Loopy Cakes Infinity Cowl

The Loopy Ewe Cakes1We got into a discussion about what to make with our Loopy Cakes, over on the Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry. (Are you on Rav? Join us over there and hop into the various discussions that go on on the Loopy Groupies board!) I started this Linen Stitch Infinity Cowl last weekend, and am zipping right along on it. The nice thing about the Linen Stitch is that you only knit every other stitch (slipping the ones in between), so it really does knit up quickly. I’m using The Loopy Ewe Cakes2the Chocolate and Roses Loopy Cakes set. I think the back side of the cowl is just as interesting as the front side. And since I’m knitting in the round, it’s all knitting and slipping – no purling involved.

I cast on 323 stitches using a knitted cast on, and then joined in the round. (Forgot to mention size 5 (3.75 mm) 32″ needles!) The stitch pattern is easy:

Round 1: *K1, Sl. 1 with yarn in front* repeat around, ending with K1

Round 2: *Sl. 1 with yarn in front, K1* repeat around, ending with Sl. 1

The Loopy Ewe cake dowelsI’m doing 8 rows per color and will have enough yarn to do a second set of stripes just like the first. I just haven’t decided yet if that will make the cowl too wide. It looks like that will make it 10″ wide and I plan to wear it looped twice around my neck. Do you think that will be too wide? While Linen Stitch doesn’t have a lot of give, the yarn does, so the knitted fabric feels soft and drapey so far. I’m also anxious to see if I should have cast on more stitches and made it longer. I’ll let you know when it’s all done. (In the meantime, knit at your own risk if you decide to try this pattern.)

Next, I’d like to use The Abbey set to make colorblock mitts, similar to these. (Although I want a thumb and perhaps half fingers as well, so it will be different). Other ideas shared by people on Rav for the Loopy Cakes include: Doctor Who Scarf, Missoni Inspired Scarf (oh, that scarf would be fun to knit), Barn Raising Quilt, Gradient, Petoncle, Leap, and Zig and Zag.

I’d like to have stacks of each set on dowels, sitting on a shelf in my knitting area. What fun inspiration that would be. We’ve always meant for the Loopy Cakes to be kind of a painter’s palette of color and fun for you to choose from, as you need solids for toes and heels on your socks, edging on your shawls, bits of colorwork in hats, scarves and gloves, etc. (You know, quilters get to have fun collecting Fat Quarters. We wanted to have the same kind of fun with yarn cakes.) Of course it’s also fun to get a pack and knit a whole item from the set, as I’m doing with the cowl. We have more Loopy Cake sets planned, but feel free to continue to share your ideas with us. We always love hearing from you!

Sheri whothinkssomeoneneedstoknitababysweaterorblanketwiththatbabyset

New Loopy Rewards Program

Welcome to the new year! To celebrate 2013, we’ve revamped our rewards program with new bonuses and services, and we’re excited to share it with you.

As you know, we’ve been rewarding you with a $25 Loopy Credit each time your orders accumulate to $250, since the day we opened the shop. That doesn’t change – we know you love your Loopy Credits! But we’re also giving you the opportunity to earn bonus packs (special gifts that we think you’ll have fun with) and extra services (like free shipping, personal discounts, and extra Loopy Credit dollars) at the different club levels. The new program is cumulative, so you’ll be adding up points all year long. ($1 spent = 1 point, less taxes, shipping, credits used on orders, etc.) You can find the full club details on our Loopy Rewards page on the website.

Since the new program is year-based and runs January 1 through December 31, 2013, we needed everyone to start at the same point so that we don’t miss any reward levels for you. In order to do that, we went through and awarded prorated credits on 12/31 for any amount you had in your Frequent Shopper tally, so that we could catch you up. For example, if you had $201.30 towards your next $250 credit level, we have given you a $20.13 credit. (Still a 10% credit bonus – we just awarded it to you a little early.) As of January 1st, your tally is now back to 0, ready to start the new year and the new program. We’ll prorate your credits again on 12/31/13 as well. You won’t be missing anything you’ve earned as we move into a new year.

