Anniversary Contest, Hedgehog, Magpie and More!

Our twelfth anniversary has rolled around and we are delighted to be celebrating it with you.

So many of you have been with us for all 12 years, while others of you discovered us just this month. We appreciate ALL of you and are happy to be celebrating creativity, inspiration and YOU, every single day. You bring joy to our lives, and we hope we bring joy to your life as well. We have some cool things planned for you this fall and winter, as we jump into our 13th year with you.

We started Loopy the summer of 2006, in a little corner of our basement. Here were our first four in-store (in-house!) shoppers. And what you see behind them was really about the size of the entire Loopy corner. After a few months we had to take over the rest of the basement (right photo).







A year later, we moved the business out of the house and into office/retail space (left), and a year after that we expanded that space as well (right).







In 2011, we packed up all of our shelves and products, and moved the shop from St. Louis, MO to Fort Collins, CO. We thought it was a big move at the time. (Turns out, our move this past month was a way bigger move, even though we were just going a couple of blocks down the road!)








After two years in that space, we expanded once again and added our Loopy Fabric Shop in 2013, so we could share beautiful colors with quilters and sewists.









This year (actually, this month), we moved once again to add in more space, a ground floor location, and lots of windows. It’s hard to get photos of all of the aisles and corners of this new shop, but we’ll do a video sometime for you. And we swear we are never moving again. 🙂

















Whether you’ve been with us for all 12 years, or just the last 12 days, we are happy to have you in our Loopy Family. It’s wonderful being surrounded by color and amazingly creative people every single day, both in person and online. We love doing this with you!

Now on to the Loopy Anniversary Celebration!

Anniversary yarn from our newest indie dyer: Dodecahedron is the name of our exclusive color from Hue Loco! This gorgeous color is dyed on their MCN base and comes with 412 yards in the skein. It would make a gorgeous sweater on its own, or mixed in with another MCN base for a Fade-type of sweater or scarf. (Of course you need a colorway called Dodecahedron in your yarn collection.)

Loopy Swag:
We’ve added in new white Loopy sweatshirts, insulated tumblers, sport bottles, and coffee mugs. I was gifted a coffee mug in this shape for Christmas and it is my favorite. Love the rounded, plump look! (Here is my favorite – along with the most amazing hot chocolate recipe…) Plus, this mug just feels nice in your hands. So I went looking specifically for this mug when it was time to order more for Loopy.


Anniversary Blog Contest: Want to win a $500 box of Loopy Love? Comment below to be entered into our Blog Anniversary Contest! Here’s the question: What has been your favorite project (yarn or fabric) so far this year?

Watch for more contests on our Instagram page, our Facebook page, and in our Ravelry group this month, too!

Monday Update:

Hedgehog Fibres Sock Yarn Each time we get yarn from an indie dyer, there is usually some variation in the colorway from the last time we received that same color. (Don’t worry – we do reshoot the color when it comes in different.) This batch just seems to have an extra special pop in all of the colors that are re-stocks and I am loving them even more! We have also added in their 10 new colors.


Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK
Have you tried Hedgehog DK? It is amazing. Feels good, looks good, and comes with 219 yards in the skein. We’ve re-stocked and added in the 10 new colors as well.

Magpie Fibers Swanky Sock
Do you need an end-of-the-summer present for yourself? This might be it. Swanky is 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon and the colors are beautiful.


Magpie Fibers Swanky DK
That same 80/10/10 Merino/Cashmere/Nylon base, but in their DK weight. If you’re gearing up for fall sweater knitting, this might be your perfect yarn!

– new designs in Mini Notebooks and Sticky Notes. We love Cavallini – they have cute designs, it feeds our notebook/pencil/sticky note addictions, and it makes it easy to take notes on your patterns and designs when you keep them in your project bags.


Cascade Superwash Sport, Ultra Pima, Hampton, Heritage Wave, Heritage Silk, 220 Superwash, 220, and 220 Superwash Aran re-stocks!

Our last Yarn Update included: Hue Loco Phyllis Sock, The Uncommon Thread Merino DK, Posh Fingering, Everyday Singles and Lush Worsted, Stonehedge Fiber Mill’s Shepherd Worsted, Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere, and their Sock-It Club July colorway.

Have fun shopping through the new things, tag us on Instagram when you knit up our beautiful new anniversary color, and pop over to the blog to get in on the big contest.

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. You earn Loopy Credit and Loopy Reward Store Points for every product purchase you make with us, 365 days a year. We’ve been doing appreciation rewards to you for your business since Loopy Day One, because we think it’s important. Thank you for being our customer!


  1. I knit the Rose Window hat in rainbow from Western Sky Knits. The colorway didn’t work for any sock pattern I tried, and I’d given up on the skein when my sister in law suggested this hat. A few days later I had something beautiful!

  2. I really enjoyed knitting the No Pressure Shawl I made in June. It was a fun but simple knit that was still challenging. It has been a few years since I participated in Camp Loopy and it was a good re-introduction project.

  3. I just finished Bel Air out of Bugga that I bought from you a few years ago. It’s half sewn together and I’m loving it! Congratulations on your anniversary!

  4. My favorite project would be any knitting project – I’ve lost my mojo somehow! Looking at my stash and all of these beautiful photos sure helps though!

  5. My favorite project – the one I’m working on now! Really, I’m much too disorganized to figure out which projects I have completed this year. Whatever is in my hands makes me happy. Camp Loopy keeps a smile on my face!

  6. My Paris Toujours shawl. Bright fuschia wool/silk. However this spring it was too HOT to wear it let alone any of my other hand kits. I have a serious grudge against global warming.

  7. My favorite project this year has been my first pair of socks. I knit them using spun right round. My boyfriends son asked me for a pair. So he picked the yarn, I learned how to knit socks, and made my first pair. Now i wonder why i waited so long. Lol

  8. My favorite knit so far is the Flax sweater . I used fiber Company Cambria which I purchased at the last Loopy retreat . We always have a great time at your retreat. Looking forward to another

  9. My favorite project (so far) was making the ‘On The 7’ cowl by Corrado Lark. It was way too hot to wear it when I made it, so I’m really pumped to add it to my wardrobe this fall.

  10. Happy Annuversary! Thanks for sharing your amazing progress over just a few years. Congrats on your success. Love all your selections. My favorite project completed this year was a shawl for my elderly Mom.

  11. My favorite project this year has been the Pebble Beach shawl by Helen Stewart. I knitted it in Beach Glass by Lichen & Lace. Beautiful!

  12. I’m making lots of scarves and hat sets with items in my stash that I won as door prizes in the fall. It’s required me to stretch a bit and move out of my comfort zone.

  13. Happy anniversary! I think I’d have to say my fave project this year was the Llama Drama shawl done in teal and orange. It’s so different and eye-catching

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