A Cat Tale (or Four)

For those of you who are cat fans and frequently ask about how the outdoor cats are doing, I thought it was time for another update. (You can get the background on this post or this post.) I like it that so many of you are animal lovers, like me.

We have a few neighbor cats that think our deck is their daytime home. Mocha came first. He’s beautiful and likes to sit on the railing of the deck, sunning himself in the mornings. He’s probably going to be in for a shaving again soon. Despite my best efforts at brushing him, there are mats under all that fur again. I just hope his owners wait until it’s warmer this year. Mocha usually comes by several times a day.


Then James, the other cat that lives at Mocha’s real house, started following him over to our house in the mornings. James is a big goofball. He has no attention span – very easily distracted by new and shiny things. James has no predictable schedule. See previous sentence. He comes over as often as he remembers we’re here.


Al used to come by first thing in the morning for food, and then left for the rest of the day. This past fall, he started staying longer and longer, and now he lives on our deck day and night. He is huge and has the thickest fur coat ever. Even on the coldest nights, he seems to stay warm. Plus, we have that heated cat house for him. (Did I tell you the Elves bought me a heated cat house for the outdoor cats for Christmas? They are all big softies when it comes to animals, too. It was the best gift ever!) Last week when we had 14″ of snow, he sat on top of his house on the deck, getting covered. He didn’t seem to mind in the least.



After awhile, the other cat that lives at Al’s house started following him over here. (Do you see a pattern here? One cat discovers us, then soon brings a second cat along with.) Little Jackie was scared of us, but absolutely starving to death so her hunger overcame her fright. Soon, she was hanging out with Al on the deck but she was always freezing cold and trying to snuggle right up to Al. She has very fine fur, unlike Al’s thick, plush coat.


The week before Christmas was so cold. One evening (with below zero predicted), I called the number on their tags to talk to their owners. I wanted to make sure they had a place to go inside. The owners told me that they had put Al and Jackie outside over a year ago because they couldn’t have them inside any more. They assured me there was shelter and food set out for them (“unless the dogs eat the food first”). Knitting Daughter and I carried the cats back over to their house that night, feeling guilty the whole time, knowing they were keeping them outside in that cold. They were both back on our deck the next day. 🙂

We brought Jackie in the house on Christmas night. It was 4 degrees outside and she was camped out in the heated cat house, shivering.  Al, on the other hand, was happy as a clam in the cold. Long story short (kinda), after keeping her inside for a few days, I asked her owners if we could adopt her and make her a permanent inside cat and they agreed. She is so happy inside, and so sweet. She and Al see each other through the glass door, but they don’t pay much attention to each other. Jackie shows no interest in going outside. Knitting Daughter is moving into her apartment next week and is taking Jackie with her. I’m so glad she has a safe, warm home and is now well-loved!


Of course Al continues to be well-loved, too. We leave him outside because that’s where he wants to be and he seems well adapted to being out there. We do give him plenty of attention every day, and I know he loves that! And Mocha and James continue to pop in regularly, and go back to their house (inside) at night. I’m really hoping no other cats find us. We’re full up.

Sheri whoprobablyshould’vebeenavet


  1. Thank you Sheri for being awesome and taking in the cats and looking after them. So many irresponsible owners these days.

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