Loopy Drawings

VinceIf you have ordered from us in the past year and a half, you know we like to put little drawings on your order sheets. (Loopy is busy. We figure you like to know some of the things he gets himself into around here.) In all the times that we’ve been sending drawings out, no one has ever sent us a drawing back, until this week.

Judy in TX has a great blog, which I have enjoyed reading for quite awhile now. She writes in a way that makes you feel like you know her – and her husband Vince as well. (Besides being a knitter, she’s also an awesome quilter and quilt book author.) After I added a hello to Vince on one of Judy’s order forms, she emailed to say he was sending me a drawing. And his drawing cracked me up! (Hee – husbands. I think they sometimes forget how much money they spend on their own hobbies, don’t they? I’m betting that Judy could come up with a similar drawing relating to Vince’s hobbies.) The only problem I have with it is that he looks unhappy about being Loopy Ewed, and I tend to think it’s a very positive thing.

So thanks for the great drawing, Vince. I hope Judy keeps you “Loopy Ewed” for a long time to come!

Sheri whoalwaysappreciatespeoplewithagoodsenseofhumor