Fall Sweaters!

I want to get folks around here excited about Fall Sweaters! I love knitting sweaters, and if I crocheted, I think I’d like that too. There is something so satisfying about making something that you can actually wear. I find I use sweaters far more than shawls or scarves. My satisfaction quotient goes way up when knitting them! This autumn, we are going to focus on becoming Sweater Masters at The Loopy Ewe. I know sweaters are not everyone’s cup of tea, so I’ll try to come up with other fun mini knit alongs or challenges along the way. Matching hats and leg warmers anyone?

The Fall Sweaters Challenge

The Fall Sweaters challenge will be to knit up to 3 sweaters (you can certainly knit more, but credit for up to 3 only). Each sweater will earn you points in our customer rewards program. I hope everyone will feel as though they can participate, whether they finish 3 sweaters or 1. If you DO manage to finish 3 sweaters you will join the ranks of Sweater Master and receive a small prize and extra points at the end of the Challenge. To qualify for finishing all 3 sweaters, at least 1 of them must be human adult sized. Extra small adult sized is ok – just not 3 baby sweaters. You can knit 1 adult, 1 baby and 1 holiday ornament sized (hey, I know the end can be a crunch – BUT see below for points allocated based on yardage used for each sweater) to qualify for Sweater Master.

The Points

Points for the Fall Sweaters challenge will be awarded as follows for each sweater knit:

  • 1 – 199 yards: Sorry no points – but this can qualify you for Sweater Master in conjunction with sweaters using more yardage
  • 200 – 399 yards: 20 points
  • 400 – 599 yards: 40 points
  • 600 – 799 yards: 60 points
  • 800 – 999 yards: 80 points
  • Over 1000 yards: 100 points
  • Sweater Master: 100 points (in addition to points based on yardage)

The Details

During the Fall Sweaters Challenge, you can pick any sweater pattern you like – pull over, cardigan, cropped, oversized, pet sweater – you name it. Any yarn weight can be used.

Yarn must be purchased on or after September 1 to qualify for points. You are welcome to use stash yarn and join in the conversation, but I can’t award points or prizes for stash yarn used. You can combine stash yarn with purchased yarn and get credit for the purchased yarn yardages as long as purchased yarn used meets the above yardage qualifications. Only the purchased yarn yardage will count.

Yarn yardages are based on yarn being held singly. If you hold 2 strands together the the yardage will be the yardage knit, not the yardage used (qualifying yardage for yarn held double would be half the yardage used).

Photos for your finished projects can be submitted via email to support@theloopyewe.com as you complete them or as a composite at the end. All photos must be submitted before midnight my time (Mountain Standard) on December 31. Along with an image of each of your finished projects please provide for each the following information:

  • Yarn used
  • Yardage used
  • Pattern used
  • One thing you loved about making the sweater

Be advised – it may take me up to a week to add your points to your account. ALL points for this challenge will only be added at the end.

If you finished all 3 months of The Loopy Ewe Day Camp, you qualify for 20% off your first order in September, so this would be an excellent opportunity to use that!

Fall Sweater Ideas

For those who are local, we do have 2 EXCELLENT sweater classes this fall starting in September. These would be fantastic to help you get started. There is a Steeked Sweater class taught by Debbie O’Neill and an Everybody’s Favorite Granpa Sweater class taught by Kara Rudnick. Both are done over the course of 4 months to give plenty of time to finish, and both will be amazing.

I have a lot of sweaters in my queue and a lot of yarns I’d like to use. Because Blue Sky Fibers just launched (TODAY) a new yarn base – Woolstok Tweed, and it looks so amazing, I know I am going to be working with that for at least one of my projects! Just look how amazing it looks! It’s an Aran weight yarn, so should knit up pretty quickly, and Blue Sky Fibers has some excellent patterns out.

We hope you will join our Fall Sweaters Challenge!

Add an order note to let me know you are participating! I’d love to see what people are working with!

Kristine and the Loopy Crew

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