String Theory, Shalimar and Space Cadet

I have had a busy few days back here in St. Louis, helping my folks with a house project. Thank goodness for those awesome Loopy Elves, who keep things rolling along at the shop whenever I’m gone! I’m heading back to Colorado tonight and am looking forward to being in the shop tomorrow to see what new things have arrived while I was gone. But before I head home, I wanted to put up tonight’s Update. We’ve just added in:

String Theory Caper – one of my long-time favorite yarn bases. This is one of the softest 80/10/10 bases we have. (Superwash Merino, Cashmere, Nylon). I used it for socks, but it’s also perfect for shawls, cowls, scarves and mitts. Keep it close to your skin, because it’s really wonderful. We have it in 45 colors for you tonight. (Shown above in Beach Plum.)

SpaceCadet Creations – Stephanie is a new indie dyer to us and works her magic in Pennsylvania. We have her Oriana base for you tonight, which is an 8-ply fingering weight in 100% Superwash Merino. You’ll like this yarn for socks, scarves, hats and shawls. The 8-ply base gives a little extra strength and stability to your projects. We have it in some multi-colors and some semi-solids, all equally gorgeous. (Shown here in Beguile.)

Shalimar Missy – a Bulky weight yarn, just in time to whip up some quick hats, cowls and scarves! This soft and squishy yarn is really nice to work with and wonderful to wear. Of course being a Bulky weight, your projects will go quickly as well. In addition to hats and scarves, consider using this for warm mittens and cozy sweaters and vests. You’ll love it. We’re really happy to have added the Bulky weight to our lineup of other great Shalimar yarns available at The Loopy Ewe. (Shown here in Tequila Sunrise.)

Have fun checking out the new things, and we’ll get your Boxes of Fun packed up and shipped off to you tomorrow. I’m contemplating a new (Shalimar Bulky) hat project myself.

Sheri whohopestogetsomeknittingdoneontheflighthometonight


  1. Sheri I think we need an installation of “Knitters Anonymous”, available as a webinar or face time app type thing!! You’re keeping us in the wool and it’s awesome 🙂
    Thanks so much for enticing us with all these lovely knittable options.
    Have a safe trip home!

  2. Safe trip home! It was good to see you at the mall on Saturday night! Enjoy your goodies! I told all my friends at my Sunday knitting group that I saw you Saturday – you were our mini-celebrity siting!

  3. Caper Sock makes wonderful sweaters too — I adore the Bel Air I knit out of it in the Skerry colorway. Hope there will still be some on the shelves at Spring Fling, I need to stock up again.

  4. I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive your email yesterday. On Sunday afternoon a dear friend and I were discussing yarns we wanted to buy. I told her about the Caper Sock I’d bought while on vacation. I made shawls for my two sisters and fell in love with the stuff. I regularly perused the Loopy Ewe website, but there had been no new Caper Sock in months! Yesterday morning I looked again and seeing the same two options that have been on the site for ages, I went looking for Caper Sock on other sites. I’m glad I didn’t commit to anything. An hour later I checked my email and saw that you’d finally replenished your supply. I immediately purchased two skeins in that gorgeous Juice colorway. I may need to get more–last night I found at least three more colors I need to add to my stash.

  5. I bet the Shalimar Bulky would be great for a quick sweater. I keep wanting to make sweaters, but they take a long time with my love the sock yarn and the tiny needles!

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