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Double-knitting-scarvesSometimes knitting seems pretty simple. After all, there are just two stitches (with many variations) and it’s all about making loops with string and sticks. But it amazes me how many different looks you can come up with using those ingredients. Endless possibilities. One of the in-store classes we had this semester was Double Knitting, taught by Cricket (whose awesome felted bag pattern was published in Interweave Knits last fall.) Here are some of the scarves in-progress from the class participants. Aren’t they beautiful? Sometime I’m going to need to try double knitting. The scarves have the pattern on both sides and are thick and warm.

hand-maiden-casbah-with-miyuki-beadsWhen is the last time you tried something new with your knitting? I have a lot still to learn. Right now, I’m working on my first true beaded shawl. It is easier than I thought it would be, but it does slow down my knitting a bit. This is Storm Warning, done in Hand Maiden Casbah with Miyuki Beads. The skein of Casbah has a little less yardage than the pattern calls for, but there are directions on weighing your yarn and knitting to the middle with the first half. I like patterns like that that let you make good use of all yardage. These kinds of patterns are also great for handspun, where you’re not sure exactly how many yards you have, but you sure want to use every inch of it. Speaking of beading, have you seen the Celestarium pattern? The beads are positioned to replicate the view of the night sky from the North Pole. Amazing.

So – are you wanting to learn anything new or try new techniques? What’s on your list?

Sheri hopingyouhaveagreatweekend!


  1. Oh no… you just reminded me of how badly I want to do Celestarium. Now I need to go look for yarn! Enabler! 🙂 (says the willing victim)

  2. I had seen the pattern, but I didn’t realize that it replicated the stars from the North Pole. Of course, it involves my favorite constellation: Orion. I just love how visible it is all winter long.

  3. Steeking!
    That is what will happen when I finish the Queen Bee sweater I just started. That will definitely be a first for me. Not to mention a whole sweater of color work. I have knitted where it calls for only a few stitches of contrast but never a pattern thru out.

  4. I love love love that scarf pattern! And am interested to try my hand at double-knitting soon. Where can I get the pattern for this scarf?

  5. I always try to learn something new on each ‘big’ project. My last sweater was bottom-up yoked, which I had never done before (and I charted my own colorwork pattern for it), and the one before that was completely in colorwork and every piece was steeked. It was quite the adventure, and not so frightening as everyone would like to pretend it is. I’d really like to tackle double knitting soon, I find the concept intriguing.

  6. Beautiful patterns! I love the challenges! You always help me to stretch.

    Planning on Magic Loop class. I have never knitted using the long circ, have never knitted socks toe-up, and have never done two at a time. Big challenge coming for me.

    Thanks, Sheri!

  7. I learned how to knit with beads with my Christmas knitting and with a special project for myself(knitted just after Christmas knitting), some with beads slid onto yarn pre-knitted and bead as you knit. I was so proud of myself. I love to “get” a new technique! Not sure what the next new thing will be.

  8. Love that shawl, Sheri! You always pick the best patterns and make my queue grow and grow. 😀 For all of you that are thinking about Celestarium, I cannot recommend it enough. I’m almost done with mine now and am in love with it!

  9. Our Guild just had a presentation on double knitting, so I want to try that. My ‘test’ piece seems to be working!

  10. I am still working on cabling! I am nowhere near beading and knitting at the same time. I like the color of your beaded shawl Sherri. I have seen Celestarium- very pretty. I still need to try a full pair of socks! Not just clog ones. :).

  11. The current challenge allowed me to knit with beaded yarn, smoething I’d never done. I’ve also never knit a moebius anything, or a pair of socks, or a hat!

  12. Yes, I have Celestarium in my queue, but first I need to learn how to knit with beads. LOL

    I went to a book signing today for the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook (http://beekman1802.com/). I was wearing my Loopy Ewe zip sweatshirt and carrying a small Loopy Ewe tote to work on the quarter one challenge. I now have a picture of my family with Josh and Brent with me in my Loopy gear.

    (hint, hint, need more zip sweatshirts) 🙂

  13. I bought Lucy Neatby’s Double Knitting DVD last summer and haven’t sat down with it yet. Now I’ve got Celestarium in my queue. I think I’ll look for a pretty dark blue yarn and silver beads when I’m at Spring Fling to knit it out of.

  14. Double Knitting, Fair Isle, more stranded, Estonia braid to name a few. Lots to learn, lots to knit. Another sweater or two, more shawls, more socks!

  15. For beaded knitting try some of the patterns from Boo
    knits – they are truly beautiful and surprisingly easy to knit

  16. Celestarium is amazing! Not the kind of thing I would wear so I probably won’t ever make it, but that’s so cool. And those DK scarves look great! Is the pattern on Ravelry?

  17. Forgot to answer your question – I recently tried shadow knitting for the first time. *So* easy, and very gratifying. I don’t know that I’ll use it much, but it was fun and good for me to learn.

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