Snow and Deer

SONY DSCMarch is the snowiest month here in Fort Collins, and we have had some beautiful snowfalls already this month. I am a big snow person and love waking up and finding everything covered in pretty white! Of course the sun is so warm at this altitude that even if things are snow-covered, it usually only lasts on the ground for a day or two before melting away in all of the spots except for the shady areas. Last weekend they predicted a blizzard with heavy snowfall, and we ended up with about 4″. Oh well. Paul (WH) went out photographing after one of our recent snows and caught some pretty deer photos. I thought you might enjoy them.

Hello cuties!



There seems to be an enticing bit of food somewhere up there.



No doubt hoping that the photographer leaves soon so that they can get back to eating with no interruptions….



Have a great Wednesday!

Sheri Loveseeingthem,butgladtheydon’tliveinouryard,

Duuudes, Perms, and Grass Nose

You all know that my hubby is a photographer and takes some really cool photos, right? I mean, besides all of the cool yarn photos he takes for us and the website. You can check out some of his other photos by clicking the WH’s Photo category on the right side of my blog.  ——>

He visited an Alpaca Ranch a couple of weeks ago and sent me some of the photos, which I wanted to share with you. (My favorites, though, are still the ones from this post. I like them so much that we enlarged some of the photos to put up at Loopy.) But here are the new ones:

I call this one Alpaca Duuuuude:

Alpaca Big Eyes:

Alpaca Bad Hair Day:

Alpaca Perm:

Alpaca Needing a Floss:

Alpaca on a Diet:

Alpaca Grass Nose:

Alpaca Grass Nose – a closer look:

Alpaca Grass Nose, side view. (I would love a skein of his beautiful fiber.)

Alpacas have a lot of personality, don’t they? They’re so curious. They probably think the same about us.

Sheri whohasalwayslikedyarnwithabitofalpacainit

The Geese are Gathering & RAK Reporting

We sure seem to have a lot of geese here in Fort Collins. They fly overhead in the mornings, honkinghonkinghonking trying to figure out who is supposed to be at the head of the V formation. They waddle up and down the sidewalks in different spots. And they swim in the local lakes and ponds. Paul (WH) took some great photos that I wanted to share with you. (Does anyone cook a goose for Christmas dinner? Never mind. I probably don’t want to know.)




And just so the ducks don’t feel left out:


We have had two Loopy Elf parties in the past two weeks. The first one was a dinner that included spouses, and that was a lot of fun. Then we had a fun lunch with everyone bringing something, earlier this week. Cathy brought a warm beverage called Cranberry Bog that we all enjoyed. I’m going to have a pot of this simmering on the stove on Christmas day. Yum.

Cathy’s-Cranberry-BogCathy’s Cranberry Bog

3 cups boiling water
2 tea bags
2 cups cranberry juice cocktail
1/2 cup pineapple juice
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup sugar

Steep tea for 3 minutes in the boiling water. Combine all other ingredients and heat. Serve with cinnamon sticks.

It’s time for our final RAK Reporting day. Did you do something fun for someone else this week? Leave a comment and tell us about it below and I’ll draw the winners and will announce them on Monday’s blog. If you need ideas so that you can squeeze in a Random Act of Kindness before I draw winners on Monday, check out our first two blog posts here and here. The randomly drawn winners will receive a skein of The Loopy Ewe Seasonings Series of their choice. Thank you for all of your participation this year in our RAK’s!

Do you have guests arriving this weekend? My mum-in-law arrives today and we always love having her here with us for the holidays. I really lucked out in the mother-in-law department. Have a great weekend!

Sheri hopingyougetallofyourlastminuteknittingdone,too

Mid-Week Break: Cute Alpacas

Not much to write about today (we’re still getting orders out from Camp Store Week), so I thought I’d share the cute alpaca photos that WH took awhile back. These sweet animals live with the nice folks who own Prairie Moon Alpacas, and please note that they have male alpacas for sale. Don’t you want one?










You gotta love the one in the second to last photo – the one with the cute teeth.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Sheri clearingspaceinthebackyardforalpacas.