Snow and Deer

SONY DSCMarch is the snowiest month here in Fort Collins, and we have had some beautiful snowfalls already this month. I am a big snow person and love waking up and finding everything covered in pretty white! Of course the sun is so warm at this altitude that even if things are snow-covered, it usually only lasts on the ground for a day or two before melting away in all of the spots except for the shady areas. Last weekend they predicted a blizzard with heavy snowfall, and we ended up with about 4″. Oh well. Paul (WH) went out photographing after one of our recent snows and caught some pretty deer photos. I thought you might enjoy them.

Hello cuties!



There seems to be an enticing bit of food somewhere up there.



No doubt hoping that the photographer leaves soon so that they can get back to eating with no interruptions….



Have a great Wednesday!

Sheri Loveseeingthem,butgladtheydon’tliveinouryard,


  1. I love hearing about Fort Collins, along with seeing these great pictures! My son is seriously considering Colorado State for grad. school, so I’m really interested in your neck of the woods. The prospect of visiting both my son and TLE is wonderful!

  2. Seanna Lea – Yes, we’ll probably go. We went last year and enjoyed it.

    Bonny – so hoping your son ends up here so we get to see you!

  3. Sheri they look so FUZZY !!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the photos – WH does a great job of capturing their cuteness.
    Enjoy the whitestuff – we’re looking at a sunny day and warmer weather this week in Jersey so we’re happy to have Spring around the corner.

  4. Love the deer! We have them up here, of course, and see them bedding down in our front yard most nights. They live in town, as well, and are known as Cody pedestrians. I never miss an chance to see them.

  5. Ohhhhh – homesickhomesickhomesick. I love these photos. I moved to Missouri from Montana a few years ago, and I’m afraid I’ve never quite reconcilled leaving my beautiful Rocky Mountains. Thank you for sharing!

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