Multi-Skein Patterns and Our Project Planner

One of the patterns we have highlighted as a challenge in our spring Great Loopy Knitting Challenge is All My Stitches by Beata Jezek. It calls for four colors (or you can do it in lots of colors with mini skeins, which is kind of how we envisioned it! This All My Stitches KAL completes the Mini Mania challenge).

© Beata Jezek

I like the trend of using multiple colors and seeing them transition along a project like this. (Similar technique used in Find Your Fade, Free Your Fade, Comfort Fade Cardi, What the Fade and So Faded by Drea Renee Knits.) But sometimes it can be hard to figure out which skeins go together if you’re ordering online. That’s where our Project Planner comes in! (For an easy photo pictorial of how to use our Project Planners, check out this link.)

Here are some Planner ideas that I’m thinking of for a couple of those four color projects patterns:

Four Color Projects Option One:


Four Color Projects Option Two:

Four Color Projects Option Three:

Give the Loopy Project Planner a try, and knock out one of your Great Loopy Knitting Challenges, too.

Have a great weekend!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!!! I often struggle (and fail) when trying to figure out which colorways compliment (or contrast) with others. I’ll be using this often.

  2. I don’t have as much trouble with color when ordering online as I do with bases. Not all fingering is the same. They can block differently and some play together better than others. How do you deal with that? Or am I just being too anal?

    1. That’s true, Amy. Different materials in the base yarn (wool, superwash wool, BFL, alpaca, cotton, nylon, bamboo, silk, linen, mohair, etc) do affect the stretch, the yarn memory, and the knitting. And complicating that is that the blocking can depend on the pattern, the gauge, and the knitter. If you’re able, it’s good to try different bases and blends so you have the experience to know how they worked for you (and thus, how they might work together in the future.)

      Evernote is a great app for keeping notes on the different yarn bases you’ve tried. (I like this option because it’s always on my phone to refer to.) Or a regular paper notebook. Of course if there are any questions we can help with, you can always email or give us a call!

  3. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I didn’t know about the Project Planner until now!!! I’ve struggled mightily to find good combinations for multi-color projects and gotten so frustrated that I’ve given up!

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