Loopy Academy Winter Break and a CONTEST!

What are you and Loopy up to during this month of Winter Break from Loopy Academy? We noticed our Little Loopy doing some selfies today and thought we’d share them with you.

He picked out new yarn for a project.


He checked out the stock room and contemplated opening up the new deliveries.


He went to the library “to study”, but I can see that he’s looking at novels, not instructional books.


And he broke his dieting resolution, by stopping by Mary’s Mountain Cookies on the way back from the library.


All in all, no resolution-keeping and no studying going on around him this month.
He needs Loopy Academy’s Second Semester to start up soon and keep him a bit more occupied.

What are you and your Loopy up to this month? Leave a comment or email us a photo (support@theloopyewe.com) and we’ll use the random generator to pick a winner next week. What do you win? A $50 Loopy Gift Certificate, which you can use now, or spend on Loopy Academy projects in a couple of weeks, or save for a rainy day!

Sheri and Mischievous Loopy

P.S. The final winner from our second Random Acts of Kindness blog post in December is Jan in VA who wins one of our Blue Sky Alpacas kits! (Let us know which one you’d like, Jan!)


  1. I am trying to get this blanket for my daughter done before Second Semester starts! It’s made in the round from the center and the rows are now interminably long. . . But it will be nice (and useful, I hope!) when it’s done!

  2. I’ve been working on trying to finish some WIPs and starting a few new things (like I need to add to my list of WIPs…).

  3. I am working on socks! Yarn from my very first yarn order from The Loopy Ewe! Dyed by The Enchanted Knoll Farm called Roses in the Snow colorway! Such a beautiful colorway and I wish I had some roses because we did get a little bit of snow today. I can see it on the roofs but no where else.

  4. Little Loopy and I are getting ready to make a stuffed dragon friend out of Biscotte & Cie Vintage, because even dragons deserve a little luxury yarn now and then.

  5. A baby blanket for a new niece or nephew. A bigger boy blanket for a soon-to-be adopted nephew (he’s already living with my sister-in-law and family as part of foster care). And there’s always a couple of pairs of socks on the needles – one mindless pair and one that takes a bit more concentration.

  6. Just finished an infinity scarf for my sister for her birthday to go along with the socks I knit her awhile back. Taking a little knitting break to do housework and then I will start another infinity scarf for a friend who is receiving cancer treatment.

  7. I’ve started classes again for a Masters but on the needles is a mindless project of a cowl so I don’t have to think while listening to lectures. Love the new yarn from DIC with the gold in it. Thanks Loopy, for keeping always busy with something new.

  8. I’m working on a Garter Squish Balnket by Stephen West. I’m trying to knit down my worsted wool stash so I have room for some other yarny goodness.

  9. A nice long cabled pair of fingerless mitts to keep my hands warm (and dreaming that I had more time to knit and less time at work)!!

  10. I’m deep into the 2015 Whip the WIPs challenge. Finished two projects already and nearly done with a third. I am also working on a pair of socks and thinking hard about what WIP I want to attack next and what new project I will ‘gift’ myself for being so good…..

  11. I am working on hand knit items for the upcoming Memories in the Making event with the Alzheimer’s Association. All items will be in purple yarn….solid and multi colors of purple. My knitting group will be helping, we will do a scarf, mobius, mitts, socks and a hat. So fun and will be auctioned off for a wonderful organization

  12. Definitely not lounging about, that’s for certain! Working on a knit cardi and some crocheted headbands. Eating cookies, making homemade coffee syrup, and working up the nerve to take out a 15-year new driver for some practice.

  13. Loopy is helping me spin some roving on one of my wheels, and he might even try to teach me to spindle spin!

  14. I’ve been trying to finish some projects during semester break. I can’t wait to see what our projects will be for the second semester! Only two weeks until February!

  15. Dragonfly Fibers’ studio is very close to me. I knit a sample of their new lace yarn,Nautilace. They’re taking it to VKL! Knitting rock stars will touch something that I knit!

  16. I am indulging in a selfish knitting month – a Hitchhiker for me in a lovely skein of Wollmeise that I got from The Loopy Ewe – Raku Regenbogen.

  17. I am knitting striped socks and a shawl with
    Wollemise. This will be my first time knitting with Wollemise and I am excited to see If it lives up to all hype. Loopy is playing in my knitting bag and giggling.

  18. More sox, and continuing to work on a stole, which is a slog to knit – so much repeating. I want the stole so guess I’ll have to keep on keeping on.

  19. I’m planning a striped sweater using the Wollmeise Blend I got in the last two updates! Now if only I could knit half as fast as I can plan!

  20. Loopy and I are working on some instant gratification projects for winter items. I’m incapable of having too many scarves or hats.

  21. I’m working on a balaclava as I’m tired of my face freezing while out walking the dog. I’ve also got some cross-stitch I want to finish and a couple of good books to read on the agenda.

  22. This month my second grandson turned 1 year old! So we’ve been celebrating! Between celebrations I’ve finished my Ashburn Shawl, finished my Double Delight Cowl, finished my Riveleto Cowl and now almost halfway done with my French Cancan! If I can keep this pace up it will be a very productive year! Thank you for asking!

  23. My loopy is helping me knit a sweater! He does a great job of keeping my feline inspection team from either chewing through the yarn or chawing on my knitting needles (they LURVE bamboo needles). With 6 of the hairy little beasts – it’s no easy task. Why only yesterday, Lil Loopy actually hacked up a hairball! I think he needs some new friends…

  24. I’m finishing socks and am starting a KAL next week. It will finish about the time I make semester 2 project decisions and purchase my yarn.

  25. My Little Loopy is ready for Second Semester to begin! I’ve got plenty to work on in the meantime with socks and cowls and two new KALs I want to join… but you know how Loopy loves to CAST.ON.ALL.THE.THINGS! 😉

  26. Loopy and I are making socks again after a 7 year vacation.(don’t know why so long) teaching knitting at the senior center and trying to get a shawl done for a friend to wear to her nieces wedding. : )

  27. Loopy and are busy caking all the yarn we were lucky enough to get for Christmas, casting on Valentine’s Day socks, and finishing a sweater.

  28. We are trying to decide what to make with the two skeins of Wollmeise that just arrived on our doorstep in today’s mail!

  29. Trying to finish some WIPS and dishcloths for my daughter. Just had knee replacement surgery so I’m doing small quick projects.

  30. Loopy stopped in for a well needed vacation in the Oz summer sunshine! Loopy liked going to the beach, and made a sand castle! Loopy has also helped me get more work done on my Honey Coated Poppy cardigan I am knitting out of Chrispy’s Razorback Ridge and over 25 Loopy Solids and some Cascade Heritage sock (When it makes it across the pond to Oz…)

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