Designer Spotlight: Laura Aylor

Laura Aylor SticktightIn today’s Designer Spotlight, we are featuring Laura Aylor. I have long loved her designs and have several in my favorites. I’ve made two of her Derecho patterns, but also want to do Oak Park, All the Shades of Truth, and Glace Bay sometime soon. I know you’ll enjoy learning more about her and her design process. Be sure to catch the special at the end of the post.

Loopy: Hi Laura! Thanks for being in the spotlight today – we’re glad to have you. How long have you been a knitter and who taught you to knit?

Glace BayLaura: Hi Loopy! I learned as a kid from my mom, but rediscovered it as an adult when I came across Barbara Walkers Learn to Knit Afghan book while hanging out at the library with my kids. Knitting quickly replaced quilting as my go to hobby since it was so portable – really important when you’re going to dance classes and ball games!

Loopy: Yes, there is definitely a lot of sitting/knitting time during classes and ball games. I’m surprised I never saw more knitters working on projects during that time. What is your favorite type of item to knit?

SunstruckLaura: Nothing beats knitting a sweater that is exactly what you wanted in the exact color(s) you wanted that fits perfectly 🙂

Loopy: Well that’s a good way to think of sweaters. I can’t seem to finish many, but others sure seem to. What is the most challenging thing that you have knit to date?

Laura: I really can’t answer that – when I was first starting out, everything was a challenge! And I have kept pushing my limits so usually whatever I knit last! I guess I find big yardage projects the toughest. It’s so hard to keep plugging away when there are other Lizard Ridgethings I want to work on. Knitting just isn’t difficult as long as you can count and read – and if you do mess up (which I do often), you can rip it out and have a do-over.

Loopy: When did you start designing, and what spurred that interest?

AileenLaura: I wanted to knit my daughter a blanket out of Kureyon and couldn’t find a pattern I liked. Lizard Ridge was the result.

Loopy: That was such a cool blanket. (Fun to have your first pattern printed in Knitty, too. And I like how at the end of that Knitty article you say you probably won’t design another pattern. Hee!) So do you have a favorite pattern that you’ve designed?

IngonishLaura: That tends to change often – right now it’s my latest sweater  – Ingonish. I love the stitch patterns I used and the shape of the sweater. I’m reknitting it just to have one that I can wear all the time since I need to keep my sample nice for trunks shows.

Loopy: That is a beautiful sweater. Looks so comfortable and warm. What is your favorite part of your designing? And your not-so-favorite part?

EdgeLaura: Not-so-favorite part is when I have to model. Favorite part? Everything else! I love figuring out the design, swatching, grading, choosing yarn and color, hanging out with my test knitters in my Ravelry group, the rush of a new release, not to mention the knitting part!

Loopy: Do you have other jobs outside of pattern designing?

FabergeLaura: Not anymore. I started doing this full time almost two years ago. Before that I was a computer programmer/analyst, a mom, a bookkeeper, and an administrative jack-of-all trades.

Loopy: So do you do this business full-time, or on the side?  And is that hard?

Sun RoseLaura: Full-time. Like all day every day full-time. I enjoy what I’m doing so much that it’s hard to tear myself away. The hard part is NOT working. I’ve been trying to find a better balance this year (with limited success so far…)

Loopy: Isn’t that always the thing? When your work is something you love to do, it’s hard to stop sometimes. Does anyone else in your family knit?

All the Shades of TruthLaura: My daughter is an excellent knitter and sometimes helps me out with sample and test knitting. My son knows how, but hasn’t made anything since the tail-warmer he knit for the cat when he was younger. My family could not be more supportive of my design work, they are the best and I love them to bits 🙂  My husband retired recently and has taken over the cooking and cleaning which gives me more time to work. He’s pretty happy that I’ve been able to find this new, portable career! We were able to spend last summer in Nova Scotia which is something we’ve been wanting to do for years.

EnamoredLoopy: Ha ha – a tail warmer for the cat. I love it! So nice to hear that your whole family is on board with your career, and the Nova Scotia summer sounds amazing. Are there other hobbies that you enjoy?

Laura: Reading, hiking, traveling. And I hope to get back to my quilting at some point – still have a few WIPs to finish…

Loopy: When I read your background, I kept thinking about what fun things you could do in quilt designs. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for that one day. What would be your favorite way to spend a day off?

Cinnamon ToastLaura: I’m just going to make the assumption here that by ‘day off’ you mean ‘without knitting’ – either hiking in the mountains or beach combing.

Loopy: Ok – last questions: Morning or Night person? Coffee or Tea? English or Continental? Solids or Multicolors? 🙂

Laura: Both – which makes it difficult since I don’t like to nap 😛  Tea, Continental, and Semi-solids.

spiced cocoaLoopy: Thanks again for being in our Designer Spotlight, Laura!

Now, I hope you all have had a chance to pick out some fun new patterns from Laura’s designs! You can get one pattern of your choice at a 20% discount through Ravelry by entering the code: theloopyewe upon checkout. (Code valid from March 6-13.) Click here to see all of Laura’s patterns.

Have you made some of Laura’s designs? Which is your favorite?

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  1. Sigh. So I qualified for the volume discount rather than the Loopy Ewe coupon code. I think I could knit Laura’s patterns only for a year.

    1. Ha ha – good job on the pattern buying! I’m with you. I could easily knit Laura’s patterns for a year and be quite happy about it.

  2. I’ve made Spiced Wine (hat) and Gluhwein (cowl) and love them both. I have Cinnamon Toast, Hot Tea and Outlier in my Library and hope to make them soon. My favorite Laura Aylor pattern is whatever one I’m currently making.

  3. I was able to get the volume discount. I had four of her patterns in my queue, so I bought them plus one of her ebooks.

  4. I really like Laura’s patterns too! I have I believe the Oak Park one. I haven’t made it yet but love the colors she chose! There are a few others that I’ve been wanting to try of hers so this is a great time to use the Loopy code. Thanks Sheri! And Laura Aylor!!!

  5. I bought Ingonish. I’ve been looking for a tunic sweater with a “crew” neckline and this is it.
    Thanks, Sheri, for featuring Laura. I love her patterns.

  6. I enjoy Laura’s designs. I am glad to read a little more about her. Thanks for the coupon code.

  7. Laura Aylor taught a class to my knitting guild in Gloucester, and I have made several baby sweaters. I loved all the Faberge’s that were knit in Camp Loopy…so many combinations of yarns. No way I could pick just one.

  8. The mitts at the end link to the wrong pattern (Cinnamon something) and should link to Spiced Cocoa. I really like the look of these…so I hunted for them!

  9. I had so much fun making her pattern Outlier when she was releasing it one piece at a time before Christmas. I have worn it a lot more than I ever expected. I was supposed to be doing the KAL woods in winter and ordered some lovely yarn from Loopy but life has not allowed me to get involved in another KAL but I still hope to knit that one and Enamored. It was a nice interview – I love Laura’s patterns.

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