Match and Move

Have you made a Match and Move yet? Several of us here at the shop are working on them after having Martina here for Knit Night this summer and falling in love with the pattern. This is Elf Rebecca’s beautiful Match and Move. There are a bunch of different ways to wrap up in it and it’s such an easy knit.


Most of us have already decided to make a second one, because it’s fun to come up with color combinations. And – bonus – we have Wollmeise in stock so you can pick some and start in on it! You’ll want two solids or semi-solids, or one multi plus one solid. Two multi’s muddy up the lines a bit. Here are a few combinations that we love. The pattern calls for using Pure, but I know many of you have used Twin as well, so I’ve shown both here. (You could also use Lace for a lighter weight version, or Blend/DK for a heavier, slightly larger version, of course.)

Wollmeise Pure The Loopy EweWollmeise Twin The Loopy Ewe

Left Photo, starting top left and moving clockwise in Wollmeise Pure: Rotkappchen, 26 Fe, Turkise Markise, Purple Velvet, Sonne, Rotkappchen, Ballerina, Auf dem Roten Teppich, Chim Chim Chimney, Petit Poison No 5, Himbeere, and Himmelblau.

Right photo, starting top left and moving clockwise in Wollmeise Twin: All Inclusive, Tolkirsche, Mauseschwanzchen, Madame Souris, Sail the 7 Seas, Cassis, Petit Poison No. 5, Hamam, Moses, Tolkirsche, Bussi, and Ahoi.

Did you get in on our blog contest for October? We’ll pick a winner and announce it on Monday’s blog, so check back.

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  1. I made a M & M in Aspentree Twin, Pistazie Pure and 82 Pb Pure last summer. Once I get LA projects done I have several ideas to use my WM stash. The Wohlmeiseholics group on Ravelry have some amazing combinations.

  2. I’m pretty sure I was just brain washed or something. Read this post, saw Rebecca’s beautiful Match and Move, saw the Wollmeise pictures, clicked on the Wollmeise link, and a few minutes later I was pressing “Place Order”. Now I’m a bit in shock and wondering what just happened. It all happened so fast. . . .

  3. Love your pictures of Match and Move. The pattern looked nice but not that intriguing. Your photos are very striking!

  4. Not wanting to miss the M&M fun, I too popped right over to the website and hopefully chose a WM Twin semi solid to go with my coveted very first skein of WM. it is Red Hot Chili. Thanks for introducing me to this pattern , I needed a fall inspired project. Cheers! Mel

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