Why are we doing this? We love sending out Loopy Groupie gifts. But that’s a one-time thing. (We’re still doing that, too.) We have other things we’d love to send you and other perks we’d like to share with you. We know you have a multitude of choices for shopping, and we want you to always know how much we appreciate you here. These rewards are a token of our appreciation for your business, and we hope you enjoy them. We sure had fun planning them and putting them together for you!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

First RAK Reporting Day Contest

We sure enjoy seeing all of you knitters and crocheters popping in the shop every day. (Some of you pop in via the webcam, and others of you pop in in person). Last weekend we had a group of Loopy Groupie podcasters up here for a meet-up and shopping. If you are in the market for some new podcasts, you will want to give them a try! Leslie and Laura were here from The KnitGirllls. Mel was here all the way from Hawaii, where she podcasts at SingleHandedKnits. And Diane was up from Denver, where she podcasts at Knitabullspodcast.blogspot.com. Others in the photo – Loopy Office Manager Lynn wearing the cute Elf Hat that Laura made for her, and Tami who also came up with them from Denver for the day.  It was fun to have them here. I usually only get to see Leslie and Laura at the Spring Fling, so this was a bonus! (Speaking of the Fling – signups go through the end of the day on Tuesday, 12/11. We’ve had a great turnout for signups so far, and are so looking forward to having you here for the retreat.)

Today is our first Friday RAK Reporting Contest. Did you do something fun this week? Share it with us by leaving a comment below. We’ll use today’s comments to randomly draw a winner for every 50 responses, so check back on Monday to see if we drew your name. In the meantime, have a great weekend!

Sheri finishedacutepairofmittensthisweek.

Dragonfly, Spud & Chloe, Blue Sky, and More!

It’s a grey, blustery day here in Fort Collins – perfect for sitting by the fire with hot chocolate and a good knitting project! I wish we had a fireplace in our shop. We do, however, have plenty of fun projects, just waiting for you to discover them. Just up, you’ll find:

Dragonfly Fiber Dragonsock – Kate’s 100% superwash merino fingering weight yarn in her beautiful signature colors. Lots of choices, including many new colorways. (Shown here in Rocky Top.)

Spud and Chloe Fine – a fingering weight that is 80% superwash merino and 20% silk. The little bit of silk adds a touch of shimmer and strength to your socks, shawls, gloves and scarves.

Spud and Chloe Sweater – a worsted weight that is 55% superwash merino wool and 45% organic cotton. Every time I knit with this, I’m reminded of how nice it is to work with (and how nice the project turns out). Right now, I’m working on a baby blanket with it. (Shown here in Grass.)

Spud and Chloe Outer – a bulky weight that is 65% superwash merino wool and 35% organic cotton. If you’re looking for a quick knit, try using this for hats, scarves, mittens and cowls for people on your gift list. (Shown here in Bubble.)

Blue Sky Alpaca Silk – a DK weight that is 50% alpaca and 50% silk (that’s 100% awesome). Try this with cowls, hats, mitts, and scarves.

Blue Sky Skinny – a DK weight in 100% organic cotton. People love this for baby items (clothes, blankets) and spring/summer sweaters and vests.

Blue Sky Metalico – a sport weight yarn that takes the softest baby alpaca and blends it 50/50 with the softest mulberry silk. The result? Wow. Keep it close to your neck/head/hands where you can enjoy it most. Plus, the little braided skein is too darned cute. (Shown here in Silver.)

Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy Socks – these long color-changing stripes are fun to knit into socks, but also great for triangular shawls, hats and scarves.

Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Lace – a single-ply laceweight with the long color changes that Zauberball is known for. (Shown here in Tropical Fish.)

Atenti Overnight Bags and Carpet Bags – in several new fabrics. I use an Overnight Bag to corral all of my smaller project bags into one pretty place in my family room. It looks nice sitting out and keeps everything close by and handy.

Do you receive our monthly email newsletter? We sent one out this morning to let you all know that we have put all needles and crochet hooks on sale for 25% off today, in honor of Cyber Monday. We also added a post on our Facebook Page (have you liked us on Facebook so that you see our posts?) and on Ravelry in the Loopy Groupie group. The sale goes until midnight tonight, so be sure to stock up.

Sheri finishedmyDerecho,timetoshopfornewyarn!