heart happy!

    As much as I would love to see the Sneak Up, I have flower to buy – some for Mom, some for Grandma, and of course, some for me. I will try to catch it though if only to drool on my keyboard:-)

  33. What a bizarre bird! We get mostly mourning doves and chickadee-type twitterers, but there are also owls, thrashers and hummingbirds if you keep your eyes peeled.

    This weekend’s knitting will be the second Stillwater sock for DH and then I will start my RSC Grasshoppers. Or maybe the YP Rain I snagged a while back. Or my mother’s Panda Cotton socks. Or the bewitching Anne I just got. Or a summer top in bamboo. Or I’ll just sit and stare at my stash. Sigh (happy sigh).

  34. Not sure without a picture, but that sures sounds like a mockingbird to me. They’ll do traffic noise, car alarms, anything they hear around them…and they love to do it at one am! This weekend I’m knitting ANOTHER Sivia H’s Victorian Shoulderette.

  35. Must get sleep. 🙂

    I started the Twisted Flower sock to keep me distracted so that the HUGE stockinette sweater I am doing will start to look fun.

  36. Sheri, your international rates have been amazingly good, and it can’t be helped if the prices are going up. But the phrase “exploring other options” strikes fear in my heart. Terrible as the Italian postal service can be, we’ve had more problems with courier services. Problems such as merchandise being pilfered. I’ve received packages that were empty when I opened them up! Just wanted to mention that before you make a final decision. I’m certainly willing to pay more for shipping as long as I know I have a reasonable chance of the stuff actually showing up!

    Our birds start singing at 5 in the morning, sharp. There must be a law on the books that says they can’t start before then. But they are allowed to sing late into the evening.

  37. Mockingbirds are Arkansas’ state bird. If you see flashes of white when the bird flies off, that might be a mockingbird. Catbirds are further north and don’t have the white accents that a mockingbird would. Either way, they are either amusing or annoying depending on what you are trying to do while they’re singing.

  38. I’m so excited about the Sock Club packages being mailed on Monday. Now I know I can start stalking my mail carrier on Wednesday. I’ve been on a yarn diet and I’ve been a very, very good girl. Thankfully, my Secret Pal totally spoiled me with yarn (koigu, qiviut, and bearfoot) and I’ve got Sock Club yarn coming. I hate to miss the new yarns coming but I tell myself that you will always be bringing in new yarns. I can not wait to see what the Sock Club yarn is!

    This weekend I have hours of baseball to attend (following the hours I attended this week) so I cast on a plain vanilla sock to keep me busy. I’m finally knitting the Apple Laine Red Delicious I bought awhile back. This yarn is YUMMY!! It doesn’t need a pattern to make it look good and it feels so good. I definitely need more Apple Laine in my life.

  39. This weekend I will be finishing all of my “SSS”‘s….YEAH!!! You know what that means….. next week I can pick and choose a new yarn (or two) and a new pattern (or two) to start. I think I will go into my closet and pull out my stash and just pet it to get it ready for the fun next week!!!
    Hope everyone has a great knitting weekend.

  40. I’m still working my way through Sahara, a baby sweater, and a quart of Siviero Maria gelato in “Bacio.” (chocolate gelato with fudge swirl and whole hazelnuts. yum.)

    We have a mockingbird like that, too. He sits on the fence and gives us the “nightly news report” every evening around five. Honest to pete. What I could do without is the woodpecker who hasn’t figured out that the gutters are aluminum. Sounds like a full-out Marine assault at six in the morning. Sheesh.

  41. Gotta love the mockingbirds!
    I must, must, must finish the current baby blanket, so I can start on the socks with the yarn I already have, so I can justify a lovely, exciting spending spree at your shop!!! All those beautiful new yarns…sigh.I absolutely WILL NOT allow my stash to grow any further, so I must whittle away at it. Fortunately being sick all week has permitted me a little more time for knitting than homeschooling usually does…..And, oh, Cold Stone is one of my favorite places…yay for hubby!!

  42. Ok, so our mysterious car alarm bird is just the famous Mockingbird!
    thanks for clearing this up! For some reason I thought the mockingbird
    would have a different kind of call..
    We also get a lot hummingbirds here, right now there are a lot of babies
    flying around- utterly mesmerizing. The first sock yarn dyer to make
    hummingbird inspired colorways would make a fortune I think 😀

  43. My favorite coldstone flavor is cheesecake. in a waffle bowl. nothing says ice cream like having a cone too. And i had a mourning dove cooing last night, around 1 am. i wanted to lean out the window and say-HEY BIRD YOU”RE CONFUSED! GO TO SLEEP. but then i’d be afraid he’d say hey lady you’re awake too!
    Smarty pants birds. i’m gonna make myself a sweater lump. because i have been depressed lately i’m making a big ugly sweater. just for me. i don’t care if it’s too big or mishapen or not really ugly, it’s just to keep me warm on these cool summer/spring nights we’ve been having. and when i am trembling form crying fits. which ever comes most frequently.

  44. MMMNNN ColdStone. I had jaw surgery and didn’t lose any weight because I could get a baby spoon of Coldstone down the gullet : )

    Perhaps the postal service needs to raise the rate for flyers and junk mail. That is primarily all I receive in the box anymore and I see those rates haven’t changed.

  45. Gotta love those State birds of Texas;-) They can sound like cats, sirens, anything around them.

    Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Ice Cream….. mmmmmmmmmmm, my fav. Nothing in it to ruin the taste, either. I think it’s time for an ice cream run!!

  46. My favorite flavor of AMY ice cream is coffee with shaved chocolate pieces in it. Doesn’t matter….Starbucks, Coldstone, B&J’s Vermonty Python…it’s just mixing my two favorite vices…coffee and ice cream!

    Almost finished with my Koigu lace socks…praying I don’t run out before I reach the toes! Looking forward to the arrival of my Sock Club Package! (Will the inaugural issue be in the signature Loopy Peppermint Mocha????)

  47. Uptown Boot socks in a lovely Hand Jive yarn…and in between adopting two Saddlebred mares who were rescued from being sent to the slaughter house! Try explaining that to your husband! 🙂

  48. I was reading another blog last week and they were saying that birds sing in the middle of the night now, because the din of urban (or even suburban life) is so loud that they can’t sing to one another. Evolution eh?

    Be well – best,

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