Beaded Picot Bindoff

July Camp Project

The challenge for Camp Loopy July was to do something that challenged you. I thought my challenge was going to be doing a beaded picot bindoff, but the real challenge ended up being getting a project done during moving month! Thankfully there was a long car ride to Kansas towards the end of the month, which helped. This pattern was super simple and I think it will be great to wear this fall. The beaded picot bindoff was a chance for me to challenge myself and learn something new.

Here’s the video I used to learn how to do the beaded picot bindoff:

Laura Nelkin’s Beaded Picot Bindoff Tutorial

When you block the shawl, it turns out best if you pin out each individual picot point. It does take awhile, but it’s so worth it on the finished shawl.


We always have a good selection of beads in stock. The size 6’s work well on fingering weight yarn and come with approximately 220 beads to the tube. The size 8’s work well on lace weight yarn and come with approximately 400 beads to the tube. If you pick beads for your online order and aren’t sure if they go with the yarn you picked, you can always leave us an order note to check it and we’d be happy to let you know!

Pattern: 3S Shawl 

On this shawl pattern, it tells you to add yarnover rows whenever you want to in the body of the shawl, to make your own unique pattern. I just wanted that lacier look at the edging, so I knit the body until it was almost the size I wanted and then added in some yarnover rows. The other modification I made, was to do a [M1L, SM, M1R] sequence in the middle of the shawl, instead of  [YO, SM,YO], as I like the look of more solid knitting than having holes going all down the middle of the shawl.

Yarn: Leading Men Fiber Arts 

Did you learn something new in your July Camp Project? And is it something that you’d do again? (I would definitely do a beaded picot bindoff again.)

Sheri workingonknittingasweaterforAugustCampLoopy

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  1. I learned how to do picot! My July project had picot ridges every 23 rows! The picot ridges have made a super warm cowl look amazing!

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