Loving the Loopy Elves!

warmfuzziesIt has been a crazy busy week around here. Do you know who deserves some extra kudos at The Loopy Ewe? Those awesome Loopy Elves. I’m always so impressed with how much they put into their work around here. On weeks like this when we’re scrambling each day to get all of the orders out before the mailman comes, they stay late without even blinking. And on days when we have more orders to get out than the scheduled Elves for that day can handle, other Elves come in on their days off to help. They’re really the best and I’m so glad to have them here.

I know you’re glad to have them here, too! When you add Testimonials to our website and send us sweet emails, we print those out and pin them on the bulletin board in our kitchen break room, so that everyone can share in the warm fuzzies. (I took a photo of the batch from this past week.) You all sure know how to make our day. Come to think of it, you deserve some extra kudos, too!

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  1. Everyone at Loopy is so wonderful and helpful all the time! Lynn helped me out this week! So a big thanks to her! :)!!!

  2. Maybe you should give the mailman a warm fuzzie…especially on one of those cold, wet days when no one wants to be outside.

  3. All I know is that we have two LYS’s where I live and I feel like I’m interrupting something whenever I walk in. The Customer service at THe Loopy Ewe cannot be beat – you could teach America a thing or two

  4. It is so nice to have all the elves to keep all of the Loopy Groopies supplied with all the beautiful yarn and bags and needles and looms and gagets and wheels and batts and Oh My! everything we need to feed our fiber habit in the blink of an eye! Lots of thanks to the entire staff.

  5. Sherri – can you please clarify what those light fixtures are in the photo? It appears you have cute balls of yarn surrounding the lights – what a concept!!!
    And of course we love those Loopy Elves – thanks to everyone for all their hard work!!!! πŸ™‚

  6. I am seconding Christienne’s request for more info on those light fixtures! I am intrigued!

    I put in my order last night and I’ve already received a shipping notice. The Loopy Ewe really is a great store. I appreciate the friendly customer service.

  7. Thanks, Tiffany!

    The lights were from Ikea a year or two ago. Big pails that you can fill with anything. I imagined swapping things out – ornaments at Christmas, Easter eggs at Easter, etc. But once we filled them with yarn balls, that’s how they’ve remained. πŸ™‚

    They came with a big note on them saying “DO NOT FILL WITH WATER”. Would someone really think they could do that? In a light?? (But if you could, goldfish would be fun ….)

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