Camp Loopy July Challenge!

Camp Loopy The Loopy Ewe

It always seems like we just started in on June Camp Loopy (and we did – June 1!), but remember way back in the second week of May when you picked your pattern and yarn for June? Well now it’s time to do that for July!

The July Challenge:

We are celebrating The Botany Lab, The Zoology Lab and The Entomology Lab in July.

Your project needs to reflect plants, or animals, or insects.

You can show this representation in the colors you pick, or the color name, or the pattern itself, or the pattern name, or the designer name.

You need to use a minimum of 600 yards of yarn, single knit or crocheted (not held double).

Here are some examples to get you started:

Camp Loopy The Loopy Ewe

Examples for Botany Lab (plants): You could pick colors like Dragonfruit, Joshua Tree, Rose & Iris, Mountain Wildflowers, Garden Party, Holly Hock, Pomegranate Blossom, Vegetable Medley, Seaweed, Ivy.

OR patterns like: Graceful Leaves Pullover, Maple Ridge Vest, Hibiscus Cardigan, Protea Cable & Lace Scarf, Tree Seeker, Sprouted, The Rose That Grew From Concrete, Peaslake Shawl, Fairy Leaves Wrap, Violeta Tunic.

Camp Loopy The Loopy Ewe

Examples for Zoology Lab (animals): You could pick colors like Flamingo on my Lawn, Grey Tabby, Silver Fox, Rainbow Trout, The Cat’s Pyjamas, Manatee, Koi Pond, Dirty Panther, Turtle.

OR patterns like: Koi Pond, Llama Drama, Goldfish Memory, Wild Swan, Crayfish Party Socks, Simple Tee (by ChurchMOUSE), Barklines,

Camp Loopy The Loopy Ewe

Examples for Entomology Lab (insects): You could pick colors like The Unicorn Beetle, A Butterflies Dream, Lightning Bug, Firefly, Beeswax.

OR patterns like: Bee Fields, Dancing Butterflies, Jimi Cricket, Wool and Honey, Honeybee Cardigan, Dragonflies Jumper, The Love of Spiders, Queen Bee Pullover, Butterfly, Arachne, Mothed.

Have a pattern that you were hoping to do? Pick a flower color, or a plant color, or an animal color to knit it out of.

Have a yarn that you were hoping to use? Pick a pattern named after your favorite flower, or your favorite pet, or your favorite insect (Do you have a favorite insect??).

We want you to knit things that you love. As long as you can justify how your yarn or pattern or name fits the challenge, we’ll go with it. 🙂

July Camp Store Week: June 11-18

If you are participating in Camp Loopy, you are eligible for 15% off the yarn for your Camp project. You will need to leave us an order note telling us which yarn you are using for your project, so we know which one to apply the 15% Camp Discount to.


To be eligible for Camp Loopy Rewards, your July project needs to be started no earlier than July 1, 2020 and finished no later than July 31, 2020, with a photo of the finished project uploaded to our Camp Loopy Photo Gallery by midnight on August 1st. In addition, the project yarn used needs to be purchased from The Loopy Ewe June 11, 2020 or later.

Jump into the Camp Loopy 2020 Chatter thread on Ravelry or The Loopy Ewe Knitting Circle group on Facebook if you’d like to chat with other campers about your project ideas for July. On July 1, we’ll start The Botany Lab, The Zoology Lab and The Entomology Lab threads on Ravelry so you can keep up with others working on similar projects.

Click here for a reminder of Camp Loopy Rewards

Click here for Loopy’s Periodic Table (a fun extra activity for you!)

Can’t wait to see what you pick out. We’ll get your orders on their way to you as fast as we can.

Sheri and The Loopy Elves

Camp Cast On (and Yarn!)

