Mid-Week Break: Cute Alpacas

Not much to write about today (we’re still getting orders out from Camp Store Week), so I thought I’d share the cute alpaca photos that WH took awhile back. These sweet animals live with the nice folks who own Prairie Moon Alpacas, and please note that they have male alpacas for sale. Don’t you want one?










You gotta love the one in the second to last photo – the one with the cute teeth.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Sheri clearingspaceinthebackyardforalpacas.


  1. And here I was, dreaming of a big, scary dog, to keep the neighbour cats away from our cats, but an alpaca is even bigger, and could function as a lawnmower, too! (Not to mention the fact that I’d get “free” fleece…) 😉 Now this is perfect! Sheri, you’re a genious!

  2. To follow up on my comment, apparantly it was not the best idea to tell my fiancé about this superb idea when he got up this morning. He did not share my excitement. Shame on him. 😉

  3. I love them!!!! Alpacas are really great for guarding sheep, too! My Son In Law’s mother has an Alpaca farm! Luxury! Sheer Luxury!

  4. I would have to ask permission from my dogs and the City of Minneapolis … I don’t know that either would approve, so I won’t even ask DH.

    But I can just imagine what my 89 year old mom would have to say about it…. Not to mention the homeowners association. They got ticked off when I thought it was a fun idea to decorate the lighted snow man for Memorial Day instead of taking him down. I thought he looked cute with his red-white-and blue bow tie and pinwheel accent on his broom. Not to mention the american flag in his other hand.

  6. Yes, I’ll take one! I’m having trouble locating them in your shop though. Would they be under ‘roving’ or ‘fun accessories’? 🙂

  7. Have you seen the Paco-Vicuñas up in Estes at Switzer-Land Paco-Vicuñas & Alpacas up in Estes? They are cute and have some really nice fiber and would be a day trip for you. 🙂

  8. I really like the one with the teeth! So cute and lots of personality! Keep us posted if you get one of the cute alpacas! 🙂

  9. OK – now I know what I want to do when I retire – raise Alpacas. They are so adorable – and those pictures are terrific. I’m not sure what my 2 Shih Tzu’s would think about having them around the house but they can adjust. I wonder if I can get the rest of my family to go along with this idea?

  10. What beautiful photos…of beautiful animals. Don’t think my condo association would be too happy to have an alpaca on my back patio, but I would so love to be around these wonderful animals. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Susanna, Switzer Land had their paco vicunas at the Estes Park Wool Market earlier this summer. I wanted to buy the one named Corvis – he was sooo adorable!

  12. Hubs just told me I could have one if it means he doesn’t have to mow the lawn again. So I guess I’m getting a guard alpaca and some sheep (or maybe just a good lawn mowing service and no alpaca). I want the one with the teeth, though!

  13. We visited an alpaca ranch when we were in New Mexico for the yarn festival at Taos. The ranch is located near Mora in a beautiful mountain valley. If you go that direction, I would encourage you to visit — there’s also a pick-your-own raspberry farm close by. 🙂

  14. Alpacas are so beautiful! I love their eyelashes and their sweet eyes. Your DH takes great pictures. I have never seen alpacas up close, but would love to visit a farm someday. Thanks for sharing.

  15. So sweet!

    Did you see the alpaca story on (CBS) Sunday Morning, last week? I think it was a re-run. Really fun!

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