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We like giving you a little peek at Loopy during the day via the webcam. Even though you only see a little piece of the pie on camera, you still quickly pick up when things are changing! (At least those of you on Ravelry pick up on it.) We did a little re-arranging here last night.

We moved the red couches to a new corner. This will make it easier to have our big Knit Night Circle a little distance from the door, so that regular Thursday night shoppers can get in and out easier.

We moved the checkout counter closer to the door. (Please note that Herman is wearing a Color Affection Shawl. He’s so with it. Also –Β Vickie hopped up to get out of the photo. She made the Color Affection Shawl that Herman has on.)

We moved the packing station to a new corner.

Still figuring out where to re-locate the webcam so that you can still see at least one side of the order packing that goes on. Web Guy is doing double-duty on his lunch break, re-wiring in the ceiling.

What else is happening around here? Michael is re-stocking.

Jody is making yarn cards.

Roberta is straightening shelves (until one of you calls, and then she’ll be talking to you on the phone!).

Rebecca is unpacking boxes of inventory, getting ready for next week’s update.

Knitting Daughter was off on an errand and saw no reason to be in a photo when she returned to Loopy. She says she has been on the blog enough. πŸ™‚

Pretty much a normal day, except for the furniture shifting. What’s going on in your day? Normal things, or extraordinary things?

Sheri thinkingIneedtotryouttheredcouchesintheirnewlocation


  1. I like the changes, the place looks great! It is nice of you to take pictures for us every now and again. Especially for those of us who still haven’t been out there to visit yet. Not to create extra work for you and Web Guy but is there any chance that Little Loopy on his perch might make a come back for the Web Cam? I miss seeing him and his little messages.

    Glad you’re having a normal day – we’re dying from the heat in So Cal and my little guy is sick with a fever and stomach bug. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Your shop looks great! I wish I were in Colorado right now, visiting you and looking at all the pretty yarn… And we’ll chat a bit, seating in these nice looking red couches!
    But instead, I’m at work in Indiana and I’m pretending that I’m having my job done! It’s a pretty normal day here, hot like it had been since the beginning of the summer, no cloud in sight, I wish it would rain a bit… I’m not motivated to work for some reason, I hope I’ll be more productive tomorrow (It’s too late to have anything accomplish today anymore!).

  3. Looks great and can’t wait to see it in person tomorrow πŸ™‚ Would like to say that I’m working on my camp #3 fair isle piece but I played with another lace design today

  4. I’ve been knitting and watching Olympics + a load of laundry & run the dishwasher (to ‘justify’ the amount of knitting I have been doing) …. I’ve passed the 450 yd line on my way to 500 yds for camp project.

  5. Sheri, it’s nice to switch things up now and again.
    Absolutely love watching the packing station so I can see my order getting ready for their trip to Missouri!
    Love your Red Couches, I’d look good sitting there with my Project #3 in Pashmina Lapis and Whitewash.
    hugs to ALL

  6. Took my 94 year old Mom to get our nails done. Then took her to the grocery store. Now I am knitting. Just started the Old Shale section of Brimnes lace shawl by Evelyn Clark.

  7. The shop looks great! So does Vickie’s shawl! I want to be there looking in person though! The webcam and pics will have to do for now! I am working on camp #3. My” Spiral Blanket of Awesomeness”. Plus vacuuming, laundry, putting in a new toilet seat. Same ole same ole! :). Enjoy your night everyone!

  8. Not an ordinary day at all! We are sweltering in the middle of a very long heat wave, which is extremely unusual for us in northern Nova Scotia. No one around has central air since such heat is usually rare and short-lived, and it is too hot to do anything but sit still. So I am doing something out-of-the-ordinary — playing on Ravelry and knitting on my Camp Loopy project 2. Yes, I said project 2. Now only ten more rows on my 200-row lace-weight-yarn shawl — my first ever lace shawl. Not doing too badly, I guess. Soon I’ll be ready to cast on project 3! Woohoo!

  9. I really like the way you re-arranged everything! The couches are so cozy over in that corner!
    Nothing out of the ordinary here! Just the usual! Knitting alot!

  10. The place looks great! Oh how I wish you guys were near me or vice versa. It looks like such a wonderful, homey, friendly place to be. There are absolutely no yarn shops (outside of Jo-Ann’s and Hobby Lobby) anywhere near here. The only one I know of is well over an hour away and it’s smaller than the previous pictures you posted of when you were in your basement! If I am EVER out that direction I will have to stop in!

  11. My day is involving Olympics watching, knitting my Ravellenics shawl, and baking the Boston Cream Poke Cake from The Country Cook’s blog. My husband is most excited about the US Women’s Beach Volleyball game, followed by my cake baking.

  12. My goddaugher is here. We are going to spend a whole week having fun! πŸ˜€ Trust me, that’s a very different thing lately. We’ve had lunch and dinner and we’re going to movies and meeting with BFF Liz, and some other knitting buddies at Stitches.

  13. Dropped in to Loopy today for a little shopping and let me tell you – Vickie’s shawl is JUST GORGEOUS! And it is as soft and squishy as it is beautiful Yes, it is. Truly. Really, I wanted to snatch it and run out the door! Great job, Vickie!

    The furniture arrangement is wonderful. It seems so much bigger in the entry area! Loved it..

    Wish I could transport all of you, to see it in person.

  14. I’ve been knitting and reading. Unfortunately, my current books (rereads all) are not so abused as to stay open, so knitting and reading are mostly mutually exclusive.

    I’m almost done my shawl for Camp Loopy project 3. I’m hoping to finish before the end of the Olympics, so I probably should weave in more ends tonight (it has about 62 ends total. Oooph!).

  15. I love seeing the shop…I’ll be well oriented when I see it in person! I like the new arrangements.

    I had an ordinary day yesterday and hoping for another one today. Sometimes, ordinary days are much needed and rather extraordinary in and of themselves…

  16. I am wishing that the reason that my furniture has all been moved around in the last four days was that we wanted to do it rather than that a tiny pie broke in our bathroom and flooded our plaster ceiling in the living room which in turn came crashing down when the mitigation people were trying to cut a piece so that it could all dry. So now everything is in a corner and we have to get new carpet and a new ceiling and since the carpet is the same piece that goes from the living room through the dining room and matches the carpet on the steps and upstairs hallway, I have to pack up everything when the carpet comes and move it into a pod.

  17. Never mind how my day is going…….look at all that yarn!!

    Coming to visit soon, but don’t know how I will make a decision!!!

    I love your store, can’t wait to come and visit in person.

  18. It is really exciting that I was actually in the store in person on the day of this blog post! I loved seeing all that yarn.

  19. It would be so great to get in the car and 10 minutes later be in Fort Collins at the LE. Oh, well. I am just finishing lunch, hoping to get my work finished early and have a headstart out into the 100 degree plus weather Sacramento, CA is hosting this week. Another good reason to stay in and knit. (Some knitters use being snowed in as an excuse to knit – I use the heat.)

  20. Oo, oo, oo…….new lace from Fleece Artist. Do tell. Bought some from LYS a few months ago and was told it was discontinued and they didn’t intend to make any more. Can’t wait. So glad you all have survived the Summer of Colorado Madness. Things will get better. Former Aurora resident, Melanie Ross

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