New Malabrigo Colors

Happy Monday! We have new Malabrigo colors and new Cavanllini for you, as well as our July Camp Exclusive color.

Just Up:

Malabrigo Rastanew colors. super bulky, 100% wool, 90 yards, over 50 colors

Malabrigo Rasta The Loopy Ewe
Malabrigo Rasta

Malabrigo Sock – new colors, fingering weight, 100% superwash merino, 440 yards, over 50 colors

Malabrigo Sock The Loopy Ewe
Malabrigo Sock

Malabrigo Arroyosport weight, 100% superwash merino, 335 yards, over 30 colors

Malabrigo Arroyo The Loopy Ewe
Malabrigo Arroyo

Malabrigo Riosnew colors, worsted weight, 100% superwash merino, 210 yards, 90 colors

Malabrigo Rios The Loopy Ewe
Malabrigo Rios

Dream in Color’s July Camp Loopy Exclusive – Bootes Void. What is Bootes Void? It is an enormous region in space that contains very few galaxies (located in the vicinity of Bootes). It’s one of the largest-known voids in the Universe, and is referred to as a supervoid. Sometimes call the “spookiest place in the cosmos”. You can read more about it here: Spooky Bootes Void. Pop over to get Bootes Void City and Bootes Void Smooshy with Cashmere.

Bootes Void Camp Loopy
Bootes Void

Cavallini Sticky notes, Pencil Sets, Notebooks, Pouches, and new Celestial Tote. A great way to stay organized with notions, pattern notes, page markers, etc. Keep some in each of your project bags!

Our last Yarn Update included:

Spud and Chloe Sweater, Spud and Chloe Outer, Blue Sky Extra, Blue Sky Woolstok, and Blue Sky Worsted Cotton.

Pattern ideas that caught my eye this week:

Indira, Diamond Carved Cowl, The Oban Cardigan, Let It Slip Knit Cowl, Siki Shawl, Endpaper Mitts, Caitlin, True Blue Knit Shawlette, and Easyline.

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Have fun shopping and we’ll get your orders right out!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

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