Shibui Heichi Trunk Show

We’ve carried Heichi for quite awhile, but I hadn’t made anything out of it yet. That will change. We received several garments from Shibui for an in-store trunk show, and it’s just beautiful knit up. Heichi is a worsted weight yarn that is 100% silk and comes 105 yards to the skein. All of these patterns are in the book Heichi, by Shibui.

Trace (the tank) using 6-8 skeins of the color Fountain, and Ripple (the dark blue blanket) using 8 skeins of the color Canal.

Echo (the long sleeve cardi) using 4-6 skeins of the color Steel and 4-6 skeins of the color Tar, and Reflection (the short sleeved sweater) using 6-9 skeins of the color Column.

Element (the tank dress/tunic) using 6-9 skeins of the color Lichen.

Shadow (the vest) using 10-15 skeins of the color Tar.

Dusk (the long sleeved sweater) using 9-14 skeins in the color Steel.

Dusk is the one I have my eye on, although I also like Reflection a lot, too. But you know my history with sweater knitting. I seem to be unable to finish many. At all. I need to change that. Maybe a new pattern (Dusk) and yarn (need to decide which color) would help? If I’m going to have to walk in the door at Loopy every morning and see those beautiful knits for a few weeks, I’m going to have to jump in and knit one. Which is your favorite?

Sheri likingthemoreneutralcolors,Ithink


  1. Those are lovely. And I wouldn’t have thought the yarn would have knit up so nice from just looking at it in the skein. It’s so cold out today the thought of wearing a tank makes me shiver but I have to keep in mind it will be summer eventually. I like hte neckline of Trace.

  2. Oddly, I like Element. When it’s cold you could put a nice long-sleeved silk t-shirt or something underneath…pair with some leggings and girlie flats! Wheee. Ok, that whole description is so not me…but sounds fun!

  3. Bonney – aren’t they cute? We couldn’t get enough of them to offer online, so we only have them available in-store. But if you need one, just give us a call. 🙂

  4. Ok! I love all of Shibui stuff! BUT… those DEER BAGS are AWESOME!!!!! Like the other Loopies above, I think those are phenomenal!!! Get more of those in to sell!!!!!!!! :).

  5. I find silk to be very hard to work with and would not attempt any of these. However, many of you do and I applaud you. The deer bags are something else again. Fantastic!!

  6. Do you still have the pattern or even the whole pattern book that has the Shibui Heichi Elements Tank/Tunic pattern?
    Thank you!

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