Loopy At Night

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the shop at night, after everyone has gone home? I’ll tell you what. Loopy gets into trouble.

He dives into the M&M’s for dinner:

And then has coffee (not decaf) to wash them down:

He takes an after dinner nap in his hammock the cowl displays:

And then rolls in the cashmere:

He hides in the project bags, planning to ambush the next customer who comes by (and then gives up when he realizes it’s nighttime and the store is closed):

He tries on the Scojo glasses:

And then messes up the needle wall:

He sits on the red couch all by himself and pretends he owns the whole place:

And then he tells secrets to Herman (who knows not to believe him):

He hangs out with Big Loopy and Socks:

And freaks out Webcam Loopy by jumping on his back and boxing his ears:

By morning, he’s nestled back into a batch of yarn, as if nothing had happened. Until everyone leaves that night again ….

What trouble would he get into at your house at night?

Sheri gladhesettlesdownduringthedaywhencustomersarehere


  1. Cute! I miss Loopy in St. Louis. 🙁 I will have to take a visit to Colorado someday to see his new home.

  2. At my house, he would be spending his time hiding from my cat, who would be chasing him with the intent of playing him to death! Oh Noooooo…….

  3. I love it! And now I understand why my bags with half-finished projects are never where they are supposed to… If at least, he could knit a couple of rows on each before hiding them 😉 And I’m sure he’s got something to do with my ever-missing stitch markers that always end-up behind the couch!
    Have a nice week-end!

  4. LOL that was the cutest post! I was thrilled to see Loopy’s nighttime adventures in photo format – I live in NJ so Colorado is quite a trip for me to plan – Maybe next year. I will ask my kitties to see if Loopy is the one causing all the laundry to move out of the baskets, the hand crocheted couch blankets to be tossed on the floor, and the litle bits of kitty kibble to be on the kitchen floor – I bet they’d be pointing their tails at Loopy for all of it!!

  5. Sheri,
    Thank you. I really enjoyed your report on what Loopy does at night. Now I’ll have to set up a camera to catch what Loopy DC is up to and see if he is as active as your Loopy.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  6. If he was in my house, he’d be playing hide and seek with the cat. I’d include the dog, but I don’t think Loopy would let him out of the crate or he’d be running all night long from the chewingest of animals.

  7. I don’t know about trouble but if I could get Loopy to put wood on the woodstove at night and let the dogs out to go potty, that would be awesome. 🙂

  8. Mine has been guarding the neighborhood for the holidays from our front door – check out quilknitter’s ravatar over on ravelry.

  9. It seems like once Loopy is all hopped up on M&Ms and caffeine he could really make some progress on knitting. At least that’s my story when I indulge in those. Maybe knitting is a bit too close to cannibalism for Loopy?

  10. There is a ghost that leaves empty rolls of toilet paper, sneaks into the pantry eating all the cookies and leaving half full glasses all over the house. I’m pretty sure this ghost is attached to my college kid as this phenomenon goes away once he’s safely back at school!

  11. Too funny!!! If Loopy were at my house, he would be played with by my Golden named Dora! I am toying with the idea of getting Dora her very own anyway- she loves her babies!

  12. Well…all I can say is that I’m gratefull that someone else has admitted to their Loopys moving about. I have two and never know where they will show up!! I’m sure it has nothing to do with 2 little kittens at all….but no matter where I put them, they have moved. In fact, as I look around the studio, I realize I am missing one all together. To the hunt………….

  13. Hahahahahaha! That Loopy is such a cutie!

    Loopy would probably be hiding in our exercise bags hoping to make it with us on our early morning workouts, but gets bored because we stay in bed. Or riding cowboy on our kitty, but really not moving much since Daisy doesn’t move much. Or plays on the Christmas tree and the ornaments since no one has taken it down yet…

  14. What a hoot! That Loopy is quite a rascal isn’t he.
    I’m afraid at my house Loopy is too busy hiding from my cat Shadow to get into too much trouble. When I first got my Loopy I had him sitting in my knitting bag but I kept finding him all over the house. The mystery was finally solved when I came out of the bedroom one day to discover Shadow asleep on her perch cuddling with Loopy. Shadow made it quite clear who Loopy really belonged to when I attempted to take Loopy back believe me.

  15. At my house? He’d be playing tag with my cats, helping Maggie get up onto the kitchen counter and into the treats, and tickling Salty’s toes until he woke up. 😀 Plenty of trouble to get into here!

  16. #1 – He DOES own the place, doesn’t he? At least at night.
    At my house, he’d be romping with my cat Hobbes while brother cat Harry Potter (the scaredy cat) would be hiding from him!
    Wonderful photo essay.

  17. My Loopy lives in my knitting bag – he’s always with me so he can’t cause too much trouble. Although I swear when I came downstairs one morning he was trying to lasso a cat with a circular cable.

  18. I miss that crazy Loopy! He has been known to sneak into Sheri’s office and ….. well, you know….

  19. I’m glad you keep your coffee sealed. Can you imagine the mess he’d make?

    Thank you. That was a wonderful blog story.

  20. I think we need a photo album here so we can see what everyone’s Loopy’s are up to at night.
    (I suspect mine spent a great deal of time playing with Puck, the Elf on the Shelf, while he was here for the holidays.)

  21. Loopy does like to snuggle with the cashmere! He regularly sneaks into my suitcase whenever I’m packing for vacation, and I caught him using the swift as a merry-go-round the other day!

  22. SO hilarious — who wouldn’t want to roll in all that cashmere?? — and what a lot of “work” for you to put together!! (I read it to my kids last night for a “bedtime story” — since that is about the time I discovered your post — and they loved it too!! Thank you!)

  23. Maybe learning to knit would help Little Loopy to calm down a bit, although with the whole store as his stash, that could a problem, too. Thanks for the lovely photo-tale!

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