We have beautiful colors of yarn up for you today, and we hope it brings a smile to your face. It’s also Camp Cast On Day for our June projects. A colorful day all around. We just added in;

Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere – fingering weight, 400 yards, 84 beautiful colors

Dream in Color Camp Cast On The Loopy Ewe

Leading Men Fiber Arts Showstopper – fingering weight, 463 yards, 55 gorgeous colors

Leading Men Camp Cast On The Loopy Ewe

We also have Casapinka Kits available for Bronwyn’s new Hug Shot Shawl (free pattern with purchase – details on the blog). The Breathe and Hope kits also work for the new Hug Shot!

Casapinka Hug Shot Shawl

Today is Camp Cast On Day for Camp Loopy June projects

Did you start yours yet? I am starting tonight after work and can’t wait! It’s not too late to join in on the fun. Here is the blog post which details the June Challenge and Camp Loopy Rewards.

Camp Loopy Science Camp Camp Cast On The Loopy Ewe

Loopy’s Periodic Table

To make things more fun, we came up with Loopy’s Periodic Table for you to fill out this summer! Email us a copy of your completed worksheet and we’ll enter you into a drawing for a Surprise End of Camp Box of Fun Prize!

We thought it would be fun to keep track of new patterns you come across as you see what others are working on, new yarn lines from Loopy that you’d like to try in the future, posting on one of our social media channels to stay connected to others, knitting for an hour or more for 30 different days this summer, and tracking your yardage on all three Camp projects this summer. Does that sound fun?

To fill it out: Add pattern names and yarn names you want to try in the left and right square sections. Add dates in the posts and days of knitting middle square sections. Mark off with x’s or colors the yardage squares as you complete your Camp projects.

Click below to download the pdf and start getting it filled out!

Loopy’s Periodic Table

Check out today’s Instagram stories for a few of the photos people have shared from their Camp Cast On Day!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

Camp Loopy Ideas

Did you hear about our Camp Loopy 2020 theme yet? We’re all headed to Science Camp this summer!

Loopy donned his lab coat and goggles, has warmed up the Bunsen burners and lined up the test tubes. He is ready to see what knitting concoctions you can come up with for your June Project. Remember – this is a virtual knitting camp, and it’s our tenth year of hosting it. Perfect for staying in, but also for staying connected with knitters all over the world.

We will be sharing monthly challenges for June, July, and August.

Click on this blog post, which gives all of the details. 
You’re welcome to join in for one month, two months, or all three months!

Ideas for the June Challenge

The June challenge includes combining elements to make something new. What does that look like?

You can combine two (or more) different colors together. Here are some ideas –
From The Loopy Ewe website: Edith CowlVictoria HatHouse of Faberge CowlMerida MittensOranssi CowlAlbuquerque SunsetMagical Thinking, and Quindici.
From Ravelry: Jupiter CropRock It TeeThe ShiftOdyssey Shawl, and Breathe and Hope.

Or you can combine two different yarn materials together. (Combine different weights, or combine different bases. Or add a different material like beads to your yarn project, etc.). Here are some ideas – 
From Ravelry: Ashbury Park ShawlImagine When (beads on points), Lily of the Valley ShawlMorningstarCalan Mai (combining two weights plus beads!), Charmayne, and Musicality (with beads).

Or you can combine two different patterns together to make something unique. Like taking the neckline from one sweater and adding it to another. Or the stitch pattern from one thing, and combining it with another pattern. Or the edging from one shawl to add to another. There are so many options with this one!

New Rewards this year

We have a fun new reward for Campers this year, and of course we have a Kids Camp version as well. 

Pop over to this blog post: It’s Camp Loopy Time! There are more details on the challenges, finishes, and dates that you will need to know.
 The Camp Store Week discount ends Tuesday at midnight (but of course you can order Camp supplies any time after that without the discount).

Camp Loopy Summer Chatter

Join in on the Camp Loopy chatter
 via our Facebook Loopy Ewe Knitting Circle or our Ravelry Loopy Groupie group. It has been fun to see what everyone else is going to be working on, starting June 1. You can also watch our Facebook Live videos once or twice a week, where I’ll be sharing my Camp progress.

