Happy Anniversary Contest #2 (and Beautiful Bryce)

We are celebrating our 12th Loopy Anniversary this month!

We started off the month with an exclusive colorway from Hue Loco (called Dodecahedron, which sold out in a few days), and then we had a contest for a $500 Box of Loopy Love that went to Jennifer D in Utah.

For this contest, we have a $750 Box of Loopy Love that we want to send out to someone!

(Note – we’ll ship it in a box, not the basket.) It contains our new Loopy Water Bottle and Loopy Tumbler, as well as beautiful skeins of Loopy Solids, Loopy Hues, Loopy Legends and Loopy Seasoning Series skeins. See? Full of Loopy Love. Happy Anniversary to one of you!

the loopy ewe anniversary contest

If you’d like to be entered into this contest, just leave a comment below. We’ll randomly draw a winner at the end of next week.

(8/22 edited to add: Contest is now closed. Thanks for all of your entries and congratulations to Kathy D from Illinois for winning this huge bundle of Loopy Love!)

In other news – I’m motoring along on my August Camp Loopy sweater.

I’m making The Weekender out of Uncommon Thread Lush Worsted. I’m using the color Stonewashed (the color of jeans that all of those cowboys wore in their western movies.) I suspect that all of my future worsted weight sweaters are going to be knit out of this luscious yarn. I can’t wait to wear it.

Sheri's August Camp Loopy Project


I got a lot of car knitting time, as we drove to Bryce Canyon, Utah last weekend for a fun time with friends.

Have you been there? I couldn’t stop taking photos. Everything was so beautiful. (These are my husband’s photos, as his are always so good!) The hike down the canyon was fun. The hike back up … not so much. It was a long way up. It was also a great place to view the Perseid Showers on Saturday night.





How is your August Camp Loopy project coming along? Keep an eye on our Instagram page, where I share lots of customer-knit and customer-crocheted and customer-sewn projects from week to week. We always love to give #loopykudos!

Sheri whoislookingforwardtofallsweaterwearingweather


  1. Congratulations on 12 productive years! I’ve enjoyed Loopy Academy (yarn) and Camp! Hoping to work on the fabric version of Academy this year. Love the friendliness of the elves and quality of the products.

  2. I’ve been a Loopy customer for a long time and while my knitting has dropped off since I had kids a few years ago I hope to pick it back up soon! Congrats on 12 years!

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