Sock Master Challenge

Sock Master Challenge - socks of all shapes, sizes and techniques welcome!

We would like to introduce the Sock Master Challenge this Spring 2023! It follows along in similar (knit&crochet) fashion as our Fall Sweater Challenge, only we will be working on sock creation. This, in part, comes from my own lack of skill with sock knitting. I just never feel as though mine finish as beautifully as those I see from other people. So, I’m on a quest to improve. Join me!

Sock Mastery will be bestowed on those of you who make a minimum of 5 pairs of socks. That said, EVERYONE can participate and still earn points for each pair of socks that uses at least 100 yards of yarn (this is outlined below). Socks under 100 yards can still qualify you for Sock Master classification (as long as you have at least 3 pairs of adult sized socks). Those that DO complete the full 5 pairs will receive a small prize and extra points at the end of the challenge.

Sock Master Criteria

For the Sock Master Challenge, the 5 pairs must meet the following criteria:

  • Make at least 1 pair using the top down and 1 pair using the bottom up method (or if I’m missing a method, let me know and I’m willing to credit you for that! We just want to see 2 different techniques.)
  • Use at least 2 different heel techniques. For knitters, this could include the traditional gusseted heel, the Fish Lips Kiss heel, the afterthought heel, the Strong Heel, or any other new/interesting heels you find! For Crocheters, options include the round heel, the strong heel, the band heel, the wedge heel – any 2 different heels!
  • At least 1 pair must use 2 or more colors (stripes, stranded, heel/toe of a different color).
  • At least 1 pair must have some sort of texture in the main body of the sock (lace work, cables, seed stitch, etc.)
  • At least 3 of the pairs of socks must be adult sized.
Sock Master Challenge - knit or crochet 5 pairs of socks!
Sock Master Challenge: Knit or Crochet 5 pairs of socks!

The Points

Points for the Sock Master Challenge will be awarded as follows for each pair (up to 5 pair):

  • 1-99 yards: no points, but can be used to get you to Sock Master
  • 100 – 199 yards: 10 points
  • 200 – 399 yards: 20 points
  • 400 – 599 yards: 30 points
  • Sock Master: 100 points (in addition to points based on yardage)

Be advised – it may take me up to a week to add your points to your account once the challenge is complete. ALL points for this challenge will only be added at the end.

The Details

During the Sock Master Challenge, you can pick any sock patterns you like, and any yarn weight can be used (as long as you meet the minimum requirements outlined above).

Yarn must be purchased from The Loopy Ewe on or after January 16, 2023 to qualify for points. You are welcome to use stash yarn and join in the conversation, but I can’t award points or prizes for stash yarn used. You can combine stash yarn with purchased yarn and get credit for the purchased yarn yardages as long as purchased yarn used meets the above yardage qualifications. Only the purchased yarn yardage will count.

Yarn yardages are based on yarn being held singly. If you hold 2 strands together the the yardage will be the yardage knit, not the yardage used (qualifying yardage for yarn held double would be half the yardage used).

Photos for your finished projects can be submitted via email to as you complete them or as a composite at the end. All photos must be submitted before midnight my time (Mountain Standard) on May 31, 2023. Along with an image of each of your finished projects please provide for each the following information:

  • Yarn & yardage used
  • Heel style used
  • Toe Up/Top Down
  • Pattern used
  • One thing you loved about the sock process

Spring (?) Sweater Challenge?

Did you miss out on the Fall Sweater Challenge? I’m opening it up for you to participate in a “Spring Sweater Challenge” with the same rules only spanning January 16 – May 31! I loved seeing all the sweaters and would welcome that again this spring!

Sock Master Ideas

Worried about making socks? There are so many wonderful resources and detailed instructions out there. This includes some videos from our own Youtube Channel. You might find Kitchener Stitch useful for your top down socks!

There are also MANY options for sock patterns – it can honestly be a bit daunting. Ravelry has over 50,000 patterns for knit socks and over 1,500 patterns for crocheted socks. The nice thing on Ravelry is that you can narrow down your search to fit the criteria you want to meet! Leave a comment below to let me know what you are planning to knit – as I am hoping to get inspiration from you all in the selection process!

For those of you who are first time sock knitters, the First Socks the Circular Way by Diane Hall might be a good first sock! Does anyone have any particularly helpful sites or extra special sock patterns you’d like to share? Leave a comment – I’d love to hear!

We hope you’ll join our Sock Master Challenge!

Add an order note to let me know you are participating! I’d love to see what people are working with. Our Ravelry Group is already discussing socks – 2023 Year of Socks! You can join there to share your progress, bounce ideas off of others, and get new ideas! This group started at the beginning of the year and will to on past the end of the Sock Master Challenge, but it’s an excellent community and resource!

Kristine and the Loopy Crew

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