Hedgehog Fibres, Dream in Color, Namaste and More

ananke-shawl-hedgehog-fibresMore Monday Fun for you! (Did you miss the Monday Update last week? It’s always a little sad to me when we have to miss a week. But we’re back!) Tonight, we added in:

Hedgehog Fibres – this beautiful yarn comes from Cork, Ireland and is dyed up by the talented Beata. We have started out with the fingering weight base that is 90% super wash merino and 10% nylon. This has to be some of the softest 90/10 that I have ever knit with. And the colors are just gorgeous. I used a skein of this in the Peasant color to make this Ananke Shawl for my Camp Loopy Project One. (Click on the photo to make it bigger, so you can see all of the pretty colors in there!)

Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere – I admit, I have a particular fondness for yarn that contains a bit of cashmere. This yarn base is one of my favorites! And while 80/10/10 bases (80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon) are pretty common, Smooshy with Cashmere is 70/20/10 (70% Superwash Merino, 20% Cashmere, 10% Nylon). Even more luscious!

dream-in-color-perfectly-posh-the-loopy-eweDream in Color Perfectly Posh – You all loved this base when we had it for the Dream Club, and then when we used it for one of our Spring Giftables kits. I really liked knitting with it when I was working on the hat pattern for the Giftables club. The single ply fingering weight is 70% Wool, 10% Cashmere, and 10% Kid Mohair. Don’t let the mohair fool you. You will not find this scratchy in any way. It’s the softest, finest mohair available. What it does is keep you extra warm, so it’s perfect for hats, scarves, gloves and shawls.

Namaste – We were overdue for an order of bags and accessories from Namaste, and they have arrived! (We do have a few items still on backorder, so we’ll update those when they come in later.) Lots of colors and styles for you to choose from.

Mochimochi – Anna sent us a whole new batch of kits to make her fun little creatures, including some new ones. These little guys are kind of addictive. I’ll bet you’ll have a hard time making just one!

Enjoy checking out the new things tonight, and we’ll get your orders pulled and packed up tomorrow. You know we love seeing what you pick out.

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S’More Pops

SONY DSCI am busy working on my Project One for Camp Loopy! I’m using a new indie line that we have arriving soon (Hedgehog Fibres – woohoo!) and loving the way it is knitting up. I’m making the Ananke Shawl/Scarf and can see making more of these with some of my multi-color fingering weight skeins. It’s a quick and easy pattern, and not so fussy that a mixed colorway mushes up the pattern. I love patterns that look good in multi-colors.

Of course all of this intensive knitting calls for some snacks, right? We can’t have you fainting from hunger while you’re working on your projects. I saw this idea on Pinterest awhile back and tried it out this week. Yum. And easy! It would be fun to make with your kids or your friends.


1 bag of marshmallows
1 box of graham cracker crumbs (or crush up your own)
Melting Chocolate (one option here)
Lollipop Sticks or Drink Stirrers (one option here)

Melt the chocolate until it’s free of lumps. Insert the stick into the end of your marshmallow, pushing it up about halfway into the marshmallow. Don’t pop it through the end or your marshmallow will slowly shimmy on down the stick!

Dip the marshmallow into the chocolate, all the way down the side. While the chocolate is still warm, roll the marshmallow in the graham cracker crumbs. Be sure to dip the top in the crumbs, too.

Put the stick in a coffee mug so the chocolate can firm up for a few minutes, then you can lay them flat on a cookie sheet. Store in a covered container.

How are you coming along on your Camp project? (If you didn’t join, it’s not too late. Hop in!) I hope to finish mine up over the weekend. If you need a quick and cute project idea, check out Wendy’s new As You Like It Scarf pattern, which is free on Ravelry. She whipped this up for her Camp Loopy project, and now you can, too!

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