Hump Day Inspiration – Socks

Hand knit socks are the best, right? It’s so fun to be able to make yourself a pair of socks in your favorite color(s)! They are also wonderful gifts for the knit worthy recipient. Here are some of our favorite socks from our Socks on Trees (and Such) gallery.

Sock Inspiration The Loopy Ewe

  1. Lisa knit My Cup of Tea out of Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in Basalt
  2. Glenda knit Isla Buena Socks out of The Loopy Ewe Solid Series in Tan, Maroon, and Tangerine along with the Cheers! Loopy Cake Set
  3. Sharon knit Crocus Vernus out of Shalimar Yarns Breathless in Byzantium
  4. Jeannie knit Summer Sliding out of Wollmeise Pure in Frosch
  5. Susan knit Circle Socks out of Biscotte & Cie Felix in Cupcake C
  6. Elizabeth knit Diagonal Cross Rib Socks out of Dream in Color Smooshy in Good Luck Jade
  7. Anastasia knit Skeive Sokker out of Malabrigo Rios in Azules

What sock patterns are your project list? Are they for you or someone else?

The Loopy Ewe crew whomayjustneedtoworkontheirsocksforawhile



  1. Currently making Socks on a Place, using the Inversibles in the Turquoise/Lime Color. Definitely being selfish with this one and keeping for myself but betting there will be more made for gifts.

  2. I soooo want to be a sock knitter! I just don’t have the patience. I have a lot of single socks, just couldn’t bring myself to make the 2nd one. It’s been a few years since I’ve knitted socks, I should give it another try. I did knit a pair of “Circle Socks.” They were much easier than they look. My other favorite sock pattern is “Leighborn.” If I knit a complete pair of socks, no way am I parting with them :0)

    1. I used to knit a lot of single socks. Last year, I started knitting both socks at once. Two sets of DPN’s, knit toe up. I knit the toe on one, then the toe on the other, knit to the heel on one, knit to the heel on the other, knit the heel on one, knit the heel on the other, knit the cuff on one, knit the cuff on the other. It has worked really well in keeping me accountable for getting a pair done instead of a sock done!

  3. Most of my socks start with Wendy Johnson’s Basic Slipped-Stitch Heel toe up socks. I have a template and know what needle size, how many stitches to cast on, how many rows for each portion of the sock and then I can use any sort of pattern I want on the leg or instep. I do use a lot of the ‘other’ German sock yarn and with those I just let the yarn do the talking…I have a pair on the needles now, #2 in progress, foot almost done…. Robin Hood to the Rescue!

  4. One of these days I’ll try socks again. Not my favorite thing to knit, but I do love them. **sigh**

    1. Those are gorgeous. That will be quite the work of art when you are finished!! I agree with you on the Wollmeise – that’s the yarn I’d use for that pattern, too.

  5. I just did a new vanilla sock pattern and kept really good notes so I can always have my go to numbers for a perfect fit. I have struggled over the years getting the fit perfect. I enjoy knitting socks and I have way more sock yarn that I will ever need. That doesn’t stop me from buying more!

  6. I mostly knit socks for me, and I have many, many, many! Does that stop me from making more? Why, no…

    I just finished a pair. I made Hippy Ripply Retro Socks. I have already started another pair to match a sweater I just finished – mostly plain vanilla, but with a little pattern to the cuff.

    xoxo, mk

  7. I just haven’t been able to get into the sock knitting craze! Still have one left for Daniel to finish! Poor lonely Tardis sock! Maybe if I try again, I will do what Sheri does and do two at a time on double points! That may help me!!!!

  8. I’m working on Simple Skyp socks now and have Cookie A’s Flicker pattern I ordered from TLE I may start after I finish SS socks. Socks are not my favorite item to knit, but they are warm and so comfy, so that keeps me going when I want to put them in hibernation!

  9. I am knitting Harmonie by Nicole Hager for Loopy Academy Semester 2 out of Midnight Crock O Dye. It’s got plenty of slip stitches. I am really liking the texture they make. This pair is for me. My family likes very plain socks.

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