The mailman is a patient kind of guy.

DSC00682.JPGI warned him. I told him how many boxes would be on the porch for the sock club. I don’t think he quite envisioned this. (And actually, this is not quite all of the boxes awaiting him today, because there were a few more to pack and it also doesn’t include regular orders from the weekend, yet.) At least the sock club group stacked well, being all the same size and shape. So – I hope you like it! I can’t wait for them to arrive at your house. 🙂 I coaxed my mom and dad into helping again on Saturday and then made them pose for a picture. They were a HUGE help! Don’t forget that you’re welcome to take the Sock Club member button (in my sidebar) if you’re in the sock club. It has been fun to see them on different blogs already! And if you’re a button collector, then you know how to do it the correct way, saving it to your own server and all. I have no idea how to do it. I just send a link to Web Guy and ask him to do it for me. (Maybe I shouldn’t admit that. Never mind.)

DSC00673.JPGKnitting Daughter was working on making mini yarn cakes for the Loopy Sock Kits (one of the fun gifties that we give in orders) DSC00675.JPGand low and behold, look at the photos that I found on my camera when I went to upload the most recent ones to the computer! Hmmm. I’m guessing she was a bit bored by the whole yarn winding activity, what do you think? It made me laugh, though!

I forgot to tell you about another great yarn that we will have going up this week – this is merino/cashmere/nylon blend from The Knittery in Australia. I’ve had it here for about 2 weeks now (waiting on photos) and I can’t quit looking at it. I love the colors. We have her regular sock yarn base on order as well, so that will be in later. Also – since we are doing lace yarns, we needed something fun to go along with that. We have beautiful shawl pins arriving soon in sterling silver and copper from Designs by Romi. You will love these. They are perfect for shawls, but also on scarves, hats and bags as well. I have been eyeing Romi’s beautiful work for months, in anticipation of our lace line.

May will be a busy month around here. I was looking at our “coming soon” section and realized that I expect orders from 10 of the 11 companies listed there this month. (Yarn Love will be back next month.) In addition to those, of course we have NEW yarn lines coming in as well. I will keep you posted. I have been working with our “top tier” indie dyers to insure that we get regular and frequent orders from them, to keep all of us well-stocked. I’m also looking forward to attending the TNNA Market in Ohio, the first weekend in June. We went to this last year and it was invaluable, as we were finalizing the vendors that we wanted to carry here. I think it’s important to be a member of The National NeedleArts Association and to attend the market at least once a year. This business is very important to us, and we always want to stay on top of what’s new and what’s popular in this industry. We’re committed to finding the best for you! I’ll let you know what I find there that weekend that we all need. 🙂

Sheri yarnprogressphotosonWednesdayIfinishedanothersock(singular.sigh)


  1. Sheri I got my Loopy Ewe and I’m in love. Love Love Love. Where has that little lamb been all my life? I’ll be positing a photo on my blog tomorrow, but I gotta tell ya, I AM IN PAIN. Try as I might I just could not prevent stabbing myself a katrillion times. WOW, I don’t know how they’re doing it over there cuz my tips are sportin’ band-aids.

  2. I was hoping today but maybe tomorrow…I have nothing to do 🙁 That is such a lie…..
    What is it about yarn in a white box that sets my heart a twitter?

  3. Hmmmmm….was I the only one awake for the Sneak Up? And I was so good getting only two yarns,,,,,I could have bought it all bwahahahahahaa and noone would have been any the wiser…

  4. OK folks, don’t MAKE me buy all the yarn, LOL, I am going to sleep now, just came in from work, and when I get up in a few hours I am hoping you will have saved me by purchasing all of the yarn…thanks in advance

  5. Cheryl, you must have bought out a bunch of it! I looked before I went to bed about 12:15, and the sneakup was not up yet. I did manage to get some of the Knittery Cashmere sock yarn early this morning in Berry Bliss (I didn’t see any Cherries–it must have been gone before 6:45 am Eastern time.)

    I am really happy to have been able to get the Knittery Cashmere yarn that I did. I’ve heard so many good things about it! It looks like it is going fast, just since earlier this morning!

  6. MY sock kit is here!!!!! Love the pattern, love the yarn and I managed to score some peppermint mocha this am. Got to go wind yarn now!!!!

  7. The postman just brought me one of those boxes and the sock kit is wonderful!!! Love it all!! I wish I could start on it right away, but I am elbow-deep in recital costumes for my daughter’s studio, so there’s no time for knitting at the moment. BUT, next week, when the costumes are out of here and hubby leaves for a 5-day motorcycle road trip, I’m giving myself a play day to work on these socks.

  8. Hey Sheri, I think Gail told you that we’re going to be snuck into TNNA under the cover of darkness, so we’re looking forward to meeting up with you then. And holy crap is that a lot of boxes!! It looks like you’re bulding a fort!

  9. My socks club box is here!! My sock club box is here!!! It is wonderful! Thanks Sheri, you are the best!

  10. Wheee!!! My DS just got back from a job interview at “an old folks home” as he puts it and got the job and checked the mail. The only thing there was the magic white box. WOW, you met and exceeded my expectations…I have been lusting after the “holder” of the goods(don’t want to ruin anyone’s surprise), it is very humbling to have the actual yarn shown in the pattern, everything, the extras, is fantastic! I always feel so spoiled after I open one of my LE orders. What a wondrous combination of fibers in the yarn…I can’t or shouldn’t but will cast on just yet…oh heck I am going to wind that yarny goodness right now…

  11. Sheri: you have outdone yourself with the sock club, I love it all and the yarn and pattern are a dream. You have gone above and beyond as always.
    hugs and kisses girl!

  12. i got my kit and i LOVED everything! the yarn is just wonderful. i can’t cast on right now, though, as i’ve already got 2 socks on the needle, and if i get too carried away, i wont’ get my charity knitting done.

    when i showed my son the pic of the boxes, he said “holy crap!” (he’s 12, lol) my sentiments exactly. i think your parents need a medal, or a GC to some really nice restaurant, or something.

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