Camp Loopy 2021: Circus Camp!

Step right up to the Greatest Camp on Earth! That’s right, we’re hosting Circus Camp with our make-believe, sock-wearing circus animals! This virtual summer knitting camp comes with monthly challenges, groups to chat with during the process, and rewards for completion at the end. All the fun thing of participating with friends, from the comfort of our own homes.

June Challenge:

We’re celebrating the three rings of the circus with this one. Pick a pattern with 3 different stitches going on, or three different colors in the pattern, or changing the stitch or pattern every three rows, or even the word “three” in the name of the pattern or color! You’ll need to knit/crochet 400 or more yards in this June project (single knit, not held double). As always, we want you to knit something you love. If you can explain to us how your project celebrates “three” and you’re hit the 400 yard mark, we’re good!


  • We are offering a 15% discount on the yarn for your June project. You will need to leave us an order note telling us which yarn in the order is for Camp. We’ll apply the discount after the order comes through to us. The discount is valid May 13-20, 2021. If you’re going for free shipping in the U.S., please make sure your discount won’t take you below the $100 level for free shipping.
    (Note – we are not able to combine the discount with the use of any Loopy credits. You are welcome to choose either. If your order comes through and you have applied your credit, we won’t add a further discount.)
  • Yarn for the June project needs to be purchased from The Loopy Ewe on May 13, 2021, or later.
  • The project should not be started before June 1st, 2021, and needs to be completed by June 30th, 2021, with a photo of the completed project emailed to us by midnight, July 1, 2021.


As you know, we’ve simplified our Loopy Rewards with our new website. Each time you hit 350 points, you can trade those in for a $20 Loopy credit. You get points for each product dollar spent, for your birthday, for referrals using your personal referral code, and for challenge completions.

Points for Camp completions (for projects completed within the specifications above): June = 50 points, July = 75 points, and August = 75 points. Plus, if you complete all three months, we’ll add an additional 75 points to your totals. These points will be added to your totals in September, after Camp has been completed.

Camp Swag

Let’s Chat!

We will start a Camp Chat thread on Ravelry and our Loopy Ewe Knitting Circle on Facebook, later this afternoon. Then closer to our June 1 start date for Ravelry, we’ll split everyone into three groups for June Camp Month. We’ve added extra group moderators to help this summer! Sarah 1 (Loopy Manager), Sarah 2 (Loopy Instructor) and Karen (Loopy Elf) are all looking forward to chatting with you, answering questions, and encouraging you along with our other Loopy Groupie mods. Which Ravelry group will you be in for June?

  • Leaping Lions (anyone with birthdays in January, February, March, or April)
  • Dancing Elephants (anyone with birthdays in May, June, July or August)
  • Juggling Monkeys (anyone with birthdays in September, October, November or December)

We look forward to having you as part of our Loopy Circus Camp, and sharing in on the fun!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe (Circus!) Crew

P.S. If you haven’t already logged into our new website, you’ll need to set up a new password by clicking on the Password Reset link. We also have your past orders archived, which you can access by going to the archive site. And finally, if you’d like to invite your friends to do Camp with you, share your personal referral code with them! If they’re new to our site, they’ll receive $5 off their first order from us and you’ll receive $5 off after they have placed their first order. Find your personal code by clicking on the Loopy Rewards round red heart button on the bottom left of the homepage.

Loopy Academy (and new stuff!)

Happy Monday, and Happy February 1st! (rabbit, rabbit, rabbit – do you say that on the first of the month?) We have new things up on the website, and Loopy Academy Spring Semester info for you today. We just added in:

Malabrigo Rios

Malabrigo Rasta


Need a new bag, notebook, and pencils for your Loopy Academy Spring Semester? (We know we do!) We added in new designs and re-stocked the regulars, perfect for your project bags, project planning, and all around joy-bringing:

Notebooks: Small, Large, 3-Set Smalls

Other fun accessories to go with your notebooks: Pencil Tins, Sticky Notes, Tin of Stickers

Bags: Totes and Vintage Pouches

Loopy Academy, Talented and Gifted, Spring Semester

Time for the new challenges! Each semester we give you three challenges. When you complete all three within the parameters, we will reward you with 500 Loopy Reward Points! You can trade points in for Reward Store items (including discounts on yarn).

