Camp Loopy: August Challenge

It’s that time again – time to plan a new project for next month, even though we’re still in the middle of working on our July Camp Loopy project!

Remember – you can join in for August, even if you haven’t done Camp Loopy in June or July.
Each month stands alone in the challenges, and we’d love to have you join us. There’s no official signup – just order your yarn and tell us in the notes that you’re doing August Camp Loopy with us. Welcome!

The August Camp Loopy Challenge

1. Your project must use 800 or more yards in one single project, singly knit. (Singly knit means an 800 yard project as opposed to a 400 yard project with the yarn held double to use up 800 yards.)

2. To celebrate our science theme, your project needs to fit into one of the following categories of science: Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences, or Life Sciences. It can fit in there by pattern name, pattern design, pattern designer, yarn name, or yarn color.

3. Yarn for your project (800 yards) needs to be purchased from The Loopy Ewe, July 10, 2020 or later. If you purchase during Camp Store Week (July 10-17), you can request a 15% discount on the yarn for your project. You’ll need to leave us an order note with the name of the yarn that you’re using for your project, so we know where to apply your discount.

4. The project needs to be started August 1, 2020 or later, and finished no later than August 31, 2020, with a photo of the finished project uploaded to our Camp Loopy Photo Gallery on our website by midnight on September 1st. You upload the photo on your Loopy account page.

Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy)

Think of things that relate to gravity, light, time, combinations, structure, or space.

Earth Sciences (Geology, Oceanography, Paleontology, Meteorology)

Think of things the involve the origin and history or structure of Earth, the ocean, prehistoric life, or weather and the atmosphere.

Life Sciences (Botany, Zoology, Genetics, Medicine)

Think of things that involve plants, animals, heredity or medicine.

Pattern Ideas to consider (just a little list to get you brainstorming!): Fibonacci Golden Spiral Shawl, Noble Gases & Halogens, Birth of a Supernova, Celestarium, Southern Skies, The Origin of Species, Ocean Breeze Two Tone Shawl, Ocean, Dewy Ocean, Summer Ocean Waves, A Marvel-ous Shawl, Strange Weather, Modern Gingham, Peacock’s Pride Shawl, Botany, Sunny Rays,

Here are the patterns that your fellow campers have been talking about so far this summer (and you can use them in August if the pattern meets the 800 yard criteria):

From the Zoology Lab, Botany Lab, Entomology Lab, The Pattern Lab, The Color Lab, The Material Lab

As always, we want you to be able to knit what you want (while still having the fun of working within a challenge). If you can tell us how your project fits, we’ll go with it!

Let’s Talk Camp Projects

We’ll start new Ravelry threads on August 1st. (The Physical Science Lab, The Earth Science Lab, The Life Science Lab) We’ll also be talking about our projects in our Loopy Ewe Knitting Circle Facebook Page. Please join in on the discussions and fun!

There have been so many fun patterns discussed and shared for Camp this summer already. Many of the patterns you’ve seen your fellow campers working on in June and July will fit into the criteria for August in some way. We know you all make lists of possible future patterns during Camp time, and we hope this gives you a fun way to jump right into one of those for August!

It’s always fun camping with you during the summer, and we’re glad you’re participating with us. We can’t wait to see what you plan for August. We’ll work hard on getting your orders right out!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. I was wondering if these two patterns would work:
    I look at this and see an unending field of wheat or grass for hay for winter feed. So botany? Or, I can add beads periodically for materials.
    This one is a Pi shaped shawl and mathematics is very much an aspect of science! Plus the name “Aubade” is defined as “poem or piece of music appropriate to the dawn or early morning.”

  2. I am looking at 4 Ever In Blue Jeans with malabrigo sussuro in Paris Nights and Water Green. The stitch pattern includes the bee stitch. Not sure if or where this fits for August.

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