Shalimar Breathless, Mountain Colors and Blue Q Bags

Happy Monday, everyone. We have re-stocks of two of my favorite yarns up tonight, and I know you like them, too! First up is Mountain Colors. I knit my second-ever pair of socks out of Mountain Colors and they were at the top of my list to carry here at The Loopy Ewe. (We had to wait a year to get them, but it was totally worth it.) We have added in many beautiful colors of Crazyfoot tonight. Crazyfoot is 90% Superwash Merino and 10% Nylon. It has a great bouncy twist to it, which makes patterns pop (and makes socks, cowls, hats and mitts very comfortable to wear.) It would also be beautiful in shawls. I used Crazyfoot (in a Shells pattern) to make this:


And I used two colors of Crazyfoot and a Cascade Heritage Sock Solid to make this Thin Ice Shawl for Camp Loopy last summer.



The theory behind the way I knit this shawl is to pick a multi-color yarn for the middle section, and then two different matching semi-solids – one for the top and one for the bottom. Mountain Colors has some really pretty multi-colors to choose from. (I know a lot of you already know this because I’ve mentioned it before and we get lots of calls, but remember that you’re always welcome to call in for color consultations if you need us to help you pick a second or third color for something. Roberta walks around the shop with headphones on, just so she can talk to you on the phone but still have both hands free to pick up yarn and try different color combinations!)

The other line we re-stocked tonight is Shalimar Breathless. I just love knitting with this yarn. At 75% Superwash Merino, 15% Cashmere and 10% Silk, it’s a dream to work with and wear. I used Shalimar for one of the Color Affection shawls I made last summer:


As well as one of the Derecho Shawls I made.


Breathless is usually dyed up as a semi-solid, so it’s perfect for these multi-color shawls where you get to pick colors to go together, as well as great for one-color shawls.

HappyFoodTownWe also have a new line of project and accessory bags up for you tonight. I came across Blue Q bags in January and have been using one of the Handy Tote bags as a project bag ever since. (Shown here in Happy Food Town.) The illustrations are fun and the laminated, recycled material they use is durable and easy to keep clean. This Handy Tote size is great for sock/hat/cowl/gloves/shawl projects. The Shoulder Totes are great for larger projects (sweaters, vests, blankets), and the small and large zippered pouches all work well for knitting accessories, needles, and other gadgets.

Enjoy the new things, and we’ll get your orders packed up and shipped out asap, as always!

Sheri workingonascarfwithbeads,havinglotsoffun!


  1. Got my Breathless order in ASAP. This yarn is just a joy to see and to work with! Thank you so much for getting this new batch!

  2. Those totes are ADORABLE!! I put 4 in my shopping cart, but am waiting to find out if my friend’s baby is going to be a boy or girl before I order the yarn for the baby blanket — argh if the bags sell out prior to that!

  3. When I saw the listing for Blue Q in the email, I had to see if it was the same company by the same name here in Pittsfield. Lo and behold, it is. The LYS here used to stock some items from them but I think they dropped the line after they relocated. It’s a small world.

  4. The bags are super cute. Unfortunately I’m getting rid of over half of my bags, so I cannot justify it at all. Maybe after the move you will have more of them and I will get to pack one up.

    Though in all honesty I should buy another of the Loopy Ewe clear bags. They are perfect for bringing things to sporting events and other “bag check” events or locations. I have had so many people on security detail thank me for making things easier for them.

  5. OH man – Sheri it’s a tough thing but just as some of us slim down for Summer, I’m going on a yarn diet for the Springtime … I’ll continue to browse with my twitchy fingers aching to order, but will have to restrain myself. 😉

  6. Those new bags are great. There is an art store in Orlando that I love, and they carry this line. They really seem to be high quality. I can’t decide which one I want to order. I keep adding different ones to my cart! They are so affordable maybe I should just get a few and not torture myself trying to decide. 🙂

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