Camp Loopy July Challenge!

Camp Loopy The Loopy Ewe

It always seems like we just started in on June Camp Loopy (and we did – June 1!), but remember way back in the second week of May when you picked your pattern and yarn for June? Well now it’s time to do that for July!

The July Challenge:

We are celebrating The Botany Lab, The Zoology Lab and The Entomology Lab in July.

Your project needs to reflect plants, or animals, or insects.

You can show this representation in the colors you pick, or the color name, or the pattern itself, or the pattern name, or the designer name.

You need to use a minimum of 600 yards of yarn, single knit or crocheted (not held double).

Here are some examples to get you started:

Camp Loopy The Loopy Ewe

Examples for Botany Lab (plants): You could pick colors like Dragonfruit, Joshua Tree, Rose & Iris, Mountain Wildflowers, Garden Party, Holly Hock, Pomegranate Blossom, Vegetable Medley, Seaweed, Ivy.

OR patterns like: Graceful Leaves Pullover, Maple Ridge Vest, Hibiscus Cardigan, Protea Cable & Lace Scarf, Tree Seeker, Sprouted, The Rose That Grew From Concrete, Peaslake Shawl, Fairy Leaves Wrap, Violeta Tunic.

Camp Loopy The Loopy Ewe

Examples for Zoology Lab (animals): You could pick colors like Flamingo on my Lawn, Grey Tabby, Silver Fox, Rainbow Trout, The Cat’s Pyjamas, Manatee, Koi Pond, Dirty Panther, Turtle.

OR patterns like: Koi Pond, Llama Drama, Goldfish Memory, Wild Swan, Crayfish Party Socks, Simple Tee (by ChurchMOUSE), Barklines,

Camp Loopy The Loopy Ewe

Examples for Entomology Lab (insects): You could pick colors like The Unicorn Beetle, A Butterflies Dream, Lightning Bug, Firefly, Beeswax.

OR patterns like: Bee Fields, Dancing Butterflies, Jimi Cricket, Wool and Honey, Honeybee Cardigan, Dragonflies Jumper, The Love of Spiders, Queen Bee Pullover, Butterfly, Arachne, Mothed.

Have a pattern that you were hoping to do? Pick a flower color, or a plant color, or an animal color to knit it out of.

Have a yarn that you were hoping to use? Pick a pattern named after your favorite flower, or your favorite pet, or your favorite insect (Do you have a favorite insect??).

We want you to knit things that you love. As long as you can justify how your yarn or pattern or name fits the challenge, we’ll go with it. 🙂

July Camp Store Week: June 11-18

If you are participating in Camp Loopy, you are eligible for 15% off the yarn for your Camp project. You will need to leave us an order note telling us which yarn you are using for your project, so we know which one to apply the 15% Camp Discount to.


To be eligible for Camp Loopy Rewards, your July project needs to be started no earlier than July 1, 2020 and finished no later than July 31, 2020, with a photo of the finished project uploaded to our Camp Loopy Photo Gallery by midnight on August 1st. In addition, the project yarn used needs to be purchased from The Loopy Ewe June 11, 2020 or later.

Jump into the Camp Loopy 2020 Chatter thread on Ravelry or The Loopy Ewe Knitting Circle group on Facebook if you’d like to chat with other campers about your project ideas for July. On July 1, we’ll start The Botany Lab, The Zoology Lab and The Entomology Lab threads on Ravelry so you can keep up with others working on similar projects.

Click here for a reminder of Camp Loopy Rewards

Click here for Loopy’s Periodic Table (a fun extra activity for you!)

Can’t wait to see what you pick out. We’ll get your orders on their way to you as fast as we can.

Sheri and The Loopy Elves


  1. the color of the yarn I want is strawberry cream. Strawberries are a plant. Is that too much of a stretch? Fingers crossed!

  2. Good morning! I have a Jr Camper along for the summer, too, and she is happily knitting away in her first pair of socks for June. For July, does her project need to be 300 or more yards? I’m assuming kid project goals are half of the adult yardage. We’re having a great time at our first Camp Loopy!

  3. I’m blanking on how stash works for the challenges. I have some yarn ordered for the June camp that I didn’t use, if I use it for July does it count toward my yardage for the project?

    1. Hi Katie! To be counted for July Camp Rewards, your 600 yards of yarn would need to be purchased from Loopy 6/11/20 or later and used in your project. If you’re doing a project that is bigger than the 600 yards you purchase, you can certainly add in Loopy Stash to it as well. It will still count because you bought and used 600 yards during 6/11 Camp Week or later. Or if you just want to use Loopy Stash yarn for your July project, that’s perfectly fine as well. It just wouldn’t count towards the Camp Rewards.

  4. Sadly, I will have to pass for July. The most I can finish in a month is 500 yds and that is with 100% focus on a single project.

  5. I have a couple questions. First about yarn held double: One project I want to make requires 600 yd of worsted weight. If I use half worsted weight (300 yd) for my MC and a CC that is fingering weight of 600 yd held double for an equivalent of 300 yd of worsted weight does that count? It would be a total of 900 yd half of which is fingering held double. Hope that makes sense.

    Another project I want to make has a pompom, does the pompom count in the yardage? I’m guessing not as it isn’t actually knitted.

    I am having too much fun picking projects and yarn!

    1. Yes, that works for the yardage. 300 yards Worsted plus 600 yards doubled fingering (making it 300 yards in the knitting) is fine.

      On the pompon – typically it doesn’t count for yardage.

      I’m glad you’re having fun choosing patterns and yarn! I love that about Camp, too.

  6. I also have a question about the double knit. The way it’s worded, “You need to use a minimum of 600 yards of yarn, single knit or crocheted (not held double).”
    To me, it sounds like what you’re saying is that by double knit you mean not holding yarns together. Can I knit something that makes fabric that is double layer, but I’m not holding the yarn doubled?

    1. Sorry for being confusing!

      You can hold yarn together for knitting anything, but the yardage can’t be counted double for that. So if you’re using 300 yards lace held together with 300 yards fingering, that will equal a 300 yard project in knitted form.

      If you wanted to knit two yarns held together and meet the requirements, you’d need to use 600 yards of each yarn you were holding together. 1200 yards of yarn, knit held together as one, would result in a 600 yard knitted project.

      Does that make sense?

      1. That part makes sense, yes. I am asking if I can knit a double knit, as in a 2 layer fabric, as the outcome for my project?

    1. Hi Meg – If you log in to your Loopy account page, there is a button there to upload your photos to share with us!

  7. I love the color of the yarn I ordered, but it is way too splitty for me to be able to work happily, and 600 yards of the stuff is going to make me crazy.

    I don’t know if I can come up with something else to hold with it, but as long as I use 600 yards of it (not doubled with itself) then does that meet the rules?

    1. Make that “… but as long as I use 600 yards of the yarn I ordered (not doubled…”

      Does the second yarn need to be Loopy Ewe too? I haven’t found anything in the Loopy Ewe stash yet.

      1. Yes, as long as you use the 600 yards you purchased for Camp Loopy June 11 or later, you can add other yarn to the project from your stash.

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