Friday Fun: Bears & Turkeys

I thought I’d start using Friday blogs to share what I’m working on, or what’s going on around here, or what caught my eye this week – things like that. This first edition is about what’s going on around here. The answer is, bears, turkeys and raccoons.

A couple of weekends ago, I happened to look out our back window and there was a bear shaking our bird feeders as if his life depended on it. A bear. I have never seen a bear in our yard. After emptying the bird feeders (and please note the birdseed on his head), he ambled off to sniff the grill (nothing there). I opened the door to tell him he was cute (because of course I did) and he took off running to the back of the yard. He was captured by the authorities two days later and relocated to a safe place (after he had eaten someone’s chickens a few blocks over.) He was so cute, but I’m glad he has been taken back to his own environment.

The other wildlife we have in our yard is turkeys. This is the third or fourth summer that we’ve had Mom and Dad Turkey wandering through the yard every few days. They disappeared when the bear was around and I was worried that he might have helped himself to a couple of turkey dinners, too. But the good news is – the mom wandered through the yard today with her seven babies. 🙂 Here’s the picture of her and the little turkey nuggets:

Here’s the magnificent dad:

Here’s a picture from a couple of summers ago when the parents and a few of the (much bigger) babies were lounging on our deck.

They’re funny birds. They gobble at any noise they don’t like. When the air conditioning unit turns on, when the lawnmower starts up, when there is thunder, etc.

We also have raccoons that come to visit. The latest (last week) was a momma and her four little babies. They only come at night, so it’s hard to get a good picture of them. Here’s the best I could do. They were eating birdseed that we had put outside the door. (We put the birdseed there to attract birds and squirrels, to give our cats something to watch during the day. They’re all very spoiled. Cats, birds, squirrels and raccoons!)

Anyway – there is always something fun out there. Do you ever see any wildlife in your back yard?

In other news, I finished up my July Camp Loopy project, have planned my August one, and have started an interim project to tide me over. Will share all of that next week. Have a great weekend!

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  1. We have the usual birds and raccoons too. Every so often, a fox makes an appearance in our backyard and sometimes we see a big owl fly overhead. Beautiful creatures. We used to see deer out back too and recently my husband went out front in the evening and there was a coyote looking at him!

    I’m in the final phase of my July Camp Loopy project and my August yarn has arrived. Will be ready come the 1st!

    1. Coyotes are rumpled looking characters, aren’t they? I saw one in our back yard once. And it gives me the creeps when I hear a pack of them howling!

  2. Wow, a bear! I have never seen one in the wild and it’s on my hope list next to wolf and moose. This year we have been so fortunate to have a fox in the neighborhood and it’s been so exciting when we see it in our yard. So elegant and swift. It’s such a gift to have these encounters. Wild turkeys are so fun, too. They really are quite majestic!

    1. Fox are so beautiful, aren’t they? Haven’t seen one in our yard but I saw one down the street on an early morning walk once. I love them!

  3. Nope, not a fan of turkeys. They roost in the woods behind my house. They are territorial so when they see their reflection in my windows, they attack the intruder by banging their beaks on the window. Makes a horrible noise! The window is all scratched and we’ve had to wash off blood a few times. Nasty birds!

    OTOH, we’ve got coyotes and owls and deer too. We don’t often see them. The coyotes and owls can be noisy at night which is fun. The deer eat pretty much whatever I plant. I don’t mind sharing!

    My July project needs blocking. But that means I must clear off the dining room table. I’m procrastinating.

  4. I get all kinds of animals in my yard. Occasionally 1-2 deer, from the nearby woods, come in for some nibbles. I am glad to say they did not return this year for my hardy orchids (last year all were eaten but one!) I have hawks that fly by for some tasty song birds and I have stopped feeding the song birds since the hawks started dropping in for a quick bite. I have had large turtles come looking to nest, yellow spotted salamanders, armadillos, raccoons, and opossums come by. Never a bear and I certainly hope that I do not see one in my yard!

    1. I know deer are very troublesome, but they sure are beautiful. Very fun that you get large turtles!

  5. Yesterday a three-foot long bull snake came into our backyard while I was watering some plants to hold off the 100F weather. I froze as it slithered along the side of the house. Once it was far enough away, I quickly turned off the hose, ran into the house, and yelled “snake” really loud. I’ve seen little garter snakes before, but this guy was a surprise.

  6. You get very interesting wildlife. A BEAR! YIKES! The family of turkeys is fun. There are egrets and huge tortoises that visit my house. The weirdest visitor was an armadillo. I was amazed at how fast they move. My favorite visitors are the monarch butterflies!

    1. I love that you have huge tortoises! Just think about all of the places they’ve walked in their many years alive.

  7. We had a pair of Coopers Hawks nest next door one summer. When the babies were ready to fly they flew down from the nest to our oak tree. They spent the rest of the summer learning skills. It was fun to watch them bathe in the ordinary size birdbath, but they figured out a way. The young birds teased each other and the male would play with his sister’s tail feathers when she was trying to nap on our neighbor’s porch roof.

    We have also had a family of armadillos but a neighbor called a service to remove them. They were fun to watch.

    1. The Coopers Hawks sound cool! So fun that you were able to see the babies grow and learn. On the armadillos – I don’t think I would like those. I didn’t know you could have them removed!

  8. We have a townhouse in Boulder that is really close to open space. It has a cute little deck that is about eight inches off the ground. When we bought it, the then-homeowner proudly showed us how he had installed wire mesh between the ground and the deck and part of the house to keep out the animals. About two months later, we came home in the late afternoon in early July and found a starving mama racoon eating fist fulls of our bird seed. We scared her off, and she ran under the deck. The previous homeowner hadn’t put mesh on the stairs! My husband grabbed a pitcher of water and dumped it on the part of the deck that made a scuffling noise. We followed the noise around, dumping more water, and eventually… out popped a skunk!

  9. Wow, this is so great. We live in the country in a big woods, but have not had a bear – yet. We did see cougar prints once . We think we spend more money on bird and animal food than our groceries What fun. I love every minute of knitting and watching the wild life. We are both blessed.

  10. Fabulous photos!! I put a bubbler in a bird bath in the garden. I could watch it for hours. I hope the critters like it, too!

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