Binging and Knitting Books

Well first of all, I had to Google to see if it was “binging” or “bingeing”. Turns out either is acceptable.

Secondly, I loved reading all of your suggestions in last week’s blog contest. Some I have already seen, some I have heard about and had on my list, some I had never heard about. Just so we have one full list, here are the suggestions that you added in the comments (just suggestions – I haven’t seen them all to be able to recommend them all, but here are what your fellow knitters and crocheters are watching!):

Longmire, Fringe, Silent Witness, Chasing the Cure, The Great British Baking Show, Travelers, Good Omens, Dr. Who, Worst Cooks in America, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Midsommer Murders, The Kominsky Method, Brooklyn 99, Psych, Glee, Barney Miller, Lucifer, Broadchurch, The Good Place, Dead to Me, Travels With My Father, Better Call Saul, Death in Paradise, Call the Midwife, Sugar Rush, Nailed It, 800 Words, Umbrella Academy, Handmaid’s Tale, Harlots, The Crown, Supernatural, Yellowstone, Stranger Things, Planet Earth, Nature, This Strange Rock, Mindhunter, Versailles, The Last Kingdom, The Expanse, News Radio, Frasier, Monk, Taxi, Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke, You Bet Your Life, Andy Griffith, White Collar, Blown Away.

I’m planning my fall Loopy Grad School knitting. I wanted to major in HOME just because I want to knit a bowl of something. But the decision was cinched when LeeAnn posted a picture of an amazing owl that comes from Knitted Animal Friends by Louise Crowther.* I ordered the book and cannot wait for it to arrive. I think I want to start with the owl in that book, for my Grad School assignment. But all of them are cute, and I foresee making many of them!

Knitted Animal Friends by Louise Crowther

The second book I want to tell you about is Tanis Gray’s new book Harry Potter: Knitting Magic: The Official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book,* which looks like it will be coming out in January. I also ordered that. (Because Hedwig. And the grumpy Pixie.) It’s the #1 Best Seller in Knitting and it’s not even coming out for months. So happy for Tanis!

Harry Potter Knitting Magic by Tanis Gray

So it looks like I will have lots of Loopy Grad School knitting to keep me occupied and lots of TV options to keep me entertained while I knit. And I hope the same for you!

I have a Fall question for you. When do you take your beautiful summer flowers out of the pots and replace them with beautiful fall mums? I love mums in the fall, but my summer flowers are still looking good. What I usually end up doing is just not getting mums. What do you do?

summer flowers The Loopy Ewe
Still looking good. No room for fall mums. 🙁

Our Blog Contest winner from last week is: Bonney from NH. Bonney, we’ll get your prize shipped right out!

Sheri whomustbeonastuffiekickatthemoment

P.S. *Note: we do not do affiliate links. If you click on the links above and buy the books, there is no advantage to us. Just wanted to share two great books with you!

August Project and a CONTEST!

Day Two for my August Camp Loopy Project and I forgot how much I love this pattern. It seems to zip along so quickly. (Pattern: Song of the Sea Cowl, Yarn: Wollmeise Pure.)

Song of the Sea Cowl The Loopy Ewe

Do you put stitchmarkers between repeats when you are knitting a pattern? I find it so helpful. In this particular pattern, the repeat is initially 4 stitches, then 8 stitches, then 16 stitches. So my markers are every 16 stitches, just to make sure I don’t get off in any part of the pattern.

Stitchmarkers The Loopy Ewe

Do you remember when we had these adorable sheepy stitchmarkers for sale? I think it was Year One of Loopy. They were handmade and we could never get enough sets for everyone who wanted one. I still love them.

Stitchmarkers The Loopy Ewe

My favorite container for stitch markers is actually a small fishing tackle box (Plano brand). They have great containers at Target in the fishing lure section. This one is double sided.

tackle box

It’s officially our Thirteenth Loopy Anniversary this month, so we’re doing different things all month long, starting with today’s contest! Here’s your question to answer in the comments: What is your favorite knitting notion? I think mine has to be stitch markers, because they keep me on track and keep frogging to a minimum. Although when I read all of your answers, I’m going to say, “Oh, and that notion, too.” Because notions are just fun and I know you all will share some good ones.

I’ll draw a winner and will put that in next week’s Friday post. The winner gets a cool box of some of our favorite notions in the shop!

Sheri wholikesnotionsalmostasmuchasbags.Andyarn.

Friday Fun: Bears & Turkeys

I thought I’d start using Friday blogs to share what I’m working on, or what’s going on around here, or what caught my eye this week – things like that. This first edition is about what’s going on around here. The answer is, bears, turkeys and raccoons.

A couple of weekends ago, I happened to look out our back window and there was a bear shaking our bird feeders as if his life depended on it. A bear. I have never seen a bear in our yard. After emptying the bird feeders (and please note the birdseed on his head), he ambled off to sniff the grill (nothing there). I opened the door to tell him he was cute (because of course I did) and he took off running to the back of the yard. He was captured by the authorities two days later and relocated to a safe place (after he had eaten someone’s chickens a few blocks over.) He was so cute, but I’m glad he has been taken back to his own environment.

The other wildlife we have in our yard is turkeys. This is the third or fourth summer that we’ve had Mom and Dad Turkey wandering through the yard every few days. They disappeared when the bear was around and I was worried that he might have helped himself to a couple of turkey dinners, too. But the good news is – the mom wandered through the yard today with her seven babies. 🙂 Here’s the picture of her and the little turkey nuggets:

Here’s the magnificent dad:

Here’s a picture from a couple of summers ago when the parents and a few of the (much bigger) babies were lounging on our deck.

They’re funny birds. They gobble at any noise they don’t like. When the air conditioning unit turns on, when the lawnmower starts up, when there is thunder, etc.

We also have raccoons that come to visit. The latest (last week) was a momma and her four little babies. They only come at night, so it’s hard to get a good picture of them. Here’s the best I could do. They were eating birdseed that we had put outside the door. (We put the birdseed there to attract birds and squirrels, to give our cats something to watch during the day. They’re all very spoiled. Cats, birds, squirrels and raccoons!)

Anyway – there is always something fun out there. Do you ever see any wildlife in your back yard?

In other news, I finished up my July Camp Loopy project, have planned my August one, and have started an interim project to tide me over. Will share all of that next week. Have a great weekend!

Sheri theanimallover,evenwildones