Get a cute Camp Button in your Camp order

Be sure to leave us an order note indicating which yarn in your order is for Camp. 
We’ll send along one of these cute little Camp pins to add to your project bag.

More Camp Loopy Swag

You might also want to order a Science Camp Bag Tag to help identify the bag as a Camp Loopy project. And if you need a new project bag just for Camp, our Vintage Camp Loopy Bag is pretty cool.

We have lots of fun plans for Camp Loopy this summer. I hope you’ll join us!

Take care –


It’s Camp Loopy Time!

What is Camp Loopy? 

It’s a virtual summer program where you make monthly projects according to challenges and you can earn prizes for getting them done. Along the way, we’ll have fun project discussions, contests, and special events for anyone who’d like to participate!

There is no fee to join, and you can participate for one month, two months, or all three months.

Each month we will have a designated Camp Store Week where you can get 15% off of the yarn for the next month’s Camp project. This gives us time to ship it to you before the project start date of the first of the month.

Camp Store Week for June Project: May 12-19
Camp Store Week for July Project: June 11-18
Camp Store Week for August Project: July 10-17

2020 Camp Rewards

This summer, the prize for completing the different months is a Camp Kit – and you determine how much comes in your kit by how many months of Camp you complete!

For completing one month of Camp, your kit will include: our new, exclusive Loopy Science Code pattern
For completing two months of Camp, your kit will include: the pattern plus two of our favorite notions
For completing all three months of Camp, your kit will include: the pattern, the two notions, and a skein of our Wollmeise Specials in Pure (574 yds. fingering weight) to use for the Loopy Science Code pattern (or whatever you want to use it for!)

We will email patterns and ship out the Camp Kits sometime after the first week in September (when we’ve had a chance to do all of the photo approvals and can see what your kit needs to include).

Camp Store Week: May 12-19 (supplies for your June Project).

To get the discount, leave us an order note and tell us which yarn will be used in your June project and we’ll apply the discount on our end.

If you are going for free shipping in the U.S., please make sure the discount won’t take your order below the $100 level or the website will add the postage cost back onto your order.

Camp discount cannot be combined with other discounts, or used on Last Call yarn.

To be marked as complete for June:

  • Complete the Camp Loopy Challenge for June: In June, we’re celebrating Chemistry. So that challenge is to MIX TWO THINGS for your project. Examples: mix two (or more) colors, or mix yarn with beads, or mix two weights of yarn, or mix parts of two (or more) different patterns, etc.
  • Your project needs to use at least 400 yards. Full yardage must be used in one single project, singly knit (yarn not held double).
  • Your June project supplies need to be purchased from The Loopy Ewe May 12, 2020 or later. 
  • Your June project needs to be knit or crocheted between June 1 and June 30. No early starts!
  • You need to upload a photo of your completed June project to our Loopy Camp Gallery by July 1. 

Loopy Kids Version

We would love for your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews/neighbor kids to join in on the Loopy Camp fun again this summer. They can choose to do half the yardage requirements (a 200 yard project for June) and will earn a fun knitting notion for each month they get marked as complete. Please help them make their own Loopy Account so we can track their purchases, photos and points.

To celebrate Camp Loopy this summer, you’ll find: 

Camp t-shirts available
Camp Project Bag Tags
Exclusive Exploration Station Camp Colorway in Smooshy with Cashmere and City
Camp Loopy Vintage Tote Bags

All Camp orders will receive a free 2020 Camp Pin, while supplies last. Be sure to leave us that order note, so we know you’re participating in Camp!

Starting June 1, we’ll put up three separate Ravelry Threads in our Loopy Groupies. You choose which one fits your project best.
The Color Lab (for people mixing colors for their June challenge)
The Material Lab (for people mixing yarn bases or beads for their June challenge)
The Pattern Lab (for people mixing parts of patterns for their June challenge)

Not on Ravelry? Head over to Facebook and our Loopy Ewe Knitting Circle, to join in on Camp and other summer project discussions and sharing!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew