My 5 Favorite New (to me) Products of 2022

The past year brought me so many new and fun things that I wanted to share 5 of my favorite new (to me) products of 2022. You may have know about some of these for ages, but all of these came to me only this past year – and my life is so much better for each of them. I have many more things I’ve loved being introduced to over the year, but these are some of the first that come to mind.

5) Urth Yarns Uneek Fingering.

Aside from its 100% superwash extrafine merino yumminess (this yarn is so soft), Uneek Fingering brings a strong self- striping game. Urth Yarns has done an excellent job finding patterns that pair well with this to create amazing projects. Think the Papillon shawl by Marin JaKnits, Myrsine by Jennifer Dassau, or the Uneek Fingering Chevron Scarf by Urth Yarns as examples. Each an amazing work of art, with the yarn doing most of the heavy lifting! It’s satisfying to work with, and finished projects are so soft and beautiful! These are what put Urth Yarns Uneek Fingering yarn in my top 5 favorite new (to me) products of 2022.

4) Twice Sheared Sheep Tip Ties.

If I’m out of these right now, I’m sorry. It’s for a good reason. People love them. And so do I! Don’t worry, I’ll get more soon if this is the case! These are so convenient, so useful, so GENIUS, I wish I’d thought of them! Each package comes with 2 each of 3 sizes (6 total in each set). Tip Ties are super stretchy, which allowed them to really stick to your needles – both metal and wooden. They don’t just fall off on a whim. Also, rather than tracking 2 separate needle ends, these keep your circular needle ends together and prevent them from sticking out of your bag or poking through your knitting and yarn balls. It’s a huge help in keeping your project bag organized by keeping tangled messes at bay.

3) Binkwaffle Cozy Cakes.

If I’m honest, I also love their Dumpling Bags. But I digress. The Cozy Cakes were a game changer in my center pull versus pull-from-the-outside inner debate (does anyone else wonder if one way is better than the other?). The stretchy Cozy Cake can be a bit hard to get over the yarn cake to start, but it keeps your center pull ball together – not allowing it to go soft and floppy. We all prefer a firm yarn cake, am I right? As an added bonus, the covering protects your yarn from all sorts of things. Pet hair? Not a problem. Drip a little coffee? Gotcha covered (literally). Of course, they can’t protect the yarn you’ve already knit/crocheted up and they won’t keep out big spills (they are not waterproof), so I still recommend some caution 😁.

2) Baby Cat Yarns Bulky.

I’ve never been much of a bulky yarn person, but this yarn has made me see how wonderful it can be. It’s soft – 100% superwash merino deliciousness. The colors Brit creates are exceptional – great tonality – just beautiful! And this yarn knits up quickly. A hat in a day is completely possible. I know, I’ve done it (the Moonstone Beanie by Prem Knits), and with only a single skein! While we are talking hats, the McPorter Farm pompoms are also pretty special with their snap design. That, I suppose, is for a separate post – but you should definitely check them out too! As for Baby Cat Bulky, next up, a sweater. I just need to pick my pattern. Metropolis by Tanis Lavallee? Carbeth by Kate Davies Designs? Brit and her Baby Cat Yarns definitely deserve to be on my 5 Favorite New (to me) products of 2022.

1) The Knitting Barber Barber Cords.

If anyone had told me that there would be 2 items on my top 5 list that were both made from hollow tubes of silicone, I would not have believed it. But there you have it, The Barber Cords are amazing. Each set comes with 3 cords – 2 that are 30″ long and one that is 60″ long. They can be used to hold your stitches for so many things – holding sleeve stitches, trying on your sweater to make sure it’s long enough, or just putting a project aside so you can use your needles for a different project – they can handle it.

These work by inserting your needle tip into the hollow of the cord and sliding the stitches right from your needle to the cord and back again as needed. Generally, it works pretty well, with the exception (in my experience) of getting mohair ONTO the cord. BUT it was still easier than lifting each stitch onto a new cord or scrap yarn, and moving the mohair back from the cord to the needle was a snap. I love these!

So, there you have it – My 5 Favorite New (to me) Products of 2022!

There are so many great yarns and amazing notions out there, that I’m sure I’ve missed something! What are some things you’d like to see in the shop?! I’m always looking for new fun things to try out and to bring into the shop to share with you all, so please, help me out!

Kristine and the Loopy Crew

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