Duuudes, Perms, and Grass Nose

You all know that my hubby is a photographer and takes some really cool photos, right? I mean, besides all of the cool yarn photos he takes for us and the website. You can check out some of his other photos by clicking the WH’s Photo category on the right side of my blog.  ——>

He visited an Alpaca Ranch a couple of weeks ago and sent me some of the photos, which I wanted to share with you. (My favorites, though, are still the ones from this post. I like them so much that we enlarged some of the photos to put up at Loopy.) But here are the new ones:

I call this one Alpaca Duuuuude:

Alpaca Big Eyes:

Alpaca Bad Hair Day:

Alpaca Perm:

Alpaca Needing a Floss:

Alpaca on a Diet:

Alpaca Grass Nose:

Alpaca Grass Nose – a closer look:

Alpaca Grass Nose, side view. (I would love a skein of his beautiful fiber.)

Alpacas have a lot of personality, don’t they? They’re so curious. They probably think the same about us.

Sheri whohasalwayslikedyarnwithabitofalpacainit


  1. We got to visit Whirlwind Ranch Alpacas near Springfield, MO. They were such amazing creatures! You could sink your hand in fleece up to your wrist before you reached their neck to scritch! Best part of the visit: buying yarn from a “critter” you had met.

  2. Yay for alpacas!! We visited a farm a few summers ago & I got to hold a baby alpaca. Such sweet creatures. Great photos! 😉 now what to knit with all my alpaca fiber stash…

  3. Absolutely loved these pictures of these amazing animals…..A couple reminded me of self on a bad hair day….smile. Kudso to the photographer for giving us a sweet look at a great yarn source and the lovable and interesting personalities they have.

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