Yarn Balls and Bananas

I found this over on Pinterest the other day (originally from this blog post, and it looks like she has all kinds of fun ideas there so take a peek around). We have tall ceilings here at Loopy, and I think a few colored (and big) yarn balls hanging from the ceiling in different spots might be fun. I’ll let you know if I tackle this project! Of course it would also be cute as lamps, but being a knitter, my mind immediately went to yarn balls.

Another thing from Pinterest? This Banana Poke Cake recipe, that turned out to be very good. This originally came from The Country Cook blog, where she also has recipes for Oreo Pudding Poke Cake, Boston Cream Poke Cake, Coconut Cream Poke Cake, and Jell-O Poke Cupcakes, if you’re so inclined.

Banana-Poke-CakeBanana Poke Cake

1 (10 oz) box yellow cake mix
(plus ingredients to make it – oil, eggs, water)
2 (3.4 oz) packages instant banana pudding
4 cups milk
1 (8 oz) but Cool Whip, thawed
Vanilla Wafers, lightly crushed

Mix and bake cake mix according to directions, in a 9 x 13 pan. Cool for a couple of minutes and then use the end of a wooden spoon handle to poke lots of holes into the cake. Β (Be sure to poke all the way down to the bottom).

Prepare pudding in a bowl with the milk and shake for 1 minute in tightly sealed container, to mix it all up. Pour over the cake, making sure that the pudding drips down into the holes you created.

Sprinkle crushed vanilla wafers over the layer of pudding.

Top with Cool Whip and let set in refrigerator for a couple of hours (or overnight).

Only one week left to get Project Two done and I am concerned. I’m on row 216 and I have to go to row 270 (in a half-circle shawl. So that tells you that my last rows are my longest.) I might be in trouble.

Sheri areweallowedtocallinsicktoworknextweektofinish?

Edit: P.S. Boy, the news is sad today, isn’t it? We are all fine here, but so heartbreaking for the families affected in Colorado.


  1. My banana loving DD will gobble this up. I’m knitting like crazy to finish my Project 2. Hope none of your friends were in Aurora for the movies last nite. That was awful news to wake up this morning. Colorado is getting dangerous to live in. First the fires now this. Keep safe.

  2. Wow!! πŸ™‚ Cool yarn ball idea & of course delicious sounding cake idea – you’re spoiling us! πŸ™‚ Happy Friday – hope everyone near you is safe after that terrible movie theater tragedy last night…

  3. Sheri;

    Thought of you, your elves and your families this morning when I saw the news. So terrible. Hope all is safe.

    Still working away on my project 2 as well. Hopefully will be done in time. See some speedy knitters already have some beautiful projects posted. Well done

  4. So….if Loopy doesn’t finish HER project….is the whole thing off?

    Kidding Sheri! Wishing you the best on your long rows! I suggest a long flight – I seem to get most of my knitting done in the air!

  5. I saw that lamp and FELL. IN. LOVE. I need to make it happen in my FEMA trailer…maybe. I don’t think our ceilings are tall enough. I have about 6 inches of sweater body AND two sleeves left. Ack!!

  6. I’m on row 218 out of 270 of my Camp Loopy Thin Ice and I’m getting a little concerned about finishing as well. I hope I have a burst of knitting speed this weekend so I can get it finished and blocked without having to stress about it too much.

  7. My guess is that you’re doing Thin Ice, as I am. By my calculations (and project notes from others on Ravelry, I will run out of yarn if I try to do the whole pattern, but will use 800 yards plus if I do the skip from row 204 to 245 that’s listed as an alternate to the main pattern…just sayin’!

  8. My thoughts were with you and everyone in Colorado this morning when I awoke to hear the news. Prayers to all of the victims, their families, and loved ones. I have Fridays off in the summer (but we have to work our regular week in 4 days so it’s tiring), and I decided to take next week off too. Expect to finish Project 2 on time and be ready for 3. And yes, you ARE allowed to call in sick next week to finish the project. I think being worried sick over an unfinished project definitely qualifies.


  9. I forgot – can you make those fixtures using yarn soaked in starch and then wound over blown-up balloons? Didn’t we do that to things as kids??

  10. Ooh, Sheri, you shouldn’t have linked to that food blog. I think I want to make all of it for dinner tonight.

  11. Yep. One well left and I haven’t split for sleeves yet…. I’m a little worried myself. Love the yarn balls!

  12. Love the yarn ball idea! I love Pinterest- so many wonderful ideas on there! I think I will try one of those poke cakes. If anyone is looking for a good Orange Fluff recipe, go onto my Pinterest site. There is one there by sixsisters.com and it is YUMMY! Of course, I am behind on project 2! :). Just got my other hank of yarn to finish it today. I am thinking of those affected by yet another violent act. Daniel and I saw the movie today- good, long but violent. Still entertaining in spite of the terrible tragedy.

  13. I’m glad you’re safe, but you’re right, the news is so sad. Hugs to all of my Colorado peeps and Groupies!!

  14. I am still working on my sweater, so I understand. I calculated that I would only finish in time if I did at least 30 rows a day. Thank goodness for a mostly empty weekend!

  15. I took this week off – a staycation and glad I did or I wouldn’t finish! Doing the Sothia shawl and had to add an extra 2 rows to get to the 800 yds, will bind off this weekend!

  16. i feel your knitting pain, and, too, the pain of that awful tragedy in Aurora. prayers for the survivors and the families.

    i am making a FULL-circle blankie for #2. on ball 5 of 6, 580 sts. looooong rounds. it will be just under 1200 yds! i went for easy, overdid the yardage! going to be pretty, though.

  17. Ohh Me too! I had operator error in the first week and shot my first pick straight to the frog pond. The second choice, (my first choice actually, but, talked myself out of it) is going along well. But, lets just say I have two more charts to go and about 63 stitches to increase. I think I have alot of long nights to go…. But at least I am in good company!

  18. I feel for you for Project #2 – with the new job starting and running back and forth and #1DD here for the past week, I sadly had to drop out of Camp Loopy – there’s just no way I could get it done πŸ™

  19. I made it through first session of Camp Loopy with flying colors, but Session 2 got away from me. Guess I will sit out the 3rd session and finish up some other UFOs. That would be productive!!!

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