Loopy Drawings

VinceIf you have ordered from us in the past year and a half, you know we like to put little drawings on your order sheets. (Loopy is busy. We figure you like to know some of the things he gets himself into around here.) In all the times that we’ve been sending drawings out, no one has ever sent us a drawing back, until this week.

Judy in TX has a great blog, which I have enjoyed reading for quite awhile now. She writes in a way that makes you feel like you know her – and her husband Vince as well. (Besides being a knitter, she’s also an awesome quilter and quilt book author.) After I added a hello to Vince on one of Judy’s order forms, she emailed to say he was sending me a drawing. And his drawing cracked me up! (Hee – husbands. I think they sometimes forget how much money they spend on their own hobbies, don’t they? I’m betting that Judy could come up with a similar drawing relating to Vince’s hobbies.) The only problem I have with it is that he looks unhappy about being Loopy Ewed, and I tend to think it’s a very positive thing.

So thanks for the great drawing, Vince. I hope Judy keeps you “Loopy Ewed” for a long time to come!

Sheri whoalwaysappreciatespeoplewithagoodsenseofhumor

Loopy At Night

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the shop at night, after everyone has gone home? I’ll tell you what. Loopy gets into trouble.

He dives into the M&M’s for dinner:

And then has coffee (not decaf) to wash them down:

He takes an after dinner nap in his hammock the cowl displays:

And then rolls in the cashmere:

He hides in the project bags, planning to ambush the next customer who comes by (and then gives up when he realizes it’s nighttime and the store is closed):

He tries on the Scojo glasses:

And then messes up the needle wall:

He sits on the red couch all by himself and pretends he owns the whole place:

And then he tells secrets to Herman (who knows not to believe him):

He hangs out with Big Loopy and Socks:

And freaks out Webcam Loopy by jumping on his back and boxing his ears:

By morning, he’s nestled back into a batch of yarn, as if nothing had happened. Until everyone leaves that night again ….

What trouble would he get into at your house at night?

Sheri gladhesettlesdownduringthedaywhencustomersarehere

Back From the Lake

Today is a No Mail Monday (Happy Columbus Day here in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving in Canada!). That means we’re closed at the shop today and that is a nice way to start back to work, after being on vacation for several days last week and through the weekend. I’m putting in a short day here at Loopy and then heading home to unpack and do laundry.

I had a great Girls Trip last week – thanks for your well wishes! We rented a house on Smith Lake (near Birmingham, AL) and had the best time catching up and relaxing. There are 12 of us, and it’s hard to get all 12 there each year, but it’s always fun with the people who are able to attend. We all met as scrapbooking consultants back in the 90’s and have had many fun weekends and trips together over the years. It was so fun to get away and spend time with them last week.

Here is part of the group, hanging out on the deck:

The house we rented was beautiful, and right on the lake.

Here’s the view from the deck:

We spent time chatting on the deck, as well as inside the house:

On one of the days, we went into Birmingham for shopping and checked out the Botanical Garden, too.

Now I’m back into Loopy mode, ready for a fun week! We don’t have a Monday Update tonight, but we’ve been collecting shipments of new things for next week’s update. Check in on Wednesday’s blog where I’ll be doing a contest to win a free skein of yarn from a brand new indie dyer line that we’re adding in. 🙂

Sheri prettysureadietisinorderthisweek.

Today at Loopy

We like giving you a little peek at Loopy during the day via the webcam. Even though you only see a little piece of the pie on camera, you still quickly pick up when things are changing! (At least those of you on Ravelry pick up on it.) We did a little re-arranging here last night.

We moved the red couches to a new corner. This will make it easier to have our big Knit Night Circle a little distance from the door, so that regular Thursday night shoppers can get in and out easier.

We moved the checkout counter closer to the door. (Please note that Herman is wearing a Color Affection Shawl. He’s so with it. Also – Vickie hopped up to get out of the photo. She made the Color Affection Shawl that Herman has on.)

We moved the packing station to a new corner.

Still figuring out where to re-locate the webcam so that you can still see at least one side of the order packing that goes on. Web Guy is doing double-duty on his lunch break, re-wiring in the ceiling.

What else is happening around here? Michael is re-stocking.

Jody is making yarn cards.

Roberta is straightening shelves (until one of you calls, and then she’ll be talking to you on the phone!).

Rebecca is unpacking boxes of inventory, getting ready for next week’s update.

Knitting Daughter was off on an errand and saw no reason to be in a photo when she returned to Loopy. She says she has been on the blog enough. 🙂

Pretty much a normal day, except for the furniture shifting. What’s going on in your day? Normal things, or extraordinary things?

Sheri thinkingIneedtotryouttheredcouchesintheirnewlocation