Fyodor Bulky and a Contest!

We received these gorgeous skeins of Canon Hand Dyes Fyodor Bulky in before Christmas, but I was just now able to knit one of them up. And I love several things about this yarn. 1. Quick to knit. (The hat took me about an hour). 2. Warm, warm, warm. 3. Beautiful as the dye starts dark and gets lighter.

Pattern: Perky Little Hat by Sharon Lentsch (free on Ravelry)
Yarn: Canon Hand Dyes Fyodor Bulky (in Love Shack)
(perfect amount of yarn left in the skein to make the yarn pompom)
We also have the Fyodor Bulky with a matching fur pompom.

Fyodor Perky Little Hat

I did make some modifications in the pattern, since the pattern calls for Super Bulky and I was knitting it in Bulky.

Mods: I used size 11 (16″) circular needles. I cast on 48 stitches. I added 10 additional knitted rounds before decreasing. As I noted above, there was enough yarn to make a full and fluffy pompom for the top, when I was done knitting the hat. I like how it continues the gradient look.

Canon Fyodor

We have book winners from last week’s contest! Congratulations to Caroline Reich and Linda Leefers. Please email us (support@theloopyewe.com) and confirm your addresses so we can get these sent out to you.

We have some unclaimed books, so we’re going to add those back in to contests on Mondays. We want to be able to send all of these out! Here are the two for today. If you’d like a chance to win, please leave a comment and tell us how many things you think you will knit or crochet this first month of 2019? (I’m predicting two or three for me.) Or you can also tell me if you have other favorite Aran, Bulky, or Super Bulky hat patterns you like!

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Sheri countingtheperkylittlehatasmyfirst2019finish


  1. I’m hoping to knit 4 things in January. I love Mega Spun by Kari Berg for a super bulky pattern and the Friends hat collection by Alexis Adrienne for Aran.

  2. I decided I just had to have a sock arm sweater and my BOF arrived today! I have to finish a cardigan for my sister then I’ll get it started.

  3. Well, I’ve already knit 4 cowls this month. (I’m getting an early start on Christmas 2019. LOL) I did knit the pattern you mentioned too. It wasa fast knit and it looked cute, but it is so uncomfortable to knit with Super Bulky. Thanks for the contest! Happy New Year!

  4. I expect to finish two projects- baby sweater and double knit hat. Maybe more if the shutdown drags on!

    Hat patterns: Darn Knit Rasta Hat (1 skein Rasta); Robin’s Egg Blue (1 skein bulky- I used Plymouth Alpaca Grande); 5 Below- 1 skein super bulky- hard on the hands, but worth it. 5 Below is the warmest hat! I wore it during the Cheyenne, WY Christmas Bird Count and was toasty all day (single and low double digit temps).

  5. I am planning to finish 2 things this month – a shawl for my BFF and a scarf for me! I would love to have the book that is NOT the cable book

  6. I’ll be lucky if I finish one thing! 🙂 I did start a New Year’s KAL and am done with clue one, but behind on the other clues.

  7. I think at least 4: socks, two sweaters (one is finished already), and a hat. I’d like to finish matching mittens, but that might be pushing it.

  8. That new bulky yarn looks so yummy-I’ll have to get some to make a cowl for a friend up north. I’ve already finished one project this month, so I predict 3 for the month. Since I love cables I would like unexpected cables if I win.

  9. If I finish one shawl this month, I will be happy. That Fresh Knitted Accessories book looks really interesting!

    Happy New Year!

  10. Oh, I don’t know if I’ll knit anything start to finish this January! Maybe a pair of socks… but I’m also working on a pretty large shawl, and also the lace panel of a shawl made out of handspun. And I’ll be knitting squares for a group project…

    All in all, if I finish the socks and the blocks I think that’ll be a pretty productive month! I’ll make good progress on the shawls but I don’t think I’ll finish both.

  11. Answering your question on how many knitted projects I will complete this month is hard as I am waiting to have surgery, possibly, for my trigger thumb on my left hand which has almost made it impossible to knit as I knit continental. But if I could knit at least two or three knitted projects would be completed. I have knit the pattern that you used for this blog post and really enjoyed doing so.

  12. I’d love to win the Unexpected Cables book. I’m about a third of the way through Hitofude. I will not finish in January. So, sadly I have to answer zero. But February looks good. 🙂

  13. I am closing in on a finish on Alchemy by Woolenberry. It is knit with the special colorway Greenery by Blue Moon and Shalimar Enzo. It is the only thing my DH has commented “was the most beautiful thing I have ever made” imagine that !!!!!!! My first time with Enzo – won’t be the last – I absolutely love that yarn – I might finish the Hitchhiker Beyond I am doing with the special anniversary colorway Deca ? the Hue Loco one you sold out of quickly. I would like to make a hat and use one of those fancy pom poms I bought from you last year. We don’t have much need for hats in the deep south but I still want to make one for that 1 or 2 days a year we have a cold wind rip thru NE FL. Cheers and happy new year to the Elves

  14. I’ve already finished 2 items this year, a Christmas bauble and a lady who’s also a pincushion. I’m also hoping to finish a cardigan. If I won and you ship to NZ I’d choose the Unexpected Cables book

  15. I expect to finish the pair of socks I’m working on and start a sweater (which I probably won’t finish).

    I’d like the Unexpected Cables book.

  16. I’m working on a large afghan this month. I’m about a foot in; five feet to go. The yarn is bulky, but I will still be lucky to finish this month.

  17. A multitude of wee baby items with a new baby coming in July. I had a blanket on the needles as soon as I learned of the blessed arrival. Torn between pink and blue so will have to knit one of each :). I have already finished a pairof socks, a hat and a matching infinity scarf for my DD.

    Favourite hat pattern is Watchman’s Cap by Wendy Johnson.

  18. I hope to finish 1 or 2 wips this month – one started last Oct. and one started this month, If I’m a lucky winner I’d prefer Unexpected Cable book. Thanks.

  19. This is so pretty! I’ve already crocheted a scarf, an octopus, and I’m working on a giraffe. So I’m going to say three things this month.

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