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The Loopy Ewe Cakes1We got into a discussion about what to make with our Loopy Cakes, over on the Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry. (Are you on Rav? Join us over there and hop into the various discussions that go on on the Loopy Groupies board!) I started this Linen Stitch Infinity Cowl last weekend, and am zipping right along on it. The nice thing about the Linen Stitch is that you only knit every other stitch (slipping the ones in between), so it really does knit up quickly. I’m using The Loopy Ewe Cakes2the Chocolate and Roses Loopy Cakes set. I think the back side of the cowl is just as interesting as the front side. And since I’m knitting in the round, it’s all knitting and slipping – no purling involved.

I cast on 323 stitches using a knitted cast on, and then joined in the round. (Forgot to mention size 5 (3.75 mm) 32″ needles!) The stitch pattern is easy:

Round 1: *K1, Sl. 1 with yarn in front* repeat around, ending with K1

Round 2: *Sl. 1 with yarn in front, K1* repeat around, ending with Sl. 1

The Loopy Ewe cake dowelsI’m doing 8 rows per color and will have enough yarn to do a second set of stripes just like the first. I just haven’t decided yet if that will make the cowl too wide. It looks like that will make it 10″ wide and I plan to wear it looped twice around my neck. Do you think that will be too wide? While Linen Stitch doesn’t have a lot of give, the yarn does, so the knitted fabric feels soft and drapey so far. I’m also anxious to see if I should have cast on more stitches and made it longer. I’ll let you know when it’s all done. (In the meantime, knit at your own risk if you decide to try this pattern.)

Next, I’d like to use The Abbey set to make colorblock mitts, similar to these. (Although I want a thumb and perhaps half fingers as well, so it will be different). Other ideas shared by people on Rav for the Loopy Cakes include: Doctor Who Scarf, Missoni Inspired Scarf (oh, that scarf would be fun to knit), Barn Raising Quilt, Gradient, Petoncle, Leap, and Zig and Zag.

I’d like to have stacks of each set on dowels, sitting on a shelf in my knitting area. What fun inspiration that would be. We’ve always meant for the Loopy Cakes to be kind of a painter’s palette of color and fun for you to choose from, as you need solids for toes and heels on your socks, edging on your shawls, bits of colorwork in hats, scarves and gloves, etc. (You know, quilters get to have fun collecting Fat Quarters. We wanted to have the same kind of fun with yarn cakes.) Of course it’s also fun to get a pack and knit a whole item from the set, as I’m doing with the cowl. We have more Loopy Cake sets planned, but feel free to continue to share your ideas with us. We always love hearing from you!

Sheri whothinkssomeoneneedstoknitababysweaterorblanketwiththatbabyset


  1. Sheri, your cowl is coming along beautifully. May I ask, what size circular needles are you using for it? The chocolate and roses loopy cakes are my favorite of the whole lot.

  2. I was just thinking about doing a multi-color OpArt blanket. But I do not know how many yards I need for each color. Going back right now to check!!! If not I can use the colors for inspirations and buy full skeins of each color.
    Thank you for always giving us the most wonderful ideas and advice.

    1. Lisa – Aren’t there some fun ones out there? It keeps our creative juices flowing, just thinking of other cake possibilities.

  3. I’ve been considering buying the Baby Cakes to make “Maddie’s Tiny Dress” (can’t get the Rav link, since Rav’s internet is broken at the moment…) – I have so many friends who are pregnant and having girls. I’m sure at least one of them would love it!

  4. I’ve done OpArt in two colors and it is pretty splendid even with that little variation. There is that Dream in Color baby sweater (tulip?) that was popular (it has had repeat performances on the Yarnharlot) that might also be a good fit for Loopy Cakes.

  5. Well I have to say I love the Loopy Cakes! I am planning on some early Christmas knitting from this book: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/the-twelve-knits-of-christmas-book
    The patterns require many colors and I can’t wait to start.
    I already made this cute baby heart hat using the Baby color Loopy cakes.
    There is a matching sweater as well I hope to make too.
    Love the Loopie solid series!

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