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Happy Monday, and Happy February 1st! (rabbit, rabbit, rabbit – do you say that on the first of the month?) We have new things up on the website, and Loopy Academy Spring Semester info for you today. We just added in:

Malabrigo Rios

Malabrigo Rasta


Need a new bag, notebook, and pencils for your Loopy Academy Spring Semester? (We know we do!) We added in new designs and re-stocked the regulars, perfect for your project bags, project planning, and all around joy-bringing:

Notebooks: Small, Large, 3-Set Smalls

Other fun accessories to go with your notebooks: Pencil Tins, Sticky Notes, Tin of Stickers

Bags: Totes and Vintage Pouches

Loopy Academy, Talented and Gifted, Spring Semester

Time for the new challenges! Each semester we give you three challenges. When you complete all three within the parameters, we will reward you with 500 Loopy Reward Points! You can trade points in for Reward Store items (including discounts on yarn).

Parameters: Each of the three projects needs to be a minimum of 400 yards singly knit/crocheted, with yarn purchased from The Loopy Ewe 2/1/21 or later, with photos uploaded to our Loopy Photo Gallery by midnight, 5/31/21. Points will be added to your account in June, 2021.

Challenge: We’re revisiting school days with this one. Pick 3 different patterns. One that relates to grade school, one for junior high, and one for high school for your three projects. These can relate by pattern name, color or color name, style, designer name, or any other way you can tell us that it relates! (We like to be easy, but we also like giving you something fun to think through and choose!)

You might use school colors, or a designer who shares your Junior High BFF’s first name, or a color named after your mascot, or a pattern with your state or city name in it, or a style you wore back then, or a pattern that celebrates a special memory from that time, etc.

Extra Credit: Complete a fourth project celebrating life after high school. This could be related to college days, or career days, or post high school travel – anything you did right after high school. (Same parameters as above.) We will add an additional 175 points to your Reward Totals for completing this fourth project.

Want to discuss options? Join us in our Loopy Groupies on Ravelry, or in our Loopy Ewe Knitting Circle on Facebook and tell us what you’re contemplating!

We hope you’ll join in on this semester of fun!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. So, if you never went to junior high??? In my school days, we had elementary school grades K-8 and then after 8th grade graduation, we went to high school ( freshman- senior), ….

  2. Haven’t heard from you in a while so glad
    you are still around.I still.have my picture of your cute lamb before he had a mask. Are you open by appointment only?
    Betty Paul

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