New Loopy Rewards Program

Welcome to the new year! To celebrate 2013, we’ve revamped our rewards program with new bonuses and services, and we’re excited to share it with you.

As you know, we’ve been rewarding you with a $25 Loopy Credit each time your orders accumulate to $250, since the day we opened the shop. That doesn’t change – we know you love your Loopy Credits! But we’re also giving you the opportunity to earn bonus packs (special gifts that we think you’ll have fun with) and extra services (like free shipping, personal discounts, and extra Loopy Credit dollars) at the different club levels. The new program is cumulative, so you’ll be adding up points all year long. ($1 spent = 1 point, less taxes, shipping, credits used on orders, etc.) You can find the full club details on our Loopy Rewards page on the website.

Since the new program is year-based and runs January 1 through December 31, 2013, we needed everyone to start at the same point so that we don’t miss any reward levels for you. In order to do that, we went through and awarded prorated credits on 12/31 for any amount you had in your Frequent Shopper tally, so that we could catch you up. For example, if you had $201.30 towards your next $250 credit level, we have given you a $20.13 credit. (Still a 10% credit bonus – we just awarded it to you a little early.) As of January 1st, your tally is now back to 0, ready to start the new year and the new program. We’ll prorate your credits again on 12/31/13 as well. You won’t be missing anything you’ve earned as we move into a new year.

Why are we doing this? We love sending out Loopy Groupie gifts. But that’s a one-time thing. (We’re still doing that, too.) We have other things we’d love to send you and other perks we’d like to share with you. We know you have a multitude of choices for shopping, and we want you to always know how much we appreciate you here. These rewards are a token of our appreciation for your business, and we hope you enjoy them. We sure had fun planning them and putting them together for you!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

Prism, Zauberball, and Loopy Cakes!

I’m not a big fan of novelty yarn. In fact, there is really only one that I remember liking in the past. I bought it in a yarn shop on vacation one time. It was soft and fluffy and made the most wonderful scarf! I liked it so much that I emailed the yarn shop where I had purchased it to ask if I could get more. They never answered me. The good news is that I have found something similar from Prism, along with a pattern for using it as edging on cowls, mitts and hats.  I wish you could feel this! When our Prism rep came wearing the cowl last winter, we all loved it and wanted one. So tonight, we finally have the yarn ready. These would make great (quick) gifts. I did the mitts in one evening and the cowl in a second night. Now I’m contemplating all of the other color options to see which one to make next. (Shown here in Smoke.)

Click on the photo to see the yarn up close. This Merino 12 has to be one of the nicest yarns I’ve used in a bulky weight. It’s twist gives great stitch definition. I think it would be great for quick scarves and hats, and wonderful for a sweater. (Or how about a Chickadee Cowl?)

You can make a cowl plus mitts with 2 skeins of Plume (the fluffy stuff) and one skein of Merino 12. If you want to also make the hat that comes in the pattern, you’ll want to add in another skein of each. If you order Plume plus some Merino 12 and would like the pattern, we’d be happy to include it for free with your purchase. Just leave us an order note telling us that you’d like it included. I have plans to make some more of these for gifts. The colors are gorgeous, as is always the case with Prism dyeing.

Here they are in Shadow, Denim, Mink and Antique.

And then in Woodlands, Smoke, Thunderclap and Mocha.

But those aren’t the only fun sets that we have up at The Loopy Ewe tonight. We’ve also added in Loopy Cakes, which are 100+ yd. mini cake sets from our semi-solid series. You know how quilters have Fat Quarters – small pieces of fabric in many different designs? We thought that knitters ought to have the same chance at building a palette of pretty colors, too. In tonight’s update, we have these different sets for you:

Here they are in: Baby, Christmas and Rainbow.

Then in Autumn and Steampunk.

What can you use them for? Colorwork, heels/toes/cuffs in socks, multi-color scarves, mitts, hats, cowls, baby items, etc. Try a few of these patterns: Chevron Stripe (in a mix of Autumn colors?), Starry Mitts, Cycle Race Beanie, Colorwork Christmas Ornaments, Mochimochi Snowmen, Wee Elfies, Mini Mania ScarfToy Balls, Saartje’s Booties, Mitaines Rainbow Mitts, Mini Christmas Tree Stocking Ornaments, Babette BlanketKraft-tanken Patches, Toadstool Baby RattlesMini Sweater Ornaments, Smidge Headband, Apple Core Blanket, and Hunca Munca Baby Socks,   Of course it goes without saying that these would be great for BeeKeeper Quilts and Sock Yarn Blankets.

We also added re-stocked more colors in Team Spirit, added some new Zauberball colors, put up the Romney Ridge 2013 calendars (Loopy Groupies – you get one for free with your first order in November – our gift to you!), The Fibre Company Patterns, and our Camp Loopy Bonus Yarn extras (shown here in Take a Hike), for those of you who didn’t get to earn a skein for free from Camp Loopy this past summer. These were done in the Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere base and it’s 400 yards of lusciousness. The bonus yarn colors are: Watering Hole, Take a Hike, and Sleeping Under the Stars. All of our Camp Loopy yarn offerings are exclusive to The Loopy Ewe. Get them while they last!

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