Madelinetosh Vintage, Malabrigo and Shibui

Madelinetosh-Vintage-JasperBusy day today, with lots of shelves re-stocked and orders sent out. We have yarnyarnyarn up on the website tonight! Just up, we added in:

Madelinetosh Vintage – over 85 colors of this beautiful Worsted Weight yarn, including new colors. I am using it to make the Amery shawl/scarf, that I found on Ravelry last week. I have 4 skeins set aside and it’s knitting up so wonderfully. Also, this pattern has an i-cord bind off, which I always think looks cool. If you do this pattern, note that it calls for a 32″ circular needle, but my 40″ cord is stuffed. I can’t imagine doing it on a 32″ cord. Another worsted weight shawl I have long had on my “to make” list is the Ashby. And someday I’ll do the Guernsey Wrap. Also? Vintage is great for sweaters. Someone brought in a Dark and Stormy in progress the other day, and that went on my must make list. Although we all know that I don’t have a good track record with sweaters. And I just found this Infinitude Scarf pattern – might need that one, too. So many fun choices. I did have a hard time picking a color, and I bet you will, too. (Shown here in Jasper.)

Malabrigo-Rastita-PiedrasMalabrigo – we added in more Sock (a fingering weight), Silky Merino (a DK weight), Rasta (a bulky weight), Rastita (a single ply DK weight) and Finito (that super-soft fingering weight that is only available once a year). One of the things I really appreciate about Malabrigo are the colors. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. (Shown here in Rastita Piedras. Isn’t this a great yarn base? How about using it for Of the Moon, or the Piccoloa Dolce Hat, or 22 Little Clouds, because I always love Martina Behm’s patterns.)

Shibui-Silk-Cloud-RaspberryShibui – we added in more Staccato (merino/silk fingering weight), Silk Cloud (lace weight Kid Mohair/silk), and Cima (lace weight baby alpaca/merino). Staccato is great for socks, shawls, fine sweaters, cowls, mitts, gloves and cowls. The extra bit of silk in there adds a little shine. Both the Silk Cloud and Cima can be knit on their own into wonderful, whispy creations. (Like the Mohair Bias Loop or the En Pointe Pullover). However, they are also both great carry-along yarns to knit in with something else, adding warmth and texture. I’m using the Silk Cloud with Shibui’s Baby Alpaca DK on a wrap that will be done soon. (In the meantime, here’s Silk Cloud in the Raspberry colorway. Isn’t it beautiful?)

To round out tonight’s Monday Update, we’ve also re-stocked the ChiaoGoo needles, Darning Eggs, Stork Scissors, Chibi’s, and Offhand Bags in the Marcella and Scottie designs. (Because of course you need a new bag and some notions to go along with your new yarn, right?)

Have fun shopping and do share pattern ideas in the comments below, if you have some that you must make. I’m always looking for new ideas!

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andhowdarkitisformorningwalksagain. 🙁


  1. I love all your blogs but I especially love your Monday blogs with the many beautiful yarns and the many suggestions for patterns to use them in. I cannot tell you how many of your pattern suggestions I have added to my library on Ravelry. Designers must love you! Keep up the good work.

  2. I am almost done with Occitan in Uncommon Thread Posh Fingering in a blue color called “Onion.” I’m really enjoying the way the shawl is coming together.

  3. There is a new vest pattern that was just recently released. I think it would work well in any of the solid worsteds you carry. I did see one test knit in a hand painted, so probably if it is a subtle color change, that would still show off the cables. Although we’re moving into spring here, I may start working on this to have for fall/winter.

    Splitstone on Ravelry

  4. GREAT UPDATE!!!! Malabrigo and Madelinetosh are my favorite yarns. Love the way you link yarns to patterns. Look forward to monday updates not only for the new things but also to discover new patterns to add to my list. My favorite this week is 22 Little Clouds, I love all her patterns. Have done Nuvem and the yarn in a cake for Viajante. Thank You Sheri!!!

  5. I will rant for you about the morning darkness. It is hard enough to get up after having your body clock slammed ahead an hour…and now, I am up in the dark for an hour.

    At least you are doing better than me…and actually walking…

    Since I have started following the Loopy Ewe, and getting involved in the blog and the Camps, my favorites list on Ravelry has grown an hundred-fold!!!

  6. Sheri: Here’s what you do about the time change….you have heart surgery and are on really strong pain pills. Trust me; you will not worry about it at all. Next week we start work on the brain so I’m hoping the hospital will help me remember my name and how to knit…hahahahahahahahahah!!!!! Have a great day. It’s beautiful and sunny here in Columbus and the birds are going nuts. Actually so are the cats. See, Spring Fever….almost here.

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