Parameters: Each of the three projects needs to be a minimum of 400 yards singly knit/crocheted, with yarn purchased from The Loopy Ewe 2/1/21 or later, with photos uploaded to our Loopy Photo Gallery by midnight, 5/31/21. Points will be added to your account in June, 2021.

Challenge: We’re revisiting school days with this one. Pick 3 different patterns. One that relates to grade school, one for junior high, and one for high school for your three projects. These can relate by pattern name, color or color name, style, designer name, or any other way you can tell us that it relates! (We like to be easy, but we also like giving you something fun to think through and choose!)

You might use school colors, or a designer who shares your Junior High BFF’s first name, or a color named after your mascot, or a pattern with your state or city name in it, or a style you wore back then, or a pattern that celebrates a special memory from that time, etc.

Extra Credit: Complete a fourth project celebrating life after high school. This could be related to college days, or career days, or post high school travel – anything you did right after high school. (Same parameters as above.) We will add an additional 175 points to your Reward Totals for completing this fourth project.

Want to discuss options? Join us in our Loopy Groupies on Ravelry, or in our Loopy Ewe Knitting Circle on Facebook and tell us what you’re contemplating!

We hope you’ll join in on this semester of fun!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

Fall Challenge: Back to School LA TAG

Fall Challenge The Loopy Ewe

Back to School looks a little different this year for many of you. Are you supervising some of your kids at home? Are you teaching kids from home? Do you have a Zoom classroom? We’re ready to be back to school, too, with this year’s Fall Challenge!

Our Fall Challenge takes us right back to school, and we’re calling this Loopy Academy, the Talented and Gifted edition! Moving forward, we decided to keep the Fall and Spring Semester challenges as a part of Loopy Academy. That umbrella gives us the opportunity to still offer the first four years for those who want to build their knitting skills, plus the TAG (Talented and Gifted) version each semester for those of you who have done the other options (or for those of you who just want to jump into TAG! You do not have to complete four years of undergrad Loopy Academy in order to do the TAG version.)

Fall TAG Challenge:

This semester, your job is to major in one designer. You’ll be completing three projects from this one designer, so pick someone who has lots of patterns that you’ve been wanting to do!

To successfully complete the semester, you’ll need to:

  • Complete three different projects from the same designer, started and finished between 9/8/20 – 12/31/20.
  • Use at least 400 yards, singly knit, for each of the three projects. (Meaning yarn held single, not yarn held doubled.)
  • Yarn for each of the three projects needs to be purchased from The Loopy Ewe 8/31/20 or later.
  • Photos of each of your three completed projects need to be uploaded to the LA-TAG photo gallery at The Loopy Ewe by 12/31/20. When you upload your completed photos, you’ll need to leave the pattern and designer name in your photo notes for each project.


For successfully completing the semester (all three projects), we’ll be rewarding you with 500 Loopy Reward Store Points!

Extra Credit: Independent Study

Would you like to do a fourth project? The Extra Credit challenge is to take parts from two of your designer’s patterns and make them into one. How would that work? Perhaps you like a stitch pattern they used on a sweater, and can transfer that into one of their cowl patterns. Or you like the edging on one shawl pattern but want to combine that into another shawl pattern. There are so many options, and we hope you have fun playing with this idea!

The Extra Credit option is available to those who have completed the three regular LA TAG challenges for the semester. The same purchase/yardage/date requirements apply. Since this challenge is a bit more work, you’ll earn an additional 300 points for this one. So you have the opportunity to earn 800 points for your semester instead of 500.

Would you rather work on regular Loopy Academy for your Fall Challenge?

You’re welcome to do that! We are simplifying the rewards there and will be adding 500 Loopy Reward Store Points for a successful completion of any of those semesters, moving forward. PLEASE NOTE: If you’re working on regular Loopy Academy (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior years), you’ll need to email us with the year and semester you’re going to be working on (send your email to: That way we can keep track on our spreadsheets, so that we’re sure you get rewarded for completing the semester.

Click here for all of the regular Loopy Academy assignments:

Regular Loopy Academy, Freshman through Senior Year

To Make it More Fun:

Fall Challenge The Loopy Ewe

We have Loopy Academy Tote Bags and Accessory Pouches if you’d like to tote your projects in style!

We will be discussing projects and plans in our Loopy Ewe Knitting Circle group on Facebook, and in our Loopy Groupies group on Ravelry. Jump in and tell us what designer you’re majoring in this semester, and what projects you’re contemplating. And if you need color advice? There are lots of people ready to help with that as well.

Fall Challenge The Loopy Ewe

Recess, Cafeteria, Fall Fun Night

This Fall Challenge comes with Recess Breaks, School Contests, Cafeteria Connections, and Fall Fun Night options, so watch for those in upcoming blogs, newsletters and Facebook/Instagram posts. We are going to have fun!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

Camp Loopy: August Challenge

It’s that time again – time to plan a new project for next month, even though we’re still in the middle of working on our July Camp Loopy project!

Remember – you can join in for August, even if you haven’t done Camp Loopy in June or July.
Each month stands alone in the challenges, and we’d love to have you join us. There’s no official signup – just order your yarn and tell us in the notes that you’re doing August Camp Loopy with us. Welcome!

The August Camp Loopy Challenge

1. Your project must use 800 or more yards in one single project, singly knit. (Singly knit means an 800 yard project as opposed to a 400 yard project with the yarn held double to use up 800 yards.)

2. To celebrate our science theme, your project needs to fit into one of the following categories of science: Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences, or Life Sciences. It can fit in there by pattern name, pattern design, pattern designer, yarn name, or yarn color.

3. Yarn for your project (800 yards) needs to be purchased from The Loopy Ewe, July 10, 2020 or later. If you purchase during Camp Store Week (July 10-17), you can request a 15% discount on the yarn for your project. You’ll need to leave us an order note with the name of the yarn that you’re using for your project, so we know where to apply your discount.

4. The project needs to be started August 1, 2020 or later, and finished no later than August 31, 2020, with a photo of the finished project uploaded to our Camp Loopy Photo Gallery on our website by midnight on September 1st. You upload the photo on your Loopy account page.

Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy)

Think of things that relate to gravity, light, time, combinations, structure, or space.

Earth Sciences (Geology, Oceanography, Paleontology, Meteorology)

Think of things the involve the origin and history or structure of Earth, the ocean, prehistoric life, or weather and the atmosphere.

Life Sciences (Botany, Zoology, Genetics, Medicine)

Think of things that involve plants, animals, heredity or medicine.

Pattern Ideas to consider (just a little list to get you brainstorming!): Fibonacci Golden Spiral Shawl, Noble Gases & Halogens, Birth of a Supernova, Celestarium, Southern Skies, The Origin of Species, Ocean Breeze Two Tone Shawl, Ocean, Dewy Ocean, Summer Ocean Waves, A Marvel-ous Shawl, Strange Weather, Modern Gingham, Peacock’s Pride Shawl, Botany, Sunny Rays,

Here are the patterns that your fellow campers have been talking about so far this summer (and you can use them in August if the pattern meets the 800 yard criteria):

From the Zoology Lab, Botany Lab, Entomology Lab, The Pattern Lab, The Color Lab, The Material Lab

As always, we want you to be able to knit what you want (while still having the fun of working within a challenge). If you can tell us how your project fits, we’ll go with it!

Let’s Talk Camp Projects

We’ll start new Ravelry threads on August 1st. (The Physical Science Lab, The Earth Science Lab, The Life Science Lab) We’ll also be talking about our projects in our Loopy Ewe Knitting Circle Facebook Page. Please join in on the discussions and fun!

There have been so many fun patterns discussed and shared for Camp this summer already. Many of the patterns you’ve seen your fellow campers working on in June and July will fit into the criteria for August in some way. We know you all make lists of possible future patterns during Camp time, and we hope this gives you a fun way to jump right into one of those for August!

It’s always fun camping with you during the summer, and we’re glad you’re participating with us. We can’t wait to see what you plan for August. We’ll work hard on getting your orders right out!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew