The Loopy Ewe Project Planner

We’ve had our Loopy Project Planner tool available for you to use for two years now, and I know lots of you have made good use of it! But for those who may not have tried it yet, here’s a photo pictorial of how easy it is to use. I’m sure you’re planning some holiday projects right about now, and this can help. (Click on each photo to make it bigger, if you’d like.)

You access your Project Planners from your Loopy Account page. To get to your Loopy Account page, sign in. Or you can click on My Account on the toolbar, if you are already signed in.


On your account page, click on Ideas in the right hand column.


You can click on any of your current Project Planners
(they are all saved in your account until you delete them), or you can start a new one.

New Project Plan1

Whichever project is “active” is the one that your links will go to when you “Add to Project Planner” from the product pages.
Just click the link to make it the active one.

Make Active1

Now go to the yarn or fabric section of the website, and do some planning!
Maybe you’re wanting to see how different colors work together for a two or three (or more) color project. Or you’re comparing several sets of duos to see which you like better. Or you want to remember the colors you were thinking about. Each individual product page on our website has an “Add to Project Planner” button that you can click.

Add to Project planner 1

You will be able to view your planned projects by collage view.
And of course you can drop and drag the photos around to try different colors next to each other.

collage1collage 2


You can switch to the Shopping List view, which allows you to click on each individual yarn or fabric on the list to add to your cart, or you can click the “Add all to cart” at the bottom if you know you want them all. It’s easy to shop from this page.


You can also view the planner with the Side by Side view to compare prices, weights, yardage, etc.
Use the bottom bar to scroll the view to the right or left.

Side1 Side2

To edit project details (add notes, pattern names, etc), click on Edit Details:


And when you’re done with that project, you can easily delete it under the Edit Details section as well.


Want to get the opinion of a few friends?
Make your project Shared instead of Private and you can copy and paste the URL to that planner page. They can click over and see what colors/yarns/fabrics you’re thinking about.


We love our Loopy Project Planner, and we hope you love it too!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. Don’t forget – signups for our Loopy Warm Woolies Club close on Friday evening. Get in on the winter fun! 

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