Lykke, Baking (Knitting) Colorways, Malabrigo and Dream in Color

Lots of cool things up on the website for you today! First off:

Great Loopy Knitting Challenge Colorways – You know our GLKC was inspired by The Great British Baking Show, right? If you’re a fan of that show, then you know Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry, and the beautiful colors of the kitchen where the challenges take place. We had the super-talented Veronica from Dream in Color do three exclusive colors to celebrate the things we love best from that show. You’ll find Hollywood Eyes, Very Mary, and BAKE! on the Jilly base today. Pattern ideas: Reyna, Spindrift Shawl, Emita, Citron, and Summer Wind.


More from Dream in Color – We are getting each set of their new colorways as they have them ready to ship, and today’s batch contains the reds and pinks. We are carrying the new colors in Smooshy with Cashmere, but will also be getting them in the City base (which is a new favorite) and will also have some of them in Classy and Jilly.


Malabrigo Lace and Mechita – A very large re-stock in both bases.


Universal Cotton Supreme and Bamboo Pop – re-stocks in both bases.


Lykke Interchangeables – We keep hearing such great things about these needles (like the smoother-than-smooth joins on them), so we’ve ordered the Interchangeable Sets in the Driftwood and the Indigo colors. I’ve been knitting with a set of them and like them very much. (So I got myself an interchangeable set, too.) 🙂


Our last Yarn Update included: Rosy Green Wool Cheeky Merino Joy, Heb Merino Fine and Manx Merino Fine, Malabrigo Rios, Caracol, Rasta, and Sock, and a whole new batch of Pompons (including four new colors: Coral, Orange, Green and Powder).

Have fun shopping through the new things, and we will get your orders right out!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. Watch for us on Facebook Live this Thursday at noon Mountain time, where Jenny will be sharing some tips on how to make your own project bag to match your yarn project colors! We shared options (and talked about picking multi-color project yarns) on last week’s Wednesday Facebook Live, which you can catch at this link.


  1. Those are the prettiest reds and pinks just in time for Valentine Knitting! I need my drool bib. I am in love with the new colors!

  2. I love working with interchangeable needles and I love working with wooden needles. My experience with regular circular wooden needles is that eventually the tips become rounder (get dull). Any word on whether this is the case with the beautiful Lykke interchangeable?

  3. Good morning! Im very excited to see you have the Lykke interchangeable needles. I just want to make sure they are the five inch tips and not three. I don’t do well with the shorter needles. They appear to be five’s in the photo, but I just want to be sure before I order. Thanks so much!

    Deborah Osborn

  4. I have bought 2 sets of LYKKE. The regular set of interchangable in driftwood And double points. I am truly in love. The yarn just flows over them. The dbl points are the same. It is all I use now. And having them all in cases is nice. They were well worth the money.

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