12 One Skein Projects to Knit

I have so many single (beautiful) skeins in my stash. Do you, too? Fingering weight yarn is fun to collect, because it’s like buying a package of art from artists like Michelle at Dyetastic, Claudia at Wollmeise, Andy and Steve at Leading Men, Julie at JulieSpins, Steffi at Uschitita, Ce at Uncommon Thread, Sheryl at Essence of Autumn, Veronica at Dream in Color, and so many more. I’m always looking for one skein projects to knit, so I started a list to share with you.

Slipstream Cowl by Inspiration Knits. I love how the slipped and traveling stitches really mix up the beautiful colors in the skein.

Slipstream Cowl The Loopy Ewe One skein projects

Reyna by Noora Backlund. I like the textures that appear with this stitch pattern. Interesting to look at and interesting to knit.

Reyna The Loopy Ewe One skein projects

Song of the Sea Cowl by Inspiration Knits. This one knits up surprisingly fast and would be beautiful in some of your more semi-solid colors.

Song of the Sea The Loopy Ewe One skein projects

3S Shawl by Amy Meade. A quick knit, and it’s fun to add beads to the picot edges at the bottom.

3S Shawl The Loopy Ewe One skein projects

Starshower by Hilary Smith Callis. The construction of this is cool and it drapes so nicely when you wear it. Also – fun stitches in the pattern!

Starshower The Loopy Ewe One skein projects

Simple Things by Mary Heather Browne. I like the plain top (which lets the yarn shine) and the pretty edging on the bottom.

Simple Things The Loopy Ewe One skein projects

Tilted Texture by Jennifer Weissman. Because of the beautiful stitch patterns, this one looks best in a solid or semi-solid. Quick to knit, because you’re always changing up what you’re doing.

Tilted Texture The Loopy Ewe One skein projects

Racing Raindrops by Churchmouse Yarns and Tea. Interesting construction and easy to use up the whole skein due to weighing and knitting to the middle.

Racing Raindrops The Loopy Ewe

Trillian by Martina Behm. Simple garter stitch with a pretty edge to add a bit more interest.

Trillian The Loopy Ewe One skein projects

Fractal Danger by Martina Behm. More simple garter stitch, with some extra construction and stitches to make it “fracture” along the way.

Fractal Danger The Loopy Ewe

That Nice Stitch by Susan Ashcroft. The slipped stitches in this pattern help break up yarn that might tend towards pooling. And it really is a nice stitch.

That Nice Stitch The Loopy Ewe One skein projects

Pogona by Stephen West. I’ve always liked this little shawl. I like the size, and I really like the shaping (which helps it to easily stay wrapped around your shoulders.)

Pogona The Loopy Ewe

Do you have other one skein projects that are your favorites? Feel free to share them in the comments below!



  1. Thank you for sharing, I’d love to see more. Have lots of one skeins that I would love to use up so I can purchase more.

  2. I think the Age of Brass & Steam, little kerchief-shaped shawl, would also work, I made one in a fingering weight a few yrs ago and it was a fast fun knit (for a gift) I may need to make one for ME.

    1. and I think the Age of Brass and Steam was in my head b/c you, Sheri, mentioned it on FB live in re the Loopy Pet Legends yarn as a possible project! YOUR great idea, not mine!

    1. That one looks fun to knit, and I like that you can use up the skein. Thanks for sharing the link, Emily!

  3. What is the yarn you used for the Simple Things pattern that is featured in your most recent email “12 one Skein Projects to Knit”?
    Thank you, lucy